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October 30, 2007

New addition to the MAO collection.. by Kate Bingaman-Burt

We at MAO love Obsession.. and no artist does Obsession better than Kate Bingaman-Burt. If you don't believe MAO.. check out Kate's blogs & websites... Obsessive Consumption, What Did I Buy Today and her teaching site.. Crap Detector. She's one crazy ass obsessed artist a busy girl!

Kate's got a new edition offered by the wonderfully accessible 20 x 200 project! Possibly the single best affordable art project we've ever seen! Every artist should do one! Congrats Jen.. MAO hearts Jen Bekman!

You may have had a chance to see her show at Jen Bekman's spring street gallery this month.

SO.. Here's the image.. we bought one immediately.. which we got it already last week! It looked even better in person.


Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Carts #1.

It's priced at the bargain price just $20 for an edition of 200 (8.5" x 11") almost 50% sold-out, Yes.. you can actually buy art for $20!!

$200 for the edition of 20 (17" x 22"), and

$2,000 for the edition of 2 (30" x 40').

You can buy it here.. and just be sure to tell them MAO sent you!

October 26, 2007

Jumping the Shark.... Art Blogs in Art in America

Mirror.. Mirror upon the Wall.. who in Art Blogger land is the fairest of them all....???? Then the mirror answered, "O Lady Queen...."

Well.. if you haven't picked up a copy of Art in America "The World's Premier Art Magazine" yet this month.. be sure to turn to page 61 of the November'07 issue! 

And no.. it's not a great critical review of the next art world American talent..... it's a 5 page snarkfest interview with 5 of the webs most influential art bloggers! Regina Hackett(Seattle), Jeff Jahn (Portland), Roberta Fallon/Libby Rosof (Philly), Tyler Green (DC), and of course NY's own...Edward Winkleman.

The story's best line of the long meandering article goes hands down to Edward... when asked to comment on the statement :

".... Unknown Bloggers want to be little bloggers; little bloggers want to be bigger bloggers; and bigger bloggers want to be called, as is Tyler's Modern Art Notes, "the most influential of all the visual-arts blogs" by the WSJ

Edward answered : "Of course bloggers have huge egos. Lock six bloggers in a room, throw in a mirror, and watch them tear each other apart fighting for it...."

Nan_goldin_blue_bathroom_inmirror70 Well.. it would seem Edward has been doing a fair amount of self reflecting... hmm...

Well.. And anyway... the last time MAO was in a SoBe hotel room with several bloggers and a mirror.. the fight over the mirror had nothing to do with EGO or even Snow White!

Nevertheless... we at MAO don't care much who's considered a big or a little blogger.. we just know they're all a bunch of silly size queens great informative websites!!

(Photo.. by Nan Goldin...Self portrait in my blue bathroom, Berlin, 1991)

October 22, 2007

Photographers.. LIVE from The New York Public Library

Thanks to our good friends at Blind Spot Magazine... there will be a series of interesting Photography talks by some of the biggest movers and shakers in the biz. For all those Art photo obsessed.. these are not events to miss. 

Philip_lorca_dicorcia_cuba_libre Here's their announcement.... (and one of MAO's favorite Philip-Lorca di Corcia photo's.. W.March 2000, #14, from Cuba Libre, 2000..which just sold for $48,000 at Phillips lot 203 and worth every penny!!)

As a counterpoint to the visual conversation provided by Blind Spot magazine, the Collapsing Images forum gives a voice to the issues surrounding photography and explores the role of photography in the media and popular culture. Collapsing Images presents three vital discussions led by leading photographers, filmmakers, critics, and thinkers.

Collapsing Images at LIVE from The New York Public Library
Saturday, November 3, 2007
Celeste Bartos Forum, Humanities and Social Sciences Library — Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street

A Conversation between Jack Pierson & Jerry Schatzberg

Money, Money, Money, Money — Moderated by Glenn O'Brien

Panelists: Vince Aletti, Philip Lorca di Corcia, Dennis Freedman, Doug Lloyd, Glen Luchford, Andy Spade, Olivier Zahm

Truth and Authenticity in Photography

Panelists: Mitch Epstein, Paul Graham, Katy Grannan, Danny Lyon, Taryn Simon

$15 general admission and $10 library donors, seniors and students with valid identification

FYI.. These events always sell out VERY fast.. but, you can still click here to order your tickets.

October 21, 2007

Photography Auctions... treding water...??

So... last week while the Stock market was crashing falling... The major NYC auction houses held their fall photo auctions.

We're sad to say.. MAO bought noting!! Maybe, restraint is the better part of valor!!

So, There were some stupid high prices, as well as some bargains. It was also nice to see some MAO favorite artists work being well bid by wise collectors.

Strong results were all observed for.. Larry Clark (a Tulsa portfolio sold for $66k), Andre Kertesz, Herb Ritts, Abe Morell, Robert Mapplethrope, Matthew Pillsbury, Alec Soth, Massimo Vitali, and Nan Goldin.

Diane_arbus_the_king_and_queens_of_ Also noticeable...

The regular food fight bidding on work by Robert Frank, Richard Misrach, Gregory Crewdson,

and Diane Arbus (photo 1, Lot 95, Diane Arbus, The King and Queen of a Senior Citizens Dance, NYC, 1970.. sold for $36k) works..

seemed a bit less over heated.

Well..it's about time!!

But no NYC art auction would be complete without it's stupid high bids. It would

seem Irving Penn work still manages to sell at crazy high prices Lot 136 sold for $102,000...

Loretta_lux_girl_with_crossed_arms_ As did a small Loretta Lux..which just sold at the shocking price of $36,000 (photo #2, Lot 210, Loretta Lux, Girl with Crossed Arms, 2001),

also, 2 Ruud Van Empel's (one sold for a whopping $45,600),

Cindy Sherman ($300,000), and a

Hiroshi Sugimoto ($336,000).

It was also curious to note, the "Buy-In rate", the lots that didn't make it to the minimum bid.. was a bit higher than last year... almost 21% at Phillips.

Hmm signs of the market cracking..? Maybe?

or have collectors finally come to their senses and stopped buying just any old crap all the brand new untested art the auction houses keep putting up on the block?   

October 09, 2007

Danny Lyon Talks at the Whitney This Friday

So.. as they say.. some of the best things in life are free.

Well.. this Friday, 7pm at The Whitney.. Danny Lyon will give a gallery talk.. on Danny Lyon!! Montage, Film and Still Photography.

This Friday is "Pay-What-you-wish" night at the Whitney.. aka..free if you'd like not to donate.. from 6 to 9pm.

Dannylyon_route_12 MAO will be there!

We just love Danny's The Bikeriders book!

But's he's also done a few other great ones as well.. here's a list!

And, for those of you who are totally photo clueless not familiar with Danny Lyon and his work.. here's his Wikipedia page. Does every artist now have to have a Wikipedia page??

(Danny Lyon photo, Route 12, Wisconsin 1963)

Here's a brief on the talk.

Known for an exceptional degree of involvement with his subjects, photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon has captured portraits of people and places that convey the singularity of their time. This evening, Lyon reads from his latest work, Like a Thief's Dream (2007), in the gallery

October 08, 2007

Chelsea Art Gallery Walk - Time to kill on Friday Afternoon

So it was a half day this Friday... thank you Chris Columbus!! We always knew we loved Italians !!

So...we made the rounds..and while most of what we saw totally killed time.. there were a few MAO thoughts and standouts..

First the very few standouts..

PPOW Gallery - Julie Heffernan's show Booty... great show..

amazing oil paintings.. thoughtful, and full Julie_heffernan_ppow of whimsical details..we could have looked at these self portraits for hours.. all sold.. not a surprise.

A very impressive show. Clearly this artist wasn't rushed, and she had some real thought and serious work behind all of these paintings. We love the tons of Witty art history references. The work is totally contemporary.. but in a very painterly style.. you just have to love it!

The show closes Oct 20th. This is one artist to watch.. and don't miss the show.

(Photo #1, Self Portrait as Raising Cain 2007, oil on canvas, 78 x 56 inches )

Here's one bloggers thoughts on the show, and here's one review. We're even sad we missed the book signing on Oct 6th. DAMN! 

Yossi Milo Gallery - Kohei Yoshiyuki, The Park..

we'd seen this work many times before,

but seeing it all on the walls,

is very voyeuristic impressive. I'm not sure if this is exactly the type of images most people would want to live with, but it's still very cool to see.

The Sunday NY Times (Philip Gefter) did a huge a bit over stretching

review a few weeks ago.

They dd a great reprint of the book which is amazing.. Plus they have signed copies in the gallery. Well worth picking up, since the original is impossible to get!

The show closes Oct 20th.

Now..a few of the many disappointments...

The Luhring Augustine Gallery - Larry Clark, Los Angeles 2003-2006. Has Larry done anything interesting since Teenage Lust in 1983? Even this book "Volume 1" from the show, is a total bore.

The Marlborough Chelsea Gallery - Tom Otterness, The public Unconscious, proving once an for all, bigger is not better. Dull, or Duller ?? The same thing this artist has done again, and again. The huge new Gallery Condo Tower ground floor space was even a disappointment.

Zach Feuer Gallery - Jules De Balincourt, Unknowing Man's Nature. We have generally loved this artist's Julesdebalincourtthinkglobally work, so maybe we were expecting too much, but this work just seemed uninspired. Too much text, not enough imagery  & painting. Some of the paintings looked like total show filler!! All sold of course...Yikes!

But, We did like this one large "Think Globally, Act Locally, 2007" (Photo #2) painting. The Show closes Oct 13th.

OK.. that's enough art bitchiness for today. I'm sure our MAO email-box will be overflowing with hate mail gallerinas asking us to remove our disappointments. But hey.. why is every art review we read always glowing positive.. cause there's really some terrible crap out there in Chelsea....

FYI... These were just the disappointments, as in, artists we like their stuff, but who've done better shows in the past. Most likely, that was work created when these artists weren't pressed to mass produce/churn-out new art to feed the bloated gallery machine. Anyway..just a thought.

Happy Columbus Day!

October 03, 2007

Uli Sigg from MOMA on the Subprime loan crisis and art!

OK.. We know..we're beginning to sound like a stupid broken record..

  • The US Economy is going down the dumps..
  • Real Estate Assets are crashing world wide..
  • The U.S. Dollar is at an all time low
  • Oil & Gas prices are at a record high
  • but the last round of Art Auction prices held up pretty damn well, and
  • NYC Galleries are still ringing the cash register off to the sales races again this Fall...every mediocre show we've see is totally sold-out!

Warhol_car_crash But at least, we've found yet another wise person who's thinking in the same warped Art Obsession way as MAO!!

(Photo by Andy Warhol, Pink Car Crash)

Here's a Video Report on Bloomberg news today.. Click Here.. then hit the orange TV Icon on the right side of the screen to view the Media on Demand Video!!

Here's the news intro to the Video...

      Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Uli Sigg, a member of the International Council of
the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the International Advisory Council of
the Tate Gallery in London, talks with Bloomberg's Catherine Yang from
Singapore about the impact of the U.S. subprime loan crisis on art investment,
the outlook for China's contemporary art market and galleries. (Source: