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January 30, 2009

MAO Interviewed.. Twice.. about the Art Market Recession...

MAO Interviewed.. twice.. about the Art Market Recession...

That's right my little MAO-ettes.. when MAO talks... people run for cover listen.

Jill_Greenberg_Revelations In these tough economic times.. everyone is whining about asking the same questions..

Will the Art Market Crash? Will Every Chelsea Art Gallery Close? Why wont the Government Bail out the Art World? Is now a good time to add to or dump sell my collection?

Clearly no one knows where the art world is going.. (Photo by Jill Greenberg, Revelations, 2005, Archival pigment print, 50 x 43 inches)

But yesterday.. posted on Hrag Vartanian's blog (as well as the NYFA magazine site) was a super insightful story featuring some of the loudest, most worried, biggest PR hounds most respected and brightest minds in the art world...

Some how Of course... MAO was interviewed for this article!

The full story is posted on the New York Foundation fo the Arts on-line Magazine.

You can find Hrag's great blog here : http://hragvartanian.com/2009/01/29/nyfa-current/

OK.. That was the first amazing MAO story...

But, there's actually a second and much better one....

So today..

 "The Current State of the Art Market Series Part 6 with Art Collector/Fellow Art Blogger MAO" where MAO is interviewed by our friend, collector and art blogger, the totally omnipresent RUBEN Natal-San Miguel..

For those who missed it... Ruben has already posted several of these interviews with : 

You can check out Ruben's website www.ArtMostFierce.blogspot.com

But today, saving the best for last..

You can click here to laugh at read The Full MAO interview..


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Artmostfierce insightful? The writing makes absolutely no sense on that blog. Nor does the point of view.

Maybe since Martin Gayford is so insightful , I should interview him for my series , but then again who is he and what contribution is he tryng to make to help the ART community?...none?

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog Martin.I already looked you up and there is nothing about for you to brag about. So stay where you are ...unknown, negative and rather disgrunted.

You were interviewed twice...??

Like listening to your negative art crash thoughts once isn't depressing enough?

blah blah blah ...talking up the economic implosion in 2009 is the equivalent of hyping up the runaway real estate market in 2007. Let's be ahead of the curve...

Martin: Are you mad? Artmostfierce is the best. You need to take another look. He is always a head of the rest (except for MAO, he is right up there, too). Seriously, I have never seen a blogger who is so prolific and insightful.

I look forward to reading about MAO's interview at Artmostfierce. I don't know why people like Martin are spreading negativity in the art community, I really enjoy the blog especially the most recent series featuring artists, collectors, and gallery owners (etc.)

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