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June 26, 2008

Show me the Monet....!!

Claude Monet's Water Lilies painting, "Le Bassin aux Nympheas," sells for a record of $80.45 Million this week.

Monet_Le_Bassin_aux_nympheas_1919 (Photo # 1, Claude Monet, Le bassin aux nymphéas,

signed and dated 'Claude Monet 1919'

oil on canvas,

39½ x 79 1/8 in. )

OK.. so the art world is not totally crashing yet... and clearly quality is always in strong demand. Here's a story by Scott Reyburn about this Claude Monet Sale.

Download Monet_record_waterLilies.txt

But the real question is.. Do high end record sales like this one, translate in to higher prices for more "affordable" contemporary art?

Well..here's an interesting lot coming up in one huge Contemporary photography sale at Phillips in London on Monday, June 30.

 Lot 52.  Vik Muniz

Waterlilies, after Claude Monet (Pictures of Magazines, Still-life), 2004
Colour coupler print, flush-mounted to aluminium. 185.4 x 180.3 cm (73 x 71 in).  Signed and dated in ink, printed title, date and number 4/4 AP on a gallery label affixed to the reverse of the frame.

Vik_Muniz_Waterlilies_Monet_a Estimate... 12,000 - 18,000 Sterling, or

$24,000 - 36,000 US Dollars.

Here's the Phillips description about this lot :

Muniz works from the premise that art and popular culture strive to create the illusion of reality, whether of glamour, coherence or physical space, through suspension of disbelief. With gleeful perversity, he flings a monkey wrench into the gears of that verisimilitude, setting out to create, in his words, the worst possible illusion. He begins by using unexpected materials to re-create familiar, iconic images from art history and popular culture – paintings by Monet, Goya and Warhol, well-known photographs from Life magazine, images of film actors and characters. He then documents his re-creations in crisp, vibrant photographs.

So, If you didn't have a spare $80 million, and missed your chance to buy an original Monet painting...

Maybe you can still buy a much more hip cool contemporary photographic interpretation of it...

Here you go..my little MAO-ettes..get your auction paddles ready!

So what do you think the final sale price for this beauty will be??

MAO's uneducated guess : $50,000

June 25, 2008

MAO Art Buy of the Month - photo by Hank Willis Thomas

MAO Art Buy of the Month - photo by Hank Willis Thomas. OK...My little greedy MAO-ettes..we have a deal for you!

Hank_Willis_Thomas_Branded_Chest_2003 So, some MAO readers may have seen this print already... but the nice people at Light Work just cut the price by 10%.

Branded Chest, 2003
Platinum print, 10 x 6.5"

Hank Willis Thomas $450.00 $405.00
Order your print on-line here

It was a great deal even at the original price.. but now it's that much better!

We've loved this young artists work ever since we first saw his show of the B®anded Series at the hot Jack Shainman Gallery in 2006. We at MAO, think this image is one of the most powerful works by Mr. Thomas. It's going to be iconic!

Additionally, the career of  Mr. Thomas is on the rise.. with recipient of the 2007 Renew Media Arts Fellowship (Rockefeller Foundation) and the Aperture West Book Prize for a publication of his work in 2008.

FYI..with your purchase of this Platinum print..you also get a free 1 year subscription to Contact Sheet. It's one of the most cutting edge publications of emerging art photographers. They also have a $900 Benefactor Category..which is a great deal as well!

June 24, 2008

Free Artist talks by Bill Owens, and Christopher Wool at Strand Books

Free Artists talks, and book signings by Bill Owens, and  Christopher Wool at Strand Books in downtown NYC.

The MAO favorite NYC bookshop is holding 2 events the next 2 nights. Both are well worth checking out.

Bill_Owens_Richie_Playing_with_GunsBoth artists have new books out...

1. Legendary photographer Bill Owens has a new monograph with images from 1969 to present. 

  (Photo  #1, by Bill Owens, Richie playing with guns, from Suburbia, 1972)

2. Painter Christopher Wool has collaborated with writer/musician Richard Hell on a limited edition book titled Psychopts.

(Photo #2, by Christopher Wool, Fuckem, 1992   Enamel on aluminum, 108" X 72")


Here are the details.. get there early cause seats are always hard to get!

June 24th, 7 to 8:30 pm  - Photographer Bill Ownes talks

California photographer Bill Owens is best known for his critically acclaimed series Suburbia, which was published as a monograph in 1972, and has long been considered one of the classic photo books of the era. For this influential and evocative project, Owens simply shot friends and acquaintances in his Livermore, California, neighborhood and allowed them to speak for themselves. Ordinary people had rarely been so riveting. A comprehensive monograph, this volume consists of several sections of work from 1969 to the present, opening at the height of flower power, with images of the Beat generation, Woodstock and the protests against Vietnam.

June 25th, 7pm to 7:30pm

Richard Hell & Christopher Wool in Conversation with Artforum co-editor Barry Schwabsky

Richard Hell is a musician known for his image and his facility with words; Christopher Wool is a painter who first became famous for his words. The two are friends and they have collaborated on the creation of a series of gorgeous word images. These provocative, funny pictures comprise the content of their beautifully designed and printed new book, Psychopts. Barry Schwabsky, a poet and a frequent writer on art for The Nation and co-editor of Artforum's international review section, will moderate a discussion with the artists.

See you there!

FYI.. if you can't make it to the lectures. you can order signed copies online at www.StrandBooks.com

June 23, 2008

Congrats to Josh Azzarella on his inclusion in a Sean Kelly Gallery Group Show

Congrats to Josh Azzarella on his inclusion in an impressive Sean Kelly Gallery Group Show.

Josh_azzarella_Untitled_Bryan Many smart MAO readers may already know the photographic work of young artist Josh Azzarella, and it would seem some other high attitude end Chelsea art dealers have also taken notice! (See MAO's Josh Azzarella interview Part I, and Part II)

This past Friday night, Canceled, Erased & Removed, A group Showhas opened.

The entire group show is focused on the concept of artists creating a new work of art, by eliminating or canceling elements from another image or art work. Yes, we at MAO know...it's not the most mind stretching concept for an art show.. but hey.. it's summer...so lighten up! And congratulate Josh.. cause he's been included among a list of some very important, MAO favorite, artists!

(Photo by Josh Azzarella, Untitled #38, Bryan, 2007... We believe it's based on this historic photo from Little Rock Central H.S. of Elizabeth Eckford arriving at school facing the Arkansas National Guard, on September 4,1957)

The artists included in the exhibition are: Janine Antoni, Josh Azzarella, John Baldessari, Mike Bidlo, Slater Bradley, David Ellis, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Douglas Gordon, Jenny Holzer, Marine Hugonnier, Callum Innes, Alfredo Jaar, Titus Kaphar, Idris Khan, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Peter Liversidge, Richard Long, Jorge Macchi, Anthony McCall, Ana Mendieta, Ed Ruscha, Julião Sarmento, Yuken Teruya and Gavin Turk

The Show runs till August 1.

June 12, 2008

Dumbo Arts Center's New Show... Amen Bitch

Dumbo Arts Center is pleased to announce: HOLY HOLES: ABSOLUTE STALLS
Curated by Denise Carvalho.

It's one of the few typically terrible traditional summer group shows we're looking forward to. Religion, power and economics....three of MAO's favorite issues, all in one exhibition. We at MAO just love the DAC!

Amen_bitch_Dylan_mortimer_DACArtists in the show include : Brent Wahl, Dylan Mortimer, Grady Gerbracht, Hadassa Goldvicht,
Jenny Marketou, Joseph Bennett, Adriana Varella, Angela Freiberger, Gearóid Dolan,
Tobaron Waxman, Kimberly Simpson, Karin Giusti, Marcia X, Meirav Leshem,
Kwabena Slaughter, and Neil Beloufa.

This new show opens June 14th and runs till August 3rd. There's a curator's talk: Sunday, July 27th, 2008, 6 - 7 PM.

Plus, there's just something so wonderfully irreverent about this... we just had to post a photo of the work today. 

It's a limited edition by artist Dylan Mortimer.

(photo #1, Dylan Mortimer,Amen Bitch, 2008, Brass, 3 1/4" x 1/2", Edition of 100. Initialed and numbered. Price: $99.99)

Here's some details about this work :

Dylan Mortimer has created a special edition of jewelry pendants on the occasion of the exhibition, Holy Holes: Absolute Stalls. In keeping with the theme of the exhibition, "Amen Bitch" explores the paradox of faith itself. The piece unites spontaneity and sarcasm, belief and doubt. In a larger body of work that fuses contemporary hip hop with holy scripture, the work aims to comment on the organic interaction between language and art, the sacred and the profane. Amen Bitch is hip, sexy, bling, gaudy, garish, flashy, blasphemous, irreverent and holy… Amen Bitches

June 11, 2008

NYC Photography Auction News...

NYC Photography Auction GOSSIP News...Photography expert Rick Wester has taken a new position as adviser at Bloomsbury Auctions in NYC.

Rick_wester_bloomsbury There's nothing yet on the Bloomsbury website confirming this, but there was a story in Art + Auctionmagazine this month, saying Rick is going to help start up Photography Auctions for Bloombsbury Auction house in NYC this Fall.

We at MAO love Rick.. we were sad to see him leave Phillips cause he was doing such an amazing job. But we wish him all the best in his new job, and we look forward to another auction house featuring photography in NYC.

So move over. Christies, Sotheby's, Phillips, and Swann..cause there's a new kid in town!!

P.S. and from what MAO can tell by the Bloomsbury website..they are only charging a 20% premium on the first $300,000 and 10% thereafter.

June 06, 2008

New photobook by Amy Arbus, "The Fourth Wall"

So for all those Broadway show tune queens fan out there interested in art photography, MAO has got the most amazing book for you! The Fourth Wall by Amy Arbus.


For those photo-clueless readers out there in blog land, Amy Arbus is the daughter of photography legend Diane Arbus. 


Allen_cummings_amy_Arbus An accomplished photographer in her own right, Amy has produced several thought provoking books, but this time she’s been working for the last few years taking intimate and revealing portraits of several Broadway stars.  The stars are all photographed off the Broadway stage, but many still in full costume and make-up.  

Amy has completed a remarkably insightful portfolio, by taking the actor out of their associated stage set context, and frequently photographing them in empty hall ways, and sometimes in the wacky personal surroundings of their small disheveled very un-glamorous dressing rooms. We loved so many of these portraits, and the book is totally wonderful.


(Photo, by Amy Arbus, photo of Allen Cumming in Cabaret., cover of the book)


It is MAO’s projection, that The Fourth Wall by Amy Arbus is going to be one of the most sought after photo books this year, and clearly a must have for any photography book obsessed collector.


Lastly… we apologize for the lack of new posts the last few weeks.. Typepad.com has irresponsibly rolled out a new shit version of their editor and it’s a total buggy piece of crap. Their spell checker doesn’t work, and we’ve lost several complete posts. It’s a total pain in the ass!!

June 05, 2008

Adam Bartos at The Drawing Room Gallery in East Hampton

If you have a few minutes to spare from what's going to be a glorious beach weekend.. MAO would strongly suggest checking out the new Adam Bartos "Yard Sales" show at The Drawing Room Gallery in East Hampton.

We think the official opening party is this Saturday..though Dr. Quiz, Janet (one of the MAO-ettes), and MAO were lucky enough to catch the show last weekend. We loved the photos in this show, the work truly captures the beautiful golden light one only experiences in the hamptons.  Here's a cut from the gallery press release.

 Akin to early 20th century photographs that celebrated the industrial gleam of the Machine Age, Bartos’ images give dignity to our 21stcentury castoffs. A close-up of the shimmering coral colored interior of a mid-century suitcase contrasted by a blue rhinestone and white linens within, is one of several photographs that invite the viewer to imagine a personal narrative.

Adam_Bartos_Yard_Sale_Sink_Stopper_07 In the spring of 2009, Damiani Editore will publish this body of work in Adam Bartos' fourth monograph

The show is up till July 7th. (Photo, Adam Bartos, Yard Sale - sink stopper, 2007, 27 1/2 x 18 1/2 in)

Also..MAO sends a big congrats to Emily Goldstein for finally putting together a first class website to meet the quality of their top notch gallery program...welcome to 1999 Emily!