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January 04, 2008

Something to look forward to.. The New Museum's Next Show!

So..we at MAO love the new New Museum Building.... but the first show didn't exactly hit a high note Newmuseum_building with the MAO editorial staff. Even Dr. Quiz said it totally sucked was a bit disappointed at the opening night.

Oh.. and in case you missed it...here's a story..by Roberta. We agreed with her "visually messy, way too hip, and a tad monotonous" part of the NYT story..

But January 16th... they add part 2 of the (4 part) "Unmonumental" Series, which will continue to run until March 30th.... and this time it even includes some of MAO's favorite artists..

So.. you'll see us at the next opening...

and hey..

it has to improve the current show..

Well... at least now, they will have something on those nice new walls !

Here's the list of artists

included in the Collage : The Unmonumental Picture (with a A big MAO congrats to all these artists)

Mark Bradford
Jonathan Hernández
Thomas Hirschhorn
Christian Holstad
Kim Jones
Wangechi Mutu
Henrik Olesen
Martha Rosler
Nancy Spero
John Stezaker
Kelley Walker

Oh.. and MOA-ettes... be sure not to miss Mark Bradford's new solo show opening up at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. on Jan 17th !! It's sure to be a total MAO WOW!


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Aren't they just throwing works by those artists up on the walls & leaving the sculpture as is?

YES... DC//that's what I was trying to write.. but I guess it wasn't too clear..

The Collage will be on the walls.. but they are having another "Opening Night" for members to view the new work! Maybe they should have called it a "Re-Opening" or maybe a "new New Opening"?


Have you seen the New Museum's crazy and creative ad campaign?

Check out the Alec Soth Dog Days limited edition at Steidl.

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All the best,


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