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July 17, 2008

SCOPE Hamptons July 24-27, 2008... is anyone going?

SCOPE Hamptons July 24 - 27, 2008...

So what are the 2 biggest sports of the rich and fabulous out in the Hamptons...? Real Estate, and ART...

With stories around talking about how Hamptons Real Estate is falling like a stone... here's a sad story..

Download Hamptons_Real_Estate_08.rtf

Jill_greenberg_earth Who's going to go to SCOPE Hampton this year?

 Are the NYC rich over art faired?

(Photo by Jill Greenberg, Earth, 2005, archival pigment print)

Sadly... MAO was just looking through the SCOPE Hamptons Gallery Exhibitors list..

and it's not exactly the who's who of the contemporary art world...



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I'm going, but not particularly expecting to buy anything.

I'll be there but moreso to make photographs than to buy em.

Why not?
It is a weekend out of the city. Besides they might be some eye candy to have... and not to buy!
Great excuse to have cocktails and browse.
See you all there!

If Vered goes to the opening, let's see if if we can get her arrested again!

Like why do they even bother?

With such a poor list of galleries like this.. who's ever going to go back to the SCOPE fair next year?

I'm out in East Hampton anyway. So it's SCOPE or community theater.

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