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February 13, 2008

Will 2008 mark the End of the Polaroid Picture.... ??

So did everyone see this story..???

Polaroid shutting 2 Mass. facilities, laying off 150

As company exits film business, plants will close in Norwood, Waltham

Email|Print| Text size + By Hiawatha Bray
Globe Staff / February 8, 2008

Polaroid Corp., the Massachusetts company that gave the world instant film photography, is shutting down its film manufacturing lines in the state and abandoning the technology that made the company famous..................

Kota_ezawa_polaroid The Complete Boston Globe text here.. Polaroid Shutting Down.

And here's the WSJ Story..

(Image by Kota Ezawa, Polaroid Supercolor 1000, 2005, Computer vector drawing. Courtesy of Haines Gallery, San Francisco)

MAO has to say.. this is not exactly a surprise.. Digital is here to stay and will completely take over in the next few years.  Film and Polaroid cameras are going the way of the Projection Screen TV, The Members Only Jackets, Disco, KT's hair; Velour shirts, MAO's sex life, Bell Bottoms, and Boom boxes..

Actually this is just one of the many reasons why MAO, plus many other collectors, don't mind paying silly large amounts of money for dusty old B&W photos,  Dye Transfer Color Prints, and now someday Polaroids!! This film technology is going away very quickly.  And hence even though, digital photo's are already looking amazing.. you will always be able to identify photos taken with real film.

So, this story has been ricocheting around the photo obsessed blog world the last few days...here's just some of the blog chatter... What do you think? Is Polaroid Film gone for good???


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Polaroid had one particularly special quality: it couldn't be tampered with. It's image was always "true." I used to document things with Polaroids for this very reason. Oh well.

But as for disco being dead... never. People who don't like disco are people who can't dance.

I am going to dust off my Polaroid this weekend, buy some film and give it a Donna Summer's Last Dance.
MAO... Disco still rocks!

Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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