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January 23, 2008

New Work by Spencer Finch

We at MAO have been a long time fan of Artist Spencer Finch..ever since the 2004 Whitney Biennial.

Art_in_america_spencer_finch_on_cov His show up at Mass MOCA "What Time Is It on the Sun?" is amazing (now extended through Spring 2008)..

The D.A.P. Monograph book..a total WOW!

And now, finally he's got some well deserved attention by Art In America this (Jan 08) month. FYI... They don't have the story on-line.. so you'll just have to buy the deadwood media magazine!

But Spencer now has a new show opening up in Germany!  And the work looks as thought provoking as ever! 

Spencer Finch: In Praise of Shadows, Berlin, Galerie Nordenhake, Now through January 26.

The gallery has almost every work up on their website..very nice.   Aaaah.. there's nothing like German engineering !

The dusty old Black and White photography maven in MAO just loves the Atget references! Bravo Spencer!

Here's a brief description from todays ArtKrush :

In Spencer Finch's current exhibition at Berlin's Nordenhake, the American artist explores the nature and inadequacies of perception. In a diverse array of works — twelve serial photographs, nine drawings, a light installation of color-filtered fluorescents, and five glasses filled with progressively darkening liquid — Finch aims to replicate the measurement, memory, and color of specific shadows. Each work reproduces the spectrums of light that Finch has encountered while visiting historic locations, including Goethe's home and Parisian alleyways photographed a century earlier by Eugène Atget. By revealing the precise inspiration for his pieces, Finch reminds viewers of their present circumstances, creating works that are both chromatically beautiful and absurd in their attempt to reproduce a fleeting sensory experience.


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My Finch edition from Cabinet magazine is for sale if anyone is interested...

Hey Cdub...
If you want to sell your Finch.. Send me an email with the details...

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