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December 05, 2008

Pulse Miami 08 - The VIP Preview... Looking Better than Ever...

Pulse Miami 08 - The VIP Preview... Looking Better than Ever... But what a difference a year and about a 50% drop on the Dow Jones makes! Was anyone buying? Well.. maybe a bit.

So with too many about 10 Art Fairs opening up on Tuesday Dec 2nd in the Wynwood District Of Miami Last night..  MAO and our art collector posse correctly choose Pulse Miami to attend first. (and after too many mojito's our...LAST!)
We thought, if the drinks fair was weak, we'd head over to Art Miami.. but we spent the entire 4 hours walking around Pulse.. and it was time well spent! The fair looked Great.

There were several smart Galleries which brought largely Solo Booths to Miami this year..which we Love...Love..Love!!

All the MAO-ettes felt having these solo booths, just avoided the fair looking like one big going out of business flea market mish-mosh of art stuff being thrown on the wall.  It totally lent some true thought and organization to seeing so much emerging art.

The MAO SOLO standouts galleries were...

- Monique Meloche Gallery from Chicago - with an Amazing Kendell Carter solo show. Totally wonderful.. The booth was compete with Tricked out Boots, and a Timberline inspired Wainscoting. Clearly, Kendell is still young, but, he's probably going to be the next big African American Art Wonder kid.

- Copro/Nason Gallery from Santa Monica, did an entire booth of Robert Crumb works.

- The Mixed Greens Gallery of NYC did a 2 artist show of Joseph Smolinski works, and one of our Favorite Wood Sculptures Lee Stoetzel.

Chris_Larson_deep_north - Magnus Muller from Berlin had a 2 artist booth.. a new painting by 2008 Whitney Biennial Super Star - Ellen Harvey, and super cool, "The Deep North Project" video and photos from Minnesota artist Chris Larson (photo #1, Chris Larson, The Deep North 2008, C-print mounted on aludibond / C-Print auf Aludibond 90 x 90 cm)

- The Morgan Lehman Gallery from NYC had transformed their booth into a fanciful set. Built by artist Andrew Schoultz, their show was titled Majestic Projections.

Other MAO favorites artists work included :

 - A new painting by Julie Heffernan at P.P.O.W.

- Susan Derges photograms at Purdy|Hicks Gallery from London

Lia_halloran_Dark_skate_maim - A set of new Miami Dark skate photos by Lia Halloran at DCKT Contemporary from NYC (photo #2, Dark Skate Miami/ Palms, 2008 c-print 48 x 56 inches)

- And a collaboration of "sign of the times," Compound Editions, greeting cards by artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida (being shown at both the Winkleman and the Schroeder Romero Galleries)

Lastly..we were impressed with a very well curated booth of obsessive detail collages at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery, complete with new works by Mark Wanger, and a historic work by Al Hansen - a Hershy Venus Girl painting.

Next stop... The Main Art Basel Miami Beach!


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Thanks for the reports from the field. Those of us up north, drinking eggnog instead of mojitos, appreciate it.

Finally you give us something! I've been waiting but expected a tad more... oh I don't know... gossip!


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