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August 12, 2008

Andy Diaz Hope artwork at the DPA re:FORM Charity Auction

Andy Diaz Hope artwork at the Drug Policy Alliance re:FORM art Auction, September 3rd.

Since we at MAO love the DPA, and think the re:FORM event is going to be an ART night not to be missed

(get your tickets here)

We at MAO were going to highlight a few of the amazing and generous artist donations over the next few weeks.

The first one.. is from artist Andy Diaz Hope.

Andy_Diaz_Hope_Fuck_You_Im_A_Model It's a photographic portrait which has been obsessively meticulously encased in small individual drug capsules.

Title : "Fuck you, I'm a Model"  2006
C-prints, U.V. coated gel capsules, artist frame
edition 2/3 size : 15" x 18" x 0.5"

Courtesy of the artist, Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco and Schroeder Romero, New York | Estimated retail value: $4,900

Here's a brief description from the artist :

The photo was taken on Nov. 1st, 2005.  The woman in the photo was still wearing part of her costume from the night before when she had been Kate Moss, with a baby doll and a big bag of flour representing another less legal substance.  Over the course of the evening, she sprinkled powder over everyone and replied to their protests with "Fuck you. I'm a model!"  Eventually she lost the baby and was seen wandering the party looking for it.

The work is from Andy's "Morning After Series" which is included in the permanent collection of the NY MoMA think BIG MONEY!. The morning after portraits are portraits of people in front of their medicine cabinets or in their local pharmacies with hangovers, migraines, morning sickness and other maladies self-inflicted or bestowed by nature.  The project began as the artists attempt to represent how, through pharmaceutical and recreational  drugs, we have moved beyond merely representing our natural heredity to representing our natural heredity +/- our drug intake used to modify, improve or forget parts of our heredity we're not so fond of.

When MAO asked the artist.. why These "Morning After" Portraits ?

Andy said.. In hindsight, I think the "morning after portraits" began as a  reaction at a time in my life where several close friends had crossed the line in their drug usage and began to have serious problems.  At the same time, a friend suffering from depression went to a psychiatrist to talk about it and instead received a 4 page questionnaire and a prescription for anti-depressants.

Clearly.. the work from this artist is perfect for a DPA charity event.. 

Here's a note from the artist's website :

The series looks behind the mirror to expose the inner workings of our medicine cabinets and our relationship to them as our doctor, psychologist, cosmetician and spiritual healer. It appeals to the viewer’s voyeuristic desire to look inside another’s hidden cabinet of frailties and insecurities. To see another’s vulnerabilities through the medicines they take strips away that person’s invincibility while bolstering one’s own.

We find these portraits thoughtful, powerful, and images with important social context for our time. Andy's work will also be included in the inaugaral exhibition of the Museum of Art and Design in NYC this fall, so we're lucky glad one is already in the MAO family art collection.

Thanks Andy for such a generous donation. 


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