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October 30, 2007

New addition to the MAO collection.. by Kate Bingaman-Burt

We at MAO love Obsession.. and no artist does Obsession better than Kate Bingaman-Burt. If you don't believe MAO.. check out Kate's blogs & websites... Obsessive Consumption, What Did I Buy Today and her teaching site.. Crap Detector. She's one crazy ass obsessed artist a busy girl!

Kate's got a new edition offered by the wonderfully accessible 20 x 200 project! Possibly the single best affordable art project we've ever seen! Every artist should do one! Congrats Jen.. MAO hearts Jen Bekman!

You may have had a chance to see her show at Jen Bekman's spring street gallery this month.

SO.. Here's the image.. we bought one immediately.. which we got it already last week! It looked even better in person.


Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Carts #1.

It's priced at the bargain price just $20 for an edition of 200 (8.5" x 11") almost 50% sold-out, Yes.. you can actually buy art for $20!!

$200 for the edition of 20 (17" x 22"), and

$2,000 for the edition of 2 (30" x 40').

You can buy it here.. and just be sure to tell them MAO sent you!


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I liked the photo (got the image last week).
Are these photos signed by the artist? Do you know?
I email them last week about it and nobody got back to me.

Hey Ruben..
I'm not sure if all the works are signed.
My guess... It may depend on the artist.

I bought the middle size (edition of 20).. the photo came with a signed and dated signature label/sticker.

Mike... I saw that you ordered Kate's carts and was hoping you'd be pleased with the purchase, I'm so glad to hear that you like it even more in person.

Ruben, I actually replied to your email 3 days ago (just checked my outbox to confirm.) I'm not sure why you didn't receive my message, perhaps it went to an address you don't check often? Got tagged as spam? Ah, the mysteries of the interwebs.

In any event, here is what I said:

Each print comes with a signed and numbered 20x200 Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate is printed on archival paper and signed and numbered by the artist. Using Certificates, rather than having the prints directly signed, minimizes the handling of the actual prints to guard against possible damage.

You can check out our Collector FAQ for more questions and answers:

holy wow, mao!
thanks for the great write up and thanks for your super entertaining blog.

Every 20x200 piece comes with a fancy schmancy signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
you may see one in action here: http://flickr.com/photos/monochrome/1769060047/

also, thanks to MAO, Ruben and Mike for purchasing prints. triple yay!

MAO,Jen & Kate:
Thank you all for your replies!
Since I live in Manhattan, Jen I wanted to know if they can be purchase directly at the gallery.
I want to buy one and pass the info along to all my friends.
Today is a shopping day. I also bought an Annie Leibovitz photo.
Kate, I am catching your shopping fever...lol.
Thank you again .


Hi Ruben

I just sent you an email, but I'll reply here too, in case anyone else is curious. (My apologies to MAO for hijacking his comments with 20x200 logistics!)

In general, the 20x200 prints are not available at the gallery. We don't stock the small prints in NY at all (they ship from a different location entirely) and we store the medium and large prints at our studio.

If you're interested in a seeing a medium or large print, we can set up an appointment - with a bit of advance notice we can be sure to have the prints a collector is interested in on hand.

I bought one too. I adore 20x200!

By the way, they're going to have gift certificates soon. I know what I'm giving people for the holidays, assuming the program is up and running by December. (Hint, hint, Jen.)

Ok. I just bought mine. Thanks MAO

just wanted to say that this is a great project. hope it contunues.

Hey MAO..
Thanks for pointing out this project.. I had never heard of it before..

Some of the works look great.. I think I'm going to buy one or 2..

Keep up the good work!

I love the 20x200 idea. I am going to purchase a mid-sized one as I like the image and then, even more, enjoyed the blog and the rest of the work. I got sucked into the Internets for almost an hour looking at Kate's purchases!

Gosh, Mao is like the "BillyKnowsBest" of the art world now!!

Hey! Thank you, MAO! I just got my Kate Bingaman-Burt picture in the mail. It's great! You rock!!! You too, Kate!!

I think this try.

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