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April 23, 2008


ARTOPOLIS 2008... If they build it will anyone they come??

Chicago_mart OK.. we're headed to Chicago tomorrow morning for a few days. We think MAO may possibly be the only silly obsessed New York Art collector to be able to say..we've gone to both Art Chicago in 2007 and 2008.

Do the big European art buyers know where Chicago even is? This could be very scary.

And from looking at the current Map of Art Chicago.. it's going to be very big. Is it possible to have too many galleries... not enough collectors at an Art Fair?

Anyway..we're looking forward to a work break, seeing some new art, meeting some nice mid-west types, and seeing the NEXT art fair.


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Hi Mike - I'm not sure if your an Elliott Erwitt fan, but I thought I'd pass along this post on his "Dog Dogs" exhibition in Philadelphia.


Have a great trip!

Keep us updated while in Chicago!
I will cover the Saturday@ Phillips auction.
Have fun!

the opening night last night had an amazing turn out. I'm a self-representing artist who is exhibiting in The Artist Project section of Art Chicago. (stop by to see me booth 1091 - Michel Keck) - sorry.. shameless plug. I did want to just say as well, that for me (a self-taught, self-representing artist), Chicago has always been a place where I've met the most serious collectors and appreciators of art in general.

I was also an artist at The Artist Project. I wanted to know how you liked it. The Merchandise Mart was huge. So many floors, so many artist. I thought it was too big. I felt like I was at a flea market. Poor sales. The walls were poorly joined, bad lighting. Great professional staff. Networking was great. To be honest I don't think I'll return to The Artist Project if it's the same next year. Too many people kept saying "overwhelming". People were exhausted. Are you planning to return in December to The Artist Project?

I liked the idea of having...3 fairs..
1 - Established -Blue Chip Dealers
2 - New Emerging Young Hip Dealers
3 - Self representing artists
But I thought the 2 dealer fairs were way too large and
not selective enough. It totally made it feel way too commodity/mass market oriented. I would suggest they cut the NEXT fair by 30 to 50%, and the established dealer fair by 25%.

I probably will not go back to Artropolis next year.

I had a great time, the artist project is a great idea that is very poorly done, it won't be back. Next and art chicago where great, the antique and outsider stuff could go, I skipped them. It's great to see so much in one place, I don't think I could ever see to much art. Check my blog for a more detailed review.

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