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December 09, 2007

A few things we learned at Art Basel Miami Beach!

Well.. besides learning where to get the best Mojito in North America..

A few things about artists we love, that we learned while getting shit faced drunk at Art Basel Miami Beach 2007..

1. Photographer Nikki S. Lee has just stepped up to the Big Time, and will now be represented by the contemporary art  powerhouse Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

2. Photographer Phillip Lorca DiCorcia has also left the incredibly unfriendly people at Pace/McGill to go to the David Zwirner Gallery.

3. Painter Chris Dorland will have his next show at Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago.  Rhona had several of Chris Dorland works in their Booth at ABMB. 

4. Ellen Harvey,

5. Mika Rottenberg, and

6. Photographer Melanie Schiff were all chosen for the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

7. Photographer David Hillard does actually claim to know Bernard Toale..even though David never seems to show up where Bernie thinks David should be!

Congrats to all the artists above.. we at MAO are so deeply happy to see these artists success and have their prices go up and up get the public recognition they all so rightfully Installationview01_ellen_harveydeserve! It's all Good! Congrats to all!

(photo of an Ellen Harvey installation of several Invisible Self Portrait paintings, 2007)


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Those Invisible Portraits remind me of 'Permanent Collection' which I prefer more. http://www.davistim.com/images/permanentcollection/permanentcollection_2.html - not that excited about the 08 Bi picks - but what do I know?

Nikki Lee's new work at Sikkema Jenkins was the hit of the show! Incredible work at insane prices...welcome to the big time as you say!

This is really the first "real" news I've read of the entire fair. Good reporting! Thanks.

Nikki S. Lee is also the stand out @ the Hirshhorn in "Recent Acquisitions" - up now.

"Art Kabinett" was a twist at Basel the "thinking mans fair" - Hey! this is about more then just sales - ;)

I learned you give the best massage in all of Miami! Sure beat the Craigs List Massage.

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