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June 24, 2008

Free Artist talks by Bill Owens, and Christopher Wool at Strand Books

Free Artists talks, and book signings by Bill Owens, and  Christopher Wool at Strand Books in downtown NYC.

The MAO favorite NYC bookshop is holding 2 events the next 2 nights. Both are well worth checking out.

Bill_Owens_Richie_Playing_with_GunsBoth artists have new books out...

1. Legendary photographer Bill Owens has a new monograph with images from 1969 to present. 

  (Photo  #1, by Bill Owens, Richie playing with guns, from Suburbia, 1972)

2. Painter Christopher Wool has collaborated with writer/musician Richard Hell on a limited edition book titled Psychopts.

(Photo #2, by Christopher Wool, Fuckem, 1992   Enamel on aluminum, 108" X 72")


Here are the details.. get there early cause seats are always hard to get!

June 24th, 7 to 8:30 pm  - Photographer Bill Ownes talks

California photographer Bill Owens is best known for his critically acclaimed series Suburbia, which was published as a monograph in 1972, and has long been considered one of the classic photo books of the era. For this influential and evocative project, Owens simply shot friends and acquaintances in his Livermore, California, neighborhood and allowed them to speak for themselves. Ordinary people had rarely been so riveting. A comprehensive monograph, this volume consists of several sections of work from 1969 to the present, opening at the height of flower power, with images of the Beat generation, Woodstock and the protests against Vietnam.

June 25th, 7pm to 7:30pm

Richard Hell & Christopher Wool in Conversation with Artforum co-editor Barry Schwabsky

Richard Hell is a musician known for his image and his facility with words; Christopher Wool is a painter who first became famous for his words. The two are friends and they have collaborated on the creation of a series of gorgeous word images. These provocative, funny pictures comprise the content of their beautifully designed and printed new book, Psychopts. Barry Schwabsky, a poet and a frequent writer on art for The Nation and co-editor of Artforum's international review section, will moderate a discussion with the artists.

See you there!

FYI.. if you can't make it to the lectures. you can order signed copies online at www.StrandBooks.com


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