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July 02, 2008

Photograph Magazine.. takes notice of Photography Blogs

Photograph Magazine.. takes notice of Photography Blogs. It's about time!!

Photograph_Magazine_July_Aug_08 If you have not yet picked up your deadwood media copy of the July/August 2008 Photograph Magazine...run out and get it NOW!

FYI...For those who've never seen this small but cool magazine.. It's the holy bible for the totally art photography obsessed collectors.

This month, on page 6 "Eye on the Scene", writer Peggy Roalf gives a nice report on the most influential  photography blogs.

And, Yes... my little MAO-ettes... of course MAO is there... along with some of our long time favorite bloggers... Lisa Hunter, James Danziger, Jen Bekman, Zoe Strauss... and more... Congrats to everyone!

Or. If you're too cheap to buy the 5 dollar magazine... you can read the story here online... Eye On The Scene.July/August 2008.

(Photo, Photograph Magazine July/Aug 08 cover, Top by Ernest C. Withers, First Desegregated Bus Ride, Montgomery, Alabama, 1956

Middle by Bob Adelman, Box in Frank Robinson’s CORE Voter Registration Office, Sumter, South Carolina, 1962 

Bottom image by Dennis Brack, Garbagemen’s Parade, Memphis, Tennessee, 1968, all three photographs from the collection of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA )

A big MAO Thanks go out to Peggy Roalf, and Dan Cooney. You guys ROCK!!


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.... and thanks to that article, I now know about MAO. Nice work!

a manual for photography? cool!

some advice...please?

I haven't stopped by in a while. Congrats MAO! Well deserved publicity.

Congratulations, you really deserve it!

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You are a deserving candidate for this. Congrats.

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