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May 16, 2008

The Art World really needs another RED DOT Art Fair?

So with the contemporary art auctions high flying in the face of reason a slowing world wide economy.... We guess it's a totally stupid perfect time to launch yet another RED Dot art fair. 

Paul_strand_blind_2 As if the MIAMI and New York RED Dots were not bad enough.. now there will be a RED Dot in London during the Frieze Art Fair in mid October.

(Photo #1, Paul Strand, "Blind Woman", New York, 1916)

Yes..my little MAO-ettes, even with many of the RED Dot NY'08 art dealers not selling a single thing, the economy crashing, and several HOT NY dealers shutting down ....

RED DOT London' 08 is coming !!

We shit  kid you not!! Like, did they not see the results of our MAO Art MIAMI Fair pole?

Anyway... We wish them lots of luck! Here's the insane press release..

Red Dot Fair is pleased to announce Red Dot London, October 16 - 19, 2008. London's vibrant art scene hosts the world each October as collectors, dealers, and artists converge on the city for the annual art fairs.
Located in the heart of London's West End and within a seven minute walking distance from both Frieze Art Fair and Zoo Art Fair, Red Dot London at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel will showcase the work of some of the world's most exciting emerging and established artists. Up to 60 galleries from around the world will exhibit in individual hotel rooms, creating an intimate and informal setting for collectors to discover art and meet with international dealers. The fair will be held across the entire first floor of this elegant hotel, enabling art lovers to move easily amongst exhibitors.
Red Dot debuted in 2007, with successful fairs in New York City and Miami Beach, in addition to the inaugural London fair. Red Dot London is co-produced by London-based Marketing, PR and event planner Colleen Theis and New York City-based fair owner George Billis.
Red Dot London, October 16 - 19, 2008


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OMG..!! MAO.. I love you like a cold sore.

That post is so evil!! But so true.. We didn't sell a god damn thing at RED Dot NY'08.

Now that's totally mean!

I liked Red Dot.

This is why MAO is my favorite!

That is really sad about Clementine Gallery. I thought they did a great job. But yes, overhead for a NYC gallery is stupidly high, especially as all of the landlords get greedier and greedier.

Speaking of closing galleries, I was in Boston last week. Four of the galleries along the Harrison Avenue block in the South End (Boston's version of Chelsea with some cutting edge contemporary work) are closing their doors. This represents 25% of the strip! Further, Bernie Toale (arguably the single best contemporary dealer in Boston) is handing his gallery over to his director, Joseph Carroll. Bernie is partitioning off a portion of the extant space in order to pursue his own pet projects which have been on the back burner since he opened his gallery in 1992.

Your post about Red Dot is definitely evil, but at least you can say what we all were thinking. . .

Love your blog!
Vikki North

I have to agree with MAO about RED DOT.
It sucks!
They belong with the street fairs in Manhattan.

On another topic, The NY Photo Festival looks quite promising. The exhibits curated by Tim Barber, Martin Parr and Leslie Martin were quite good. A bit disorganized but, there is something there.

MAO, RED DOT Fair is not worth discussing...The NY Photo Festival is.

God, I thought the same thing when I saw that press release.

So true. And I can think of a couple others that need to ride into the sunset.......

Red Dot is great, the painting galleries have no other fair to show at so they are providing a service to them. As for the economy, hey, this blogger should go out and correct it.... And if you don't like the fair, you are probably an art snob or frustrated artist not showing anywhere. And, if you are an art snob, I hope you have over 50K to pay for a piece of art at another fair, but I would suspect you don't have that kind of money for a piece of art for purchase. Oops, got off track. Anyway, I go to the fairs, and I find hidden gems everywhere, unlike some stupid blogger who looks at nothing but a smart ass approach and no content. In support of Red Dot, look at the roster, these dealers have been around longer than you have.

Best and happy art shopping if you can afford it. Rob

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