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November 19, 2008

An Emerging Photographer Auction.... check it out!

An Emerging Photographer Auction.... check it out!

So for all those people feeling the intense pain of this art crash recession... here's an opportunity.

Dan Cooney and iGavel are holding an Emerging Photographer auction.

All the prints starting bids are set at only $200. What a great way to do some early MAO Christmas Shopping.

Noah_kalina_igavel_photoMAO was lucky enough to check out these photos last week.. some are great and all are edition-ed (We're not sure on how big some of these editions are, so you'll have to ask Dan for the size specifics of these editions).

Of the 25 photos, we at MAO particularly loved the works by Cara Phillips, Will Steacy, Laura Noel, Dana Miller, and Noah Kalina. (Hint to Dr. Quiz: please bid on these.. cause MAO has been a very good boy this year!!)

In fact, when you read the details, some of these "Emerging" artists are not so emerging. Many already have impressive bio's.. and their work has been selling in galleries at much higher prices. So there are really some great values to be picked up here!

Who knows.. Maybe the next Struth, Sherman or Eggleston is to be found in this list!

(Photo #1, by Noah Kalina, Untiled 20080629 D1FG, Digital C-Print, 20 x 24")

Bidding is open now.. and ends on Dec 10th. Check it out!


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Hey Thanks MAO,

And to answer your question... most are very small editions of 5 or 6. I don't think there are any editions over 10. And, as you mention anyone is welcome to contact me with specific questions.

Thanks again and Happy Bidding!!


Let the biding wars begin!
Let's see who is the lucky one to get the Noah Kalina, Will Steacy and Cara Phillips. I am planning to give it a shot !

This is a brilliant idea. Kudos to Daniel Cooney for chosing the work of these talented artists.The auction ends right after Miami Art Basel(Dec10) so, do homework in Miami and run back and shop in New York!

Happy biding MAO!


Thank you for supporting the auction, so much of the time it is the artists posting about these things. Which is great, however we often must invest all of our resources in making work and are unable to afford to collect each other! So to have collectors like you and Ruben taking notice of emerging artists is so helpful. Dan also has some great people in his round in December. And I hope Santa rewards you for being a good boy this year!


Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

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