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November 30, 2007

Some Chelsea Photo Shows to see.....

So for the 3 or 4 people still left in Chelsea next week.. Congrats!! You probably made the wisest choice.  So, we at MAO were going to dedicate the next 2 days of posts to you!

We spent the last week prowling around galleries.. and we found a few shows actually worth seeing.. Here are the MAO top 2 new photo show picks.. (for those who haven't already seen the Wolfgang Tillans show, or the Edward Burtynsky show..don't miss those either... )

1. Yasumasa Morimura "Requiem for the XX Century: Twilight of the Turbulent Gods" at Luhring Augustine Gallery,


Morimura.. has been a long time favorite... and with this photo as the main entrance image, he's permanently secured a place in the MAO heart forever!

(Photo #1, , Yasumasa Morimura,A Requiem: Red Dream / Mao, 2007,C-print mounted on alpolic, 59 X 47 1/4 inches (150 X 120 cm), Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine , New York )

The show is both funny, and impressive.

This time, Morimura, has re-created an array of historical figures and political event iconic images, all which, have been significant in shaping the 20th century.  But he's done it again with the humor and flair he's so well known for.

The images while all well traveled terrain, look fresh, and at times even irreverent.

It's kind of a Where's Waldo of a show.. he's done it before, but it still works! The viewer can't help but stare at these photo's, laugh and ask just how and why did he do that!!  Yes....we know.. lot's of photo-shop... but it's still funny!

More images here.. The show runs from NOV 24 - DEC 22, 2007 .

2. Pieter Hugo, The Hyena and Other Men, at Yossi Milo Gallery.

Pieter_hugo_mallam_mantari_lamalNow this show goes in a totally different direction. It's Pieter Hugo's first show in NYC.

It's Lions and Tigers and Bears!! Well.. not exactly.. more like Monkeys and Hyena's.. but they are all very cool.

These are all super powerful images from Nigeri... and this isn't exactly a Sigfried and Roy show.. but, these are all real animal charmers with their domesticated hyenas done Nigerian style..WOW!

We loved the color palette and lighting Pieter used in this show.. beautiful. You just get the immediate feel of the dusty streets of barren urban Nigeria. There's also a certain quietness to these images...hard to explain.. but you'll have to see them for yourselves..   The show is up till Jan 12th, 2008.

(photo #2, Pieter Hugo, Mallam Mantari Lamal with Mainasara, Nigeria, C-Print,2005)

There's also a great new book out with the entire project, The Hyena & Other Men, by Prestel Press. All amazing!

Tomorrow.. the non-photo shows!


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