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November 01, 2007

A Photography Auction Secret!!

There's a cool new photo auction up on IGAVEL.COM.

Actually, We're almost hesitant to even tell people about this one.. cause our greedy self we would rather keep this gem all to ourself!! So if anyone sees MAO bidding.. You all have to promise, DON'T BID against MAO!! THANKS.

So..It's smaller than Sothebys, Christies and Phillips but this up and coming photo auction is run by the almost too honest to be a NYC art dealer a real photo pro and ex-sothebys specialist Daniel Cooney Fine Art

This time Dan's put together a very high quality sale of 124 lots.. photo's include work by : Lewis Hine, Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Joel Peter Witkin, Walker Evans, Esther Bubley, Man Ray, Bert Stern, Todd Webb, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Peter Beard, Gregory Crewdson, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Danny Lyon, Larry Fink, Arthur Tress, and John Dugdale just to name drop a few!
Wow!! That's one impressive list!! And many of them will sell for some really low prices.

Some of these lots have sweet low reserve levels, there's even several lots with starting bids of $200!

There's also a few lots of hard to find photo books... FYI...they are the next hot art collectible!!

Arthur_tress_bride_groom  (photo..by Arthur Tress, its a lot of 11 Platinum Prints..Item auction lot #891521)

So, you have a few (12) days left to go and inspect the lots before bidding.  They are all at a gallery in Chelsea :

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
                  511 West 25th Street
                  New York, NY 10001
                  212 255 8158
[email protected]

Oh.. and FYI.. if you meet Dan.. Please tell him Mike at MAO sent you.. I hear he gives all the smart MAO readers a special auction discount catalogue!!


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Thanks for the link. Pretty cool. But I think this upcoming auction at Phillips in London on Nov. 20 is the best:

Thanks for the tip.Check your e-mail. Went to a great photo sale last night. I am going back tomorrow for more between 11-2.
Giving you heads up first before I feed the sharks!

Grrr. I just bought a C.S. Bull photo, and now you taunt me with the information that one of his famous Garbo images is available for a song. I'm tempted to bid against you just for spite. :-)

Hey Mike,

WOW! Thanks for the publicity! I appreciate it. And, Lisa... you can always have two!!


Sent you another image.Four art collectors friends of mine went and got crazy.
They bought at least 5 pieces each.She has some much inventory that what you buy is only original 1/1.I bought in total 10 pieces so far.
I got more images to show if you want to see more.
Check it out. Here today gone tomorrow...

Damn you, i just spend lots of money on art and now you show me this.

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