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September 11, 2008

MAO Art Buy of the Month - Edward Burtynsky at Blind Spot !

MAO Art Buy of the Month - Edward Burtynsky at Blind Spot !

OK... my little MAO-ettes...you better act quick..cause these will be sold out in a few days or maybe even hours.

Click here.. but you have to click the right arrow a few times to find it..

 BurtynskyRefne Edward Burtynsky

Oil Refineries, No 22, Saint John,

New Brunswick, 1999


Digital c-Print

16 x 20

Edition of 15

These were just posted a few minutes ago..and MAO already bought 4 !

(And NO..!! MAO didn't buy 4 of these Burtynsky prints.. but 4 from the new set of Bind Spot's 15th Anniversary Editions )

They also have totally amazing new prints from Stephen Shore, Roe Ethridge, Alec Soth, Richard Misrach, James Welling , Larry Sultan, and Katy Grannan in the 15th Anniversary Editions.. all at super deals, many at $900.  Even in this crashing US economy, These editions will not last long, so get them fast!!


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MAO - This is the best tip you've ever given! These 15th Anniversary Editions are all excellent, not just the typical crap artists sometimes toss off for various charities. I wish I could afford all of them. Did you buy four of the Burtynsky, or four separate images?

Wow--These look really interesting.
Thanks for showing them.

This is one of my personal favorites of Edward's:

Three Gorges Dam Project, Dam #4,
Yangtze River, China 2002

Wow..thanks MAO....
These are a great deal... I'm going to get atleast one.

Thnaks for the heads up..you're the best!

Thank you, MAO!
I already placed my order for the Burtinsky.I also like the Misrach.
It is Christmas in September thanks to MAO!!!

looks like the burtynsky is sold out, and the soth has increased from $900 to $1,200.

Burtynsky is sold out. Wow! You snooze, you lose. Stephen Shore is now $1,100. Blind Spot rocks. They're commemorating their 15th anniversary with a bang!

MAO, what other prints did you purchase? I missed the Burtynsky. I like the Misrach.

OK.. for those interested in MAO's own hit list..
They are all great.. and We hear the Spencer Finch is going to be totally AMAZING!!

But, Here it is.. of course..In MAO's own totally biased order of preference...

1. Burtynsky
2. Stephen Shore
3. Alec Soth
4. Roe Ethridge
5. Richard Misrach
6. James Welling
7. Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker has an edition print for Humble Arts Foundation for $275, edition of 10, 11 X 14 paper, 10.5 X 13.5 image. They have other photo-based artists as well. It's worth checking out.

Stephen Shore is now $1,500. I assume there are a few left. Get it while you can.

Interesting how we all see them differently. My faves, in order, are:

1) Welling
2) Misrach
3) Burtynsky
4) Soth
5) Shore
6) Grannan

The Etheridge and Whitaker are just okay for me. The others? I guess a little soft. Can't wait to see the Tim Davis.

MAO, You have done it again! Thanks for this terrific posting. I placed my order just in time.

i got the Burtynsky & Shore both for 900. It was sheer luck, but holy cow!

Damn, missed out on the Burtynsky print and I have been looking for one for ages. Oh well, will have to wait for the next opportunity to fill that empty wall space reserved for a Burtynsky work.

Nicholas Forrest

What is up with the Finch? They finally put it up and its a black photo - what the hell?

"This is an exposed yet undeveloped image of a moonshadow on 8 x 10 inch paper which has been sealed in a lightproof archival box. Though the sheet is hidden in the box and the image is invisible to the naked eye, the photographic paper bears the photochemical signature of the printing process."

I get that...but, what happened to: 'They are all great.. and We hear the Spencer Finch is going to be totally AMAZING!!'....what am I missing here?

You're missing nothing. "Amazing" can be amazing GREAT, or amazing DISAPPOINTMENT. It's the kind of out-of-context parsing of words sales pitch the movie industry uses in ads: "One of the truly outstanding efforts of the year" (oh, but too bad they didn't succeed), or "Epic!" (epically awful, perhaps).

$700 is too much for the Finch (and it's the lowest price of the group). Why would someone buy a black photo? It worked for some minimalist painters back in the 1960s, but it's too conceptual for now. I was disappointed by the Tim Davis, too. The only really worthwhile photos (and possible investments) are the Burtynsky, the Misrach, the Shore and the Soth. Everything else is on a lower level and only for diehards.

And the economy sucks. And if one were to spend several hundred dollars right now, there are so many Obama for America works of art & photography around, that is a better cause if one were to spend the money. Just my opinion.

The Finch, I don't think it's out of place in time so much, I like the idea conceptually speaking but then again it's a hard sell to get someone to buy something that exists but they can't see for $700-$1500 dollars.

And am I the only one who didn't like the Misrach? It looks so unlike anything else in his portfolio.

I enjoy this photo.stuctures like this you see everyday at night when you drive down a highway/interstate.These stuctures are always lit for what???im sure protection reasons of course but the idea that whatever the piping/electrical unit does its shape and stucture at night having such life at night it is brought to us in long exposure.

awsome photo!


Art Brute: The Misrach piece is actually part of a new series of images that are currently being shown at Marc Selwyn gallery in Los Angeles (it's online) that features the current techno-fad of infrared and Photoshop colorization that you have been seeing lots of, especially in the works of James Welling, Walead Beshty and Florian Maier Aichen. It's Misrach's turn. That Blind Spot edition is very similar to one of the new ones in the Selwyn show, where the series is making its national debut. It will be in a future portfolio.

Thanks for the info on the misrach, at a glance I'm not that impressed but I'll see if it grows on me.

Hooray...waited like a kid at Christmas for the Misrach..FEDEX knocks at the door and delivers me a package that looks like someone at FEDEX attempted to have sex with it (I know times are tough but really)...these pieces are packaged like a brick house yet FEDEX (or F-UPEX as they should be called) managed to damage it and the photo inside...pathetic, useless and worthless - that's the FEDEX motto!!!

I was a bit surprised that the Burtynsky image is only 12 X 15 in. Paper size is 16 X 20. I wish the print was larger like the past Blindspot Burtynsky prints. Regardless, it's a great piece.

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