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November 14, 2007

The Lower East Side and the New, New Museum...

Well.. NYC is only just a few days away from the Dawn of a New Era in Contemporary Art.. And NO..we don't mean the pending fall in contemporary art prices! Actually a Contemporary sale went very well last night at Christies... surprise ..surprise... the art sky isn't falling... YET!!!

We're talking about a significant shift of the NYC contemporary art world energy from the over hyped Chelsea to the fun Lower East Side. Yes..!! get your NYC maps out, my little MAO-Ettes.. and familiarize yourself with Orchard, Ludlow, Rivington, Bowery and Stanton streets....Cause you'll be prowling these streets all too soon looking for that next contemporary art gallery treasure! Actually you can't believe how many new lemmings galleries and fun restaurants are opening up on the lower east side.

New_museum_shimmer This all new art energy will be anchored by the New Museum's stunning new 6 story building on the Bowery. Those SANAA people... have really outdone themselves!! WOW..

We at MAO were lucky enough to take a 6 person, full building tour of the New home of the New Museum Of Contemporary Art...

actually we got a personalized hour tour by none other than Lisa Phillips their head honcho herself!

This new building does not disappoint..

from the first moment you step inside.. it's sheer modern elegance..

We predict this building will become the new standard by which all contemporary museums will be measured against.

It shimmers inside and out.. with amazing light. A large but intimate space..

It's new gallery floors literally float, and the buildings innovative exterior skin will sure to be the discussion of everyone who walks by.

We can't wait to see how it's curators fill this beautiful art shell.. But you'll have to check it out for yourself.. the museum opens up to the public on New_museum_at_night Dec 1st.

Also... there's a very impressive New Museum benefit auction taking place at Phillips tomorrow night with many must haves exceptional items generously donated by some of the super stars of the art world.

The auction includes amazing works by Jasper, Cindy, Jack, Vik, Richard, etc, and a totally horny funny can of Frank and Beans by Tim and Sue!!

So get those checkbooks out rich MAO readers!!

(Photo #1 & #2..by MAO.. one taken before and one after our hard hat ego boosting director's tour... )


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There goes the neighborhood.

There goes the neighborhood.

MAO.. you're so right...

I always thought the LES has better bars.. better food.. and now better art than those puffed up prima-donna's in Chelsea!!

Ding dong.. Chelsea is DEAD!!

I took a tour of the New Museum building...

It felt like a Mini-MOMA.... big white boxes... cold and sterile.. just like the new MOMA.

A total waste of money!

And it's damn ugly too!!

Here MAO:
See Sothebys Auction results below.
No more crying baby, no more drama..see!
Art is still alive and kicking.
Did you buy Zoe photos?
Come on give yourself a treat!...lol.
We will worry about next year when it comes.
For now only fast and furious!

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