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November 26, 2008

Richard Mosse At Jack Shainman, one New Young Photographer to Watch!

The Richard Mosse photography show at the Jack Shainman Gallery, this is one new young photographer's show you do not want to miss.

It's the first Solo show in NYC, by this recent Yale Photography MFA, and Richard was just additionally awarded The Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the Performing and Visual Arts. This is a major new grant which will enable Mosse to travel extensively over the coming two years to make new work. So..Congrat's to Richard Mosse.

Richard_mosse_heathrow_2007 When you go see the show.. you won't be surprised Mr. Mosse won a major art award already. You can also check out his work on his website..here..

Actually, You may have have seen his work already, Richard is on the front cover of SOURCE - Photographic Review, a British photography magazine,

OR just, maybe you've read a bit about Richard on Brian Sherwin's Art Blog, MyArtSpace.com
There's a very nice artist interview between Richard and Brian..which was well worth a read.

(photo #1, Richard Mosse, 747 Heathrow, 2007, Digital c-print, 72 x 96 inches)

So you could say.. this young Irish chap has more than just hit the ground running. Richard, already lists Marty Margulies as someone who's collecting his artwork...

Well.. the show is great.. We loved the documentary nature of his photo project. It's a series of Richard_Mosse_747_Schiphol_2007 airplane disasters simulator, which is very much in the same spirit as another one of MAO's favorite British photographers, Sarah Pickering.  But to MAO, Richard's photos come off a bit more literary. For both Dr. Quiz and MAO, they immediately brought to mind an entire genre of scary airplane disaster flicks...  or even a bit of a trace of the 9-11 terrorism.   Maybe these photos are just a sign of the times.. Hmm....

So before everyone heads down to Art Basel Miami Beach 2008 (sadly, to be henceforth known as..The Last Big Art Party Before Tons of Teetering Chelsea Galleries GO BUST)..  or if you're smartly staying in NYC to save some money, this show is up at the Jack Shainman Gallery until December 20th. So, Check it out! And keep your eye on this young photographer/artist, Richard Mosse..

 (photo #2, Richard Mosse, 747 Schiphol, 2007, Digital c-print,60 x 96 inches)

See you all in Miami... MAO will be the one at the Bar..cause something tell's MAO there will be a lot of drinking going on down in Miami next week! Yikes!


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These images kind of remind me of a cross between Simon Norfolk and Paul Shambroom. I'd like to see them in person since they're such big prints and probably very dramatic. How much are they and how big are the editions? Which one(s) does MAO own?

Thanks ArtOldSpice..
Happy Thanksgiving!

You're 100% right.. they need to be seen in person..cause they have such great details. Just Amazing!

so to answer you question. How much are they and how big are the editions? Which one(s) does MAO own?

- I think, They come in 2 sizes.. one huge (72 x 96 inch).. Those are editions of 2 + 1AP.. I think those start at 13,000 or 15,000. There is also a "smaller" size (of 37.5 x 50 inch)which are done in editions of 5 +1AP.. they start at $7,500. But just check with Katie at Jack Shainman.. she's super nice and totally cool!

MAO just owns one so far.. of course, the one pictured in this Blog.. 747 Heathrow, 2007.. in just the small, aka..human, size.

Cool photos!
Love airlines theme, but planes on fire are for me too reminiscent of 9/11. Too close to the fire for me!

MAO - I think you bought the best one! Though "707 San Bernadino" comes close. But that vibrant green in yours is very appealing and eye-catching. In general I think they're a little on the pricey side in relation to what you could perhaps acquire from better-known photographers who cover similar material (such as Norfolk, Burtynsky, Shambroom, etc.), but heck, if you can afford it, this is some of the better new work I've seen lately. Congrats on the addition to your impressive collection.

richard mosse and thomas bangsted are my two favourite young photographers to watch!

i think they're both very gifted. brilliant even. both were standouts at danziger projects' yale mfa photography exhibits.

future geniuses : )

As always, thanks for sharing. I like these. They remind me of Sarah Pickering's work, which is always a good thing!

Art work ?????what a joke to
call it that .

Wait, so let me get this straight. MOA bought into the work and then blows its horn as the "artist" to watch? ("oh no its not like that. MOA is putting his money were his mouth is, not the other way around...." yeah. aha. Seriously. It looks like good work, but just above grad student work. please get some perspective.

I, too, used to rag on MAO for his lack of full disclosure in stating that he promotes artists who he has recently purchased for his collection. It certainly can take some of the objectivity out of his reviews. However, he has since repeatedly announced that one should assume that he owns all the work he features on his blog; it's his blog and he can do what he wants. As long as you understand that and can deal with it like an adult, then, as I've discovered, you can make your own judgments and often discover photographers/artists that you may not have known. So chill out.

Like most photography this is not really art, but nice images for a magazine or a book to flip through. More of the same, more of the same.

MAO thinks like an investor - as I do - and this photo comes from an emerging photographer from an important gallery, and is the iconic photo in the series (it's a full-page ad - page 62 - in the new issue of Artforum Magazine, too). If you're buying for investment, that's the way to do it. People said the same about Gursky, Struth and others. There's so much good work out there, if you want to reduce the odds of a loss, "buying the gallery" is an option you can't ignore. I guarantee you, that same photo and that same body of work, from some unknown regional gallery - like in Kansas City or somewhere - which didn't have prestige or money to buy ads and promote the artist - would never have opened MAO's wallet, nor would it be mentioned here. That's just the way it is. William Eggleston would still be some bizarre old coot in Memphis had it not been for the MOMA show. If you don't play the game in NY or London, your artistry is pointless.

Take it easy, of course he's talking about artists that he likes so it makes sense that it's artists that he owns too. Of course if he's excited enough about the work to drop 10-20k on it he's excited enough to blog about it. Buyer beware and if you're not don't blame Mao.

I still have mixed feelings about the work, but take a look at the photographers website before you dismiss it entirely. But I do think the pricing is ambitious.

Blog is so good where i get lots of information about Richard Mosse At Jack Shainman, one New Young Photographer to Watch nice job!!

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