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August 19, 2008

Ryan James MacFarland, a young photographer worth checking out

Ryan James MacFarland, a young photographer worth checking out.

Ryan_James_macfarland If you like the work of Ryan McGinley or even 2008 Whitney Biennial star Melanie Schiff, you should take a look at the work of this still wet behind the lens recent NYU graduate.

Ryan James MacFarland has a small solo show up at the tiny emerging  MERGE gallery on west 20th street.

And you can see more of his work on this website.

This 2006 graduate, Ryan James MacFarland, worked briefly for photographer Ryan McGinley, and you can see he learned quite a bit from his boss. His use of light, water and his focus on today's youth culture lifestyle is all somewhat similar to McGinley's.

(Photo #1, Ryan James MacFarland, Suspended, 36 x 24, c-print)

Ryan_James_MacFarland_gaelan2 The works in the show range in size from 36" x 20" to small 8" x 10".. it's nice to see a photographer not caught up in the bigger is better circus. It's also nice to see a young photographer's work priced accordingly.. some of these images start as cheap as $350.

(Photo #2, Ryan James MacFarland, Greece, c-print)

The show, titled, "almost", is at Merge Gallery and is running from July 17 through August 30, 2008.

If you have some time to spend in Chelsea.. it's worth checking out.


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Nice post.. love the blog.

Interesting work.. the artist probably has a lot to learn.. but it shows promise.

It's also nice to see you giving some attention to young total unknowns.. rather than focusing on the big name flashy artists.

Keep up the nice work.

The never ending support of the second rate by MAO never ceases to
surprise .

Nice choice MAO..

And Ariel.. lighten up !

This is work by a super young artist who's just finding his voice.. and Merge is not excatly MOMA.

Plus MAO didn't say the work was great. Artists need time to grow and mature, with quality criticim..

So maybe Ariel.. how about offering some constructive comments, insted of just nasty rude blather.

Personally I think this young artist is already making some very interesting photographs in a similar vein to your pick MAO. Look him up. Look. Look. http://www.ryanfoerster.com/

Tommy - it is fun and informative
to read MAO -where else would one
find the mediocre, referred to as "artists".
Snapshots do not artists make nor does pretentious mumbo jumbo make
a work of art. A snapshot is a snapshot until someone calls it "art" then the fun begins .

i like the art work. keep having fun with it

for a solo show at 22, and a regular contributor to W mag, this kid is pretty good

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