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May 29, 2008

This weeks TimeOut NY... almost as bitchy as MAO

OK..So, it would seem MAO does not have a corner on the bitchy witty comment market.... This week's Time Out NY Magazine (May 29 - June 4) had this box posted on page 21....

The Queer Factor
Gay Gayer
Logo Bravo
Melissa Etheridge Clay Aiken
Brokeback Mountain Sex and the City
Truman Capote Herman Melville
Gay Games Olympics
Black Party FDA Awards
Provincetown St. Barth
Fire Island Pines The Vatican
Madonna Dina McGreevey
Barneys Barneys
Christine Quinn Hillary Clinton
New York Blade The New York Times
Book Editor Hedge-fund Manager
Sam Champion Anderson Cooper
Porsche Boxter Ford Escape Hybrid
The L Word Brothers & Sisters
Splash Soho House
69 Missionary
Cosmopolitan Prosecco
Oscar Wild Bookshop Barnes & Noble Union Square
Citarella Trader Joe's
Gracious Home Target
Gucci loafers Converse All Stars
Dorian Gray Albus Dumbledore
-by Erin McHugh


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too cute...

my entry:

Gay : Robert Mapplethorpe | Gayer : Marilyn Minter

I love this game..

My blogger suggestion...

Gay : Andy Towle's www.Towleroad.com
Gayer : Tyler Green's www.artsjournal.com/man/

WOW! I thought I was so butch....

And BitchyBitch gets the award for best comment entry ever!

LOL! This is too funny...
But they forgot...

Gay: Folsom Fest East | Gayer: Art Basel Miami Beach

Hey KennyT...
One Question... When you wrote...

"WOW! I thought I was so butch...."

Were you wearing that nifty Lavender suit?

Gay: Duane Michals
Gayer: Cindy Sherman

Gay - Desperate Housewifes
Gayer-Sex and the City

Very funny.

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