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November 30, 2007

Some Chelsea Photo Shows to see.....

So for the 3 or 4 people still left in Chelsea next week.. Congrats!! You probably made the wisest choice.  So, we at MAO were going to dedicate the next 2 days of posts to you!

We spent the last week prowling around galleries.. and we found a few shows actually worth seeing.. Here are the MAO top 2 new photo show picks.. (for those who haven't already seen the Wolfgang Tillans show, or the Edward Burtynsky show..don't miss those either... )

1. Yasumasa Morimura "Requiem for the XX Century: Twilight of the Turbulent Gods" at Luhring Augustine Gallery,


Morimura.. has been a long time favorite... and with this photo as the main entrance image, he's permanently secured a place in the MAO heart forever!

(Photo #1, , Yasumasa Morimura,A Requiem: Red Dream / Mao, 2007,C-print mounted on alpolic, 59 X 47 1/4 inches (150 X 120 cm), Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine , New York )

The show is both funny, and impressive.

This time, Morimura, has re-created an array of historical figures and political event iconic images, all which, have been significant in shaping the 20th century.  But he's done it again with the humor and flair he's so well known for.

The images while all well traveled terrain, look fresh, and at times even irreverent.

It's kind of a Where's Waldo of a show.. he's done it before, but it still works! The viewer can't help but stare at these photo's, laugh and ask just how and why did he do that!!  Yes....we know.. lot's of photo-shop... but it's still funny!

More images here.. The show runs from NOV 24 - DEC 22, 2007 .

2. Pieter Hugo, The Hyena and Other Men, at Yossi Milo Gallery.

Pieter_hugo_mallam_mantari_lamalNow this show goes in a totally different direction. It's Pieter Hugo's first show in NYC.

It's Lions and Tigers and Bears!! Well.. not exactly.. more like Monkeys and Hyena's.. but they are all very cool.

These are all super powerful images from Nigeri... and this isn't exactly a Sigfried and Roy show.. but, these are all real animal charmers with their domesticated hyenas done Nigerian style..WOW!

We loved the color palette and lighting Pieter used in this show.. beautiful. You just get the immediate feel of the dusty streets of barren urban Nigeria. There's also a certain quietness to these images...hard to explain.. but you'll have to see them for yourselves..   The show is up till Jan 12th, 2008.

(photo #2, Pieter Hugo, Mallam Mantari Lamal with Mainasara, Nigeria, C-Print,2005)

There's also a great new book out with the entire project, The Hyena & Other Men, by Prestel Press. All amazing!

Tomorrow.. the non-photo shows!

November 28, 2007

Young Collectors Panel discussion At Aperture Foundation

OK.. and now for some totally gratuitous self promotion.... And just remember.. Any event that refers to MAO as young.. has to be humorous a good thing!!

We're sure it's going to be a great night. MAO will just be getting back from Art Basel Miami 2007 (or better known as the last big party before the huge Art Crash of 08)...so hopefully our hangovers will be gone, and we'll have some fresh perspectives to share with the class. And just think.. When MAO speaks...art collectors laugh sleep throw rotten tomatoes listen!

Here's the Official Aperture Press Release.. Please say hi if your stop in.. thanks!


Panel Discussion

Aperture is pleased to present a special evening dedicated to the first steps of collecting photography. Moderated by esteemed collector and dealer, William Hunt from Hasted Hunt Gallery, this panel discussion represents a great opportunity to discuss the transition from being a photography lover, to making occasional purchases of prints, to defining oneself as a “collector”. The panelists will address the typical questions asked by a fledgling collector, such as: What are the joys and pitfalls of starting to build a collection? What do you need to know? At what stage does it matter?

An eclectic group of experienced and noted photography collectors will share their experiences on how to start collection, and answer audience questions. Panelists include: David Kronn and Gael Zafrany, from Charles Schwartz, Ltd., whose activity is to preserve and create collections for both museums and private individuals; Mike from the Amazing Art Blog, Modern Art Obsession.com; and internationally renowned designer, Todd Oldham.


Tuesday, December 11

6:30 p.m.

Aperture Gallery

547 West 27th Street, 4th floor

New York, NY

(212) 505-5555


November 16, 2007

Paul Evans Furniture sells well at Sotheby's

With contemporary art prices soring out of control this week.. it probably went almost totally unnoticed that at today's Sotheby's Design auction.. one of MAO's favorite furniture loves, had a piece sell for a shocking amount of money.

Lot 80, Paul Evans, This small 1960 cabinet sold for $157,000 (including the auction house premium)

Paul_evans_at_sothebys A Very beautiful piece of 1960's furniture.. with an equally beautiful price tag!

But Dr. Quiz, and MAO got into quite a debate the other night...

The Quiz-ling asked.. Should Modern Furniture like this be selling for these crazy prices??

And my thought was.. could MAO name 10 well known (household names) designers in the world of Modern American Furniture...??

The answer was sadly no!

We came up with..

Nakashima, Eames, Kagan, Evans, ...  Esherick, ahm... maybe Niemeyer, Stark, Arad, um.. mmmm.. aa..

So, we guessed ..if a silly old, Blue and Orange Rothko can sell for a gazillion dollars..!! Maybe these modern design masters are still under valued?? Hmmm.... Maybe?? What do you think?

Also, if you're in The City, and are all Contemporary Art-ed out... be sure to check out The Modernism Fair this weekend at the Armory on 67th street and Park Ave...It might be a great place to find some under valued treasures!!

November 16 - 19, 2007

noon - 8pm
11am - 7pm
noon - 7pm
11am - 5pm

November 14, 2007

The Contemporary Sky isn't falling....YET!

So last night's Christies Sale went very well.

Henny_penny 12 New insane records broken for several big name artists...

Here's a recap from bloomberg news...

Download Christies_contemporary_sale.txt

Even Sotheby's Stock is bouncing dead cat up 10% this morning...

So now let's see how all the mid-priced lots go.... keep your fingers crossed!

The Lower East Side and the New, New Museum...

Well.. NYC is only just a few days away from the Dawn of a New Era in Contemporary Art.. And NO..we don't mean the pending fall in contemporary art prices! Actually a Contemporary sale went very well last night at Christies... surprise ..surprise... the art sky isn't falling... YET!!!

We're talking about a significant shift of the NYC contemporary art world energy from the over hyped Chelsea to the fun Lower East Side. Yes..!! get your NYC maps out, my little MAO-Ettes.. and familiarize yourself with Orchard, Ludlow, Rivington, Bowery and Stanton streets....Cause you'll be prowling these streets all too soon looking for that next contemporary art gallery treasure! Actually you can't believe how many new lemmings galleries and fun restaurants are opening up on the lower east side.

New_museum_shimmer This all new art energy will be anchored by the New Museum's stunning new 6 story building on the Bowery. Those SANAA people... have really outdone themselves!! WOW..

We at MAO were lucky enough to take a 6 person, full building tour of the New home of the New Museum Of Contemporary Art...

actually we got a personalized hour tour by none other than Lisa Phillips their head honcho herself!

This new building does not disappoint..

from the first moment you step inside.. it's sheer modern elegance..

We predict this building will become the new standard by which all contemporary museums will be measured against.

It shimmers inside and out.. with amazing light. A large but intimate space..

It's new gallery floors literally float, and the buildings innovative exterior skin will sure to be the discussion of everyone who walks by.

We can't wait to see how it's curators fill this beautiful art shell.. But you'll have to check it out for yourself.. the museum opens up to the public on New_museum_at_night Dec 1st.

Also... there's a very impressive New Museum benefit auction taking place at Phillips tomorrow night with many must haves exceptional items generously donated by some of the super stars of the art world.

The auction includes amazing works by Jasper, Cindy, Jack, Vik, Richard, etc, and a totally horny funny can of Frank and Beans by Tim and Sue!!

So get those checkbooks out rich MAO readers!!

(Photo #1 & #2..by MAO.. one taken before and one after our hard hat ego boosting director's tour... )

November 13, 2007

New Richard Misrach Book Signing...

There's just something about these huge dreamy beach and water images that make the MAO heart sing... If you've never seen these photo's by Richard Misrach in person... be sure not to miss this new show. We've already seen copies of the new book.. and it's ridiculously BIG !  Let's just say.. you could easily make a coffee table out of this book!

Richard_misrach_beach_untitled_213_ So, to celebrate the launch of the new Aperture book, Richard Misrach: On the Beach.  Richard Misrach will be at The Strand on Wednesday, November 28, where he will discuss the work from this stunning series followed by a book signing.

Coinciding with the book, Pace/MacGill Gallery is hosting an exhibition of his work, the opening reception and book signing with Misrach will be Thursday, November 29.


Wednesday, November 28, 7:00 p.m.

The Strand
828 Broadway

Thursday, November 29, 5:30 p.m.

Pace/MacGill Gallery
32 East 57th Street, 9th floor
This book signing coincides with an exhibition of Misrach’s work on view:

Friday, November 30, 2007– Saturday, January 5, 2008

November 08, 2007

Sothebys Falls over 30%...Killing the Golden ART Goose!!

Well...they say The size of the Hangover is always commensurate with the magnitude of the Party.

If you had any question "how well" the Fall Impressionist and Modern Auctions went yesterday... take one look at this chart of Sotheby's Stock!


Here's the detailed story by Linda Sandler of Bloomberg News...

Download Sothebys_stockFalls_afterFallAuctions.txt

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in Art.. now will someone pass the Aspirin!

November 01, 2007

A Photography Auction Secret!!

There's a cool new photo auction up on IGAVEL.COM.

Actually, We're almost hesitant to even tell people about this one.. cause our greedy self we would rather keep this gem all to ourself!! So if anyone sees MAO bidding.. You all have to promise, DON'T BID against MAO!! THANKS.

So..It's smaller than Sothebys, Christies and Phillips but this up and coming photo auction is run by the almost too honest to be a NYC art dealer a real photo pro and ex-sothebys specialist Daniel Cooney Fine Art

This time Dan's put together a very high quality sale of 124 lots.. photo's include work by : Lewis Hine, Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Joel Peter Witkin, Walker Evans, Esther Bubley, Man Ray, Bert Stern, Todd Webb, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Peter Beard, Gregory Crewdson, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Danny Lyon, Larry Fink, Arthur Tress, and John Dugdale just to name drop a few!
Wow!! That's one impressive list!! And many of them will sell for some really low prices.

Some of these lots have sweet low reserve levels, there's even several lots with starting bids of $200!

There's also a few lots of hard to find photo books... FYI...they are the next hot art collectible!!

Arthur_tress_bride_groom  (photo..by Arthur Tress, its a lot of 11 Platinum Prints..Item auction lot #891521)

So, you have a few (12) days left to go and inspect the lots before bidding.  They are all at a gallery in Chelsea :

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
                  511 West 25th Street
                  New York, NY 10001
                  212 255 8158
[email protected]

Oh.. and FYI.. if you meet Dan.. Please tell him Mike at MAO sent you.. I hear he gives all the smart MAO readers a special auction discount catalogue!!