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November 16, 2007

Paul Evans Furniture sells well at Sotheby's

With contemporary art prices soring out of control this week.. it probably went almost totally unnoticed that at today's Sotheby's Design auction.. one of MAO's favorite furniture loves, had a piece sell for a shocking amount of money.

Lot 80, Paul Evans, This small 1960 cabinet sold for $157,000 (including the auction house premium)

Paul_evans_at_sothebys A Very beautiful piece of 1960's furniture.. with an equally beautiful price tag!

But Dr. Quiz, and MAO got into quite a debate the other night...

The Quiz-ling asked.. Should Modern Furniture like this be selling for these crazy prices??

And my thought was.. could MAO name 10 well known (household names) designers in the world of Modern American Furniture...??

The answer was sadly no!

We came up with..

Nakashima, Eames, Kagan, Evans, ...  Esherick, ahm... maybe Niemeyer, Stark, Arad, um.. mmmm.. aa..

So, we guessed ..if a silly old, Blue and Orange Rothko can sell for a gazillion dollars..!! Maybe these modern design masters are still under valued?? Hmmm.... Maybe?? What do you think?

Also, if you're in The City, and are all Contemporary Art-ed out... be sure to check out The Modernism Fair this weekend at the Armory on 67th street and Park Ave...It might be a great place to find some under valued treasures!!

November 16 - 19, 2007

noon - 8pm
11am - 7pm
noon - 7pm
11am - 5pm


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I love that fair. Thanks for the reminder!

Evans is amazing & had been completely undervalued before, he is the American Line Vautrin. Stark is French, Arad is Israeli, Niemeyer is Brazilian - but I guess you were just being funny. If you went to Modernism you should also be able to add Wendell Castle to your list of names! And do Charles & Ray Eames count as one or two? Here's some other familiar suggestions: George Nelson, Paul Frankl, Karl Springer, Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, Gilbert Rohde, Tommy Parzinger, Russel Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright....

Maybe it's time to sit on your assets. :-)

Eileen Gray...

good to read your blog.....I love it...well done...

Looks very unique as well as has the storage to make it functional.Can go with neutral interiors and as well fit in loud ones.Love the piece.

Wow I can't believe it sold that well for his furniture

I have a collection of Paul Evans furniture, anyone interested

Hey Renee Versane... We are interested in buying Paul Evans furniture...

Send me an Emial... [email protected]

I would be interested to see any wall shelves, etageres, etc.

Hello Mike, I will email you at the above address please let me know you have received the message ok? Renee

I believe I may have a pair of Paul Evans tables, but I am not an expert nor have I thoroughly examined the pieces in search of a signature. I am not sure where to look.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts..

Thanks for looking!


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