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January 30, 2009

MAO Interviewed.. Twice.. about the Art Market Recession...

MAO Interviewed.. twice.. about the Art Market Recession...

That's right my little MAO-ettes.. when MAO talks... people run for cover listen.

Jill_Greenberg_Revelations In these tough economic times.. everyone is whining about asking the same questions..

Will the Art Market Crash? Will Every Chelsea Art Gallery Close? Why wont the Government Bail out the Art World? Is now a good time to add to or dump sell my collection?

Clearly no one knows where the art world is going.. (Photo by Jill Greenberg, Revelations, 2005, Archival pigment print, 50 x 43 inches)

But yesterday.. posted on Hrag Vartanian's blog (as well as the NYFA magazine site) was a super insightful story featuring some of the loudest, most worried, biggest PR hounds most respected and brightest minds in the art world...

Some how Of course... MAO was interviewed for this article!

The full story is posted on the New York Foundation fo the Arts on-line Magazine.

You can find Hrag's great blog here : http://hragvartanian.com/2009/01/29/nyfa-current/

OK.. That was the first amazing MAO story...

But, there's actually a second and much better one....

So today..

 "The Current State of the Art Market Series Part 6 with Art Collector/Fellow Art Blogger MAO" where MAO is interviewed by our friend, collector and art blogger, the totally omnipresent RUBEN Natal-San Miguel..

For those who missed it... Ruben has already posted several of these interviews with : 

You can check out Ruben's website www.ArtMostFierce.blogspot.com

But today, saving the best for last..

You can click here to laugh at read The Full MAO interview..

January 27, 2009

Save the dates.. Paul Graham, and Jamel Shabazz free public Photography Lectures..

Save the dates.. Photographers Paul Graham, and Jamel Shabazz give free public lectures..

Some of the best things in NYC are free.. and in this shit crashing economy recession.. also a cheapstimulating date!  Both are 2 photographers who's books, and photographic work we just can't get enough of. So MAO has already put February 3rd, and February 9th on our photo art obsessed calendar. 

See you there!

1. February 3th.. Jamel Shabazz at Powerhouse Books in Brooklyn.

Yes.. my little MAO-ettes.. for great photography..sometimes MAO will even cross a river to experience it!!  Here are the details











2. Then.. Paul Graham on February 9th.. At the SVA.

Here are the details...


Monday, February 9, 7pm
Visual Arts Theater
School of Visual Arts
333 West 23 Street  

Free and open to the public 
The BFA Photography Department at School of Visual Arts(SVA) and Dear Dave, magazine present photographer Paul Graham in conversation with New York Times writer Philip Gefter. Graham is the subject of the exhibition “a shimmer of possibility,” which will be on view at The Museum of Modern Art from February 4 – May 18. The first in a series of monthly conversations exploring contemporary photography among noted artists, critics, curators and editors, the event will take place on Monday, February 9, 7pm, at SVA's newly-opened Visual Arts Theater, 333 West 23 Street, New York City. Admission is free.
British-born Paul Graham is recognized for his innovative and experimental contextualization of images and particularly tender observation of daily life. Since relocating to the U.S. in 2002, he has traveled extensively to photograph the country. The resulting work, a shimmer of possibility, was published in twelve volumes by steidlMACK in 2007.
Philip Gefter writes frequently about photography for The New York Timesand was its front-page picture editor. A collection of his essays will be published in April by Aperture as Photography After Frank. He is writing a biography of the collector Sam Wagstaff.

Dear Dave, is a magazine of photography and writing that has been published three times a year since 2007

January 21, 2009

New Edward Burtynsky work at Flowers East Gallery Show in London

New work by Edward Burtynsky at Flowers East in London.

Ed_Burtynsky_Silver_Lake_1 For all those many obsessed Burtynsky fans.. you might have seen one or 2 new Burtynsky photos (still selling strongly) during Art Basel Miami 2009, but now there's a complete new gallery show up as of January 9th.

So if you're in London before it closes on February 7th, you probably want to check out this new photography show.

For all the rest of us, who are geographically challenged.. you can see Edward Burtynsky's many new photographs on line.

Here and here.

(photo #1, Ed Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #1, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia 2007, Limited Edition Chromogenic Colour Print)

Ed_Burtynsky_Silver_lake_10This new exhibition is all of Mines in Western Australia.. hence the new show name.. Australian Minescapes.

It's clearly a continuation of Burtynsky's long term exploration of our man made landscapes. 

This time Edward is using for the first time planes (or helicopters) in the creation of his photographs. This has the effect of making these photos look much more like paintings than any of his previous work. 

Additionally, our first look at the work, we saw a strong connection between this new Burtynsky series with photographer David Maisel's work. Check out David's Lake Project, Terminal Mirage, and his Mining Project all done pre-2004.

The similarity is very strong between their projects...So, we're not sure how MAO feels about this.. What do you think?

  • Good ? The Burtynsky work is building on another artists efforts.. or

  • Bad ? He's just ripping off someone who did it first, but doesn't get the huge audiance Burtynsky  has?

(Photo #2, Ed Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #10, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia 2007
Limited Edition Chromogenic Colour Print)

FYI..there is also a nice but, small (approx 65 pages) new catalog available, with an essay by Michael Mitchell.

You'll have to contact the Flowers Gallery East for copies of the new catalog.

Flowers East, London

Edward Burtynsky
Australian Minescapes
9 January - 7 February 2009

Additionally..For all those Burtynsky fans, you'll all be happy to know, Edward Burtynsky, has a few Museum shows coming up : 2009

  • Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, February 6 - June 9, 2009

  • Edward Burtynsky: Uneasy Beauty - Photographs of Canada, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, British Columbia, January 17 - March 22

  • Burtynsky: Oil, Corcoran Gallery / Museum of Art, Washington, D.C. (touring exhibit begins), November 2009

January 20, 2009

Nobuyoshi Araki photography from the 1960's at Anton Kern Gallery

Nobuyoshi Araki photography from the 1960's at Anton Kern Gallery

Araki_Ginza Over the years MAO has begun to greatly appreciate Japanese photography.

And certainly the golden age of Photography in Japan was most certainly the 1960's and 70's.

In this show, you'll get to see previously unseen work by one of the Japanese Masters.

If you think Araki, is just a photographer of naked women he wants to make love to and pretty hyper-sexual flowers.. Think Again!

(photo #1, Nobuyoshi Araki Ginza (2573-31), B/W Photographs, 17 x 14 inches)

This show truly shows Araki as a street photographer visionary.

Here he established a distinct Japanese street style in the 1960's that would parallel the work of well known western world masters like Garry Winogrand and Robert Frank.

The show is filled with hundreds of wonderful B&W street photos from the Ginza.

Additionally in the show is an entire Tokyo Subway series by Araki which was a fun Japanese take on the famous book by Walker Evans "Many Are Called." Araki's book was titled Subway Love.

It's a historically important show, and it's nice to see a contemporary art gallery taking the risk of showing non hyped commercial small vintage Japanese photography. Plus, if you're interested in street photography, and not previously an Araki fan.. you should certainly run to see this show! It will totally blow change your mind about Araki.

The show is open at Anton Kern Gallery on 20th street, till February 7th.

January 16, 2009

ArtCycle.. A new Website to Buy and Sell Contemporary Art

ArtCycle.. A new Website to Buy and Sell lightly used secondary Contemporary Art.

Art_Pawnbroker If you've not checked out new york based, www.ArtCycle.com, you should.

It's a new curated website (aka.. a contemporary art pawn/consignement shop), and like Artnet.com it also is helping give the much needed liquidity and transparency to the contemporary art market.

Here's a little Art industry secret... sometimes Collectors need to sell art. Yes, my little MOA-ettes, it's sada bit funny..but given these tragic  difficult economic times, totally understandable. While MAO has never sold a work of art from our beloved collection, lately, MAO probably gets at least  one email everyday from a reader saying they own a work by XYZ artist and they need to sell it.

Generally the next sentence is always, the gallery that represents the XYZ artist doesn't want to buy it back (or maybe soon to be already out of business), and the auction houses need 3+ months to fit into their schedule and take way too much 25%.  The person needs the cash now, and if MAO would please like to buy it.  Or some people also ask if MAO knows someone who would like to buy it. Well.. we now have a solution for these people!  Check out www.ArtCycle.com !

They only started up in November 2008, and they actually have an impressive list of Contemporary Art inventory already.  They already have works by some impressive artists : Araki, Eggleston, Oliver Boberg, Hirst,Candida Hofer, William Kentridge, Opie, Anselm Reyle, Lisa Ruyter, Andrees Serrano, and Kehinde Wiley just to name a few.

So.. Here's a bit from their promotional materials...

For the collector, ArtCycle offers a space to contemplate their purchase

while providing valuable information about the artist and available works,

as well as something no one else does, detailing relevant and valuable

market analysis. ArtCycle offers reasonable commissions, ranging from

15% to 20% and, most importantly, all works are curated for consignment

by a seasoned team of art experts.

Most importantly, ArtCycle’s curated inventory offers only artwork with

pedigree. That means works of art by artists with lasting reputations and

market value—so every piece purchased is likely to maintain or increase

its worth over time. ArtCycle believes collecting art is not only an invested

labor of love, but also an investment.

Oh..and if you happed to contact www.ArtCycle.com... (Lauren Pearson, Assist Director,  [email protected]) be sure to tell them MAO sent you.. and I'm sure they'll give you the special MAO-ette discount rate!

January 09, 2009

MAO's best photography book list of 2008

MAO's best photography book list of 2008.

Happy New Year my little MAO-ettes! Welcome to 2009!

Fireworks So.. while MAO is doing his best to totally FORGET the financial sit show that has was 2008.

We thought we’d start the new year with one last look back at the worst year in financial history.


What better way to do that walk down memory lane 2008, than with a list of our favorite

photography books.

Now there were actually, way too many good ones to even think about, but these were the top 10.

Ones that MAO keeps finding himself returning to time and time again.


FYI..For the sake of sanity.. we removed all re-editions of previously published books.


THE MAO TOP 10 Photobooks of 2008 (in Alphabetical order by photographer)


1. Working from Memory.  Collected Stories. by William Christenberry. Steidl

2. A Series of Disappointments. by Stephen Gill.  Nobody

3. Invasion 68. Prague by Josef Koudelka. Aperture

4. The Chance is Higher. by Ari Macropoulos, Dashwood Books

5. Library of Dust. by David Maisel. Chronicle Books

6. A Road Trip Journal. by Stephen Shore, Phaidon

7. God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth. by Dash Snow. Peres Projects

8. The Last Days of W. by Alec Soth.  Little Brown Mushroom

9. America. by Zoe Strauss. Ammo Books

10. Lighter. by Wolfgang Tillmans. Hatje Cantz


Best Multi-Artist Photo Book /or Book Set of 2008


Tinyvices Series. Photography by Kenneth Cappello, Allan Macintyre, Jason Nocito, Robin Schwartz, and Jaimie Warren.  Aperture


One Last Note :

A book not by a photographer, and one MAO is still reading., and reading, and reading. But, it's a book that probably should be on everyone’s Photo Obsessed, Best of 2008 list.  It's by The Johns Hopkins University (MAO’s alma mater) Art History Professor…Michael Fried.

Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before, by Michael Fried, Yale University Press

You can get it here... http://www.strandbooks.com/app/www/p/profile/?isbn=0300136846


So..all in all.. It was a great year for photography and even a better year for photography books.

Oh.. and if you're into this entire list thing.. check out this website, Photoeye, for their best of 2008 lists by some biased self interested  pandering vested more  "Important" photo obsessed people.

And, of course, feel free to rip this MAO list apart   please add your favorites photobooks to our comment section below. all thoughts are always welcome....Thanks!

And to everyone reading.... Good Luck in 2009!