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April 11, 2008

Apparently there is Life in the NYC art world above 57th street!!

There's a Harlem Art Tour this weekend!! Like, Who knew??

So, For those clueless NYC art people who need a map and a tour guide to leave Chelsea.. MAO has found a program for you!!

So from what we can gather.. wisitors will be escorted by a tour guide to each gallery where they will participate in a 30 minute visit.

The ArtCrawl culminates in a 45 minute meet and greet at Schomburg Research Center where light refreshments will be served. Participants will pay $45 which will cover the guided bus tour, a gift bag, hors d'oeuvres and music. What a deal!! Here's the formal announcement...


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Thanks for promoting events above 57th street.
There is a lot to document up there in terms of Architectural spaces and every day images. Still feels very vintage New York with flavor.

In fact the image that I am donating to the ARTmostfierce silent auction is (13 x 19)one from The Upper Manhattan series that I am currently working on.
The ArtWalk Harlem in the fall is pretty good. I had gone for the last 3 years.

Hi, I'm Linda , a newbie here...

Lots going on in between, too, not to mention the biennial, on the Upper East Side. We will keep posting updated listings at http://www.resolve40.com. Tomorrow (4/17) there are openings at Jacobson Howard (Frank Stella & Larry Bell!), Knoedler, Kouros, Lori Bookstein & Praxis, that we know of, maybe more. There's also a big (ahem) private event coming up May 7th, remains TBD just how private we have to keep that one. Edwynn Houk Thursday as well, ok, it's only a smidgein above 57th but I had to mention them...love their POV!

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