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January 18, 2008

Free Artist Lecture at the New Museum!

For anyone willing to brave the cold.. and the Lower East Side this weekend..

There's going to be a fun group talk tomorrow, Saturday, Jan 19th at 3pm at the New Museum.

And to answer the question... YES. We at MAO are now Obsessed by the New Museum.. so we're going to be posting more and more about it! It's All NEW. all the time!

The talk...  :  Mark Bradford, Christian Holstad, and Wangechi Mutu discuss “Collage: The Unmonumental Picture” this talk will be moderated by Chief Curator Richard Flood. Pretty Cool..

It should be fun, here are the 3 artist biographies..

Wangechi_mutu_peltart750 Mark Bradford, Born 1961, Los Angeles, California/Lives and works in Los Angeles, California. 

The social dynamics of community, determined by race, class, gender, sexuality, migration, and their attendant stereotypes, inspire Mark Bradford’s work in collage, video, photography, and installation. Bradford explores public space by excerpting and recomposing its contents—from billboard posters to beauty salon endpapers—to create abstract compositions whose grids, lines, and fields of color flicker with the visual and informational juxtapositions that characterize the urban experience. Through the formal limitations and restrictions that he imposes on his artistic practice, Bradford structures his works’ explosive energy, elegantly corralling it into an abstract narrative that reflects our geographical and geopolitical surroundings.

Christian Holstad. Born 1972, Anaheim, California/Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

Holstad’s artistic practice consists of photography, drawing, sculpture, installation, and collage. A selfdescribed “visual junkie,” the subject of his work includes the ways in which appearance-based stereotypes obscure individual sexual identity. Referring both to the mainstream and subculture, Holstad’s collages often depict erotic couplings of gay men whose bodies are composed of decorative patterns and textures extracted from magazines ranging from high-end fashion and lifestyle rags to small-press porn publications. These intimate scenes are set in unexpected or even contradictory surroundings such as immaculate, designer-home interiors, monumental architectural settings, or surreal landscapes. This juxtaposition of at least two kinds of decadence and desire serves to both charge conventional environments and cheerfully normalize same-sex erotic activity.

Wangechi Mutu, Born 1972, Nairobi, Kenya/Lives and works in New York. 

Wangechi Mutu’s wall paintings, collages, and installations make reference to race, politics, fashion, and African identity. Mutu assembles portraits that challenge media depictions of fashion, pornography, and ethnography. Her idiosyncratic renderings of female sexuality catalyze multiple interpretations: each exquisite portrait incorporates the contradictions, stereotypes, and expectations of African women and the African diaspora. (Photo #1, by Wangechi Mutu, from her "Exhuming Gluttony Exhibit" courtesy of Salon 94 Gallery)

Plus you'll get to see the great lecture hall they have built in the basement of the New Museum.

Here are the details from the New Museum website... Click Here For More Info

We at MAO have heard Mark Bradford speak before.. and let's just say.. she's one totally Fierce Artist!

So OK... MAO-ettes... if you attend the talk... Please be sure to say hi to MAO!!


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Ok MAO !
It is cold but, I never say no to a freebie..lol
I might check it out. Thank you!

Hey MAO..

Did you go? were you there??
It was a total zoo!!

I went and it was a real zoo!!!!! Kind of being a subway platform on rush hour...lol.

Everybody and their mother was there!..lol. The talk was quite good and each one of them gave a pretty good insight of their work and what drives them to its creation. Mark Bradford was the best in my opinion.

It is a great thing that the New Museum is collecting so much $$$ in admission fee but, personally I hate crowded museums and you can never experience the art in it in such conditions. It felt like Disneyland with all its screaming kids.
Maybe a daycare can be set as a design parameter in future museum development so the parents can enjoy art while somebody is looking over their kids.

It has been quite caotic on my four visits so far so my best bet is to go late at night.
Thanks MAO for the info!

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