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December 19, 2007

Brian Ulrich Prints for only $20 on the Jen Bekman 20 x 200 Project Website

Attention MAO Shoppers... !!

Ulrich_brian_thrift_200x20 There is one more Photography collector bargain left out there in cyber space!!

The amazing blogger (Not If But When) and photographer Brian Ulrich.. has been spreading the Christmas cheer.. His new project from the COPIA series on Thrift shops looks amazing.. and now you can buy one of his photographs for only $20.

I shit  kid you not ! Twenty Dollars !! that's Two-Zero! Twenty!

Just click here..

and the Wonderful Jen Bekman and her Gallery.(also a kickass wise blogger : Personism). will offer you this print in one of the 3 the 2 sizes!

DAMN! Only the small and mediums are left.. you snooze you lose folks..

But get them soon..cause with Rhona Hoffman, Julie Saul, Robert Koch, and Quality Pictures galleries (like how many galleries are selling this guys stuff, anyway???) all are selling Brian's work for big bucks..this one is not going to last!

It's already almost 50% sold out and that's in the first hour. Congrats to Brian and Jen..

Oh... and if you missed out on this print.. you can always get a copy of the Brian Ulrich book, MP3 here at Aperture.


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The big ones seem to have sold out in under a minute. I clicked over to 20x200 the moment I got Jen's email and they were already gone.

Supposedly Zoe Strauss is doing a 20x200 too. Stay tuned.

I bought a small one this morning.The minute I got the e-mail I tried to get a large one and they were gone!
Did you checked out the ACRIA sale.
Scott just told me that it had been extended till this Friday.

I bought a small one this morning.The minute I got the e-mail I tried to get a large one and they were gone!
Did you checked out the ACRIA sale.
Scott just told me that it had been extended till this Friday.

WOW.. now both the Large and the mid size are already totally sold out!!

That was too damn fast!

Thanks for the heads up MAO...

I got one of the mid-size prints just before they were all gone!

$200 buck.. you can't get anything for 200 bucks in the art world these days.

One thing I haven't been able to tell from the 20x200 site is whether the photographs released through the program are editioned. It looks like they're most often inkjet prints (at least the small sizes), but there's no mention of numbering...

Does anyone know for sure?

Yes, they're numbered. All 20x200 prints come with a signed paper signed by the artist, telling you which number print you have. The small ones are in an edition of 200; the medium in an edition of 20; and the large in an edition of 2.

The prints are digital, not darkroom, but so is everything in the photography world these days, no? (The non-photo prints aren't as interesting to me, though, because they're more like reproductions.)

Thanks for the info, Lisa. So does this "signed paper" mean there'll be no more 8x10 (or whatever the size is) prints of this image produced? Or no more 8x10 prints of this image of this particular type (inkjet or digital-c or whatever) produced? Or just that there will be no more than 200 8x10 prints of this image sold through 20x200?

Sorry for these rudimentary questions... I'm trying to understand what "collecting" means in the digital world, as you might have figured out ;-)

mike - i beat you this time. If you guys had read my blog too, you'd have gotten the medium sized ones before they sold out! ;)

I've now bought 2 20x200 prints (brian's and beth dow's bags). I received Bags last week at it was a beauty. To snow-how's point of them being inkjets, Good inkjet prints made with pro-quality machines archival inks on archival paper by a top notch printer are certainly more durable than say your average dark-room produced c-print. They last longer and you can get tonal range out of a digital file that's very difficult to get with light, chemicals, and a negative. This is all for color by the way. Good black and white traditional prints are still generally speaking more archival and tonally better than digital. For a long time I was prejudiced against digital thinking that old fashioned prints were necessarily better, but digital technology has caught up and even surpassed traditional techniques in a number of areas. Ultimately it all depends on the printer. A good printer can make great prints in either medium.

Does anyone know of other galleries making low cost prints at big edition sizes available for us hoipolloi?

My impression is that the 20x200 offering is the only edition of a particular photo.

Jen, are you checking MAO's blog? Can you confirm?

P.S. I just looked back at the 20x200 web page and see that a medium sized became available. Someone's credit card must have been rejected.

Ms. Hunter is correct!

The editions are exclusive to 20x200 and once they're gone they are gone - no reprints, no additional editions - finito! They are called limited editions because that is indeed what they are!

Here's a photo of another artist's signed/numbered certificate of authenticity:

And if you follow the "Our Story" link that's in the main navigation you can read up on our philosophy:

And then there is the FAQ:

If you read through those links, your questions will be answered most thoroughly.

Regarding inventory fluctuations, since they came up - there are a few things that happen which affect the numbers:

- Most common occurrence: someone presses buy, but doesn't close the deal. The item is removed from inventory 'til their session expires. After an allotted amount of time, it's put back in the pool.

- Occasionally people change their orders. For instance, several prints became unexpectedly available this afternoon because someone had inadvertently placed duplicate orders. Once we credited him, back in the pool the prints went!

- And yes, like Lisa said, sometimes charges don't go through. (More often than not this is because Google has old cc info.)

I'm so glad that Brian's edition did well, and find it heartening that the big prints went first. MAO ain't no fool! He knows that a great big Ulrich print from an edition only two prints is an amazing opportunity.

I'm really, really, really super pleased about how warmly received it's been by serious collectors. They dig it (seriously!) and they understand the opportunity not just for themselves, but for emerging collectors.

I'm totally fascinated by how this is all playing out - sure, I made the thing, but it's not like I had a clear idea of how it would be received.

Thanks for clarifying, Jen. (And please don't cancel my duplicate order of the Brian Ulrich print! I got one for me, one for my parents.)

Snow-how, I should also mention that the prints are GORGEOUS and well produced. And just in case you're wondering, I have no affiliation with 20x200, other than as a grateful customer.

Wow, thanks for the clarification, Jen, and thanks again Lisa for all your input!

I will buy with confidence ;-)

MAO & Jen Bekman:
Thanks again for the scoop.
Can't wait for the next one!

I never got a "signed slip" with an earlier order, so I was a little pissed. But I'm assuming I just got unlucky.

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