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January 09, 2009

MAO's best photography book list of 2008

MAO's best photography book list of 2008.

Happy New Year my little MAO-ettes! Welcome to 2009!

Fireworks So.. while MAO is doing his best to totally FORGET the financial sit show that has was 2008.

We thought we’d start the new year with one last look back at the worst year in financial history.


What better way to do that walk down memory lane 2008, than with a list of our favorite

photography books.

Now there were actually, way too many good ones to even think about, but these were the top 10.

Ones that MAO keeps finding himself returning to time and time again.


FYI..For the sake of sanity.. we removed all re-editions of previously published books.


THE MAO TOP 10 Photobooks of 2008 (in Alphabetical order by photographer)


1. Working from Memory.  Collected Stories. by William Christenberry. Steidl

2. A Series of Disappointments. by Stephen Gill.  Nobody

3. Invasion 68. Prague by Josef Koudelka. Aperture

4. The Chance is Higher. by Ari Macropoulos, Dashwood Books

5. Library of Dust. by David Maisel. Chronicle Books

6. A Road Trip Journal. by Stephen Shore, Phaidon

7. God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth. by Dash Snow. Peres Projects

8. The Last Days of W. by Alec Soth.  Little Brown Mushroom

9. America. by Zoe Strauss. Ammo Books

10. Lighter. by Wolfgang Tillmans. Hatje Cantz


Best Multi-Artist Photo Book /or Book Set of 2008


Tinyvices Series. Photography by Kenneth Cappello, Allan Macintyre, Jason Nocito, Robin Schwartz, and Jaimie Warren.  Aperture


One Last Note :

A book not by a photographer, and one MAO is still reading., and reading, and reading. But, it's a book that probably should be on everyone’s Photo Obsessed, Best of 2008 list.  It's by The Johns Hopkins University (MAO’s alma mater) Art History Professor…Michael Fried.

Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before, by Michael Fried, Yale University Press

You can get it here... http://www.strandbooks.com/app/www/p/profile/?isbn=0300136846


So..all in all.. It was a great year for photography and even a better year for photography books.

Oh.. and if you're into this entire list thing.. check out this website, Photoeye, for their best of 2008 lists by some biased self interested  pandering vested more  "Important" photo obsessed people.

And, of course, feel free to rip this MAO list apart   please add your favorites photobooks to our comment section below. all thoughts are always welcome....Thanks!

And to everyone reading.... Good Luck in 2009!



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Welcome back from posting hiatus!

What about:
Pitch Blackness -Hank Willis-Thomas?
Catherine Opie 's book?
Amy's Stein -Domesticated?

Welcome back from your blogging hiatus!
What about:
Pitch Blackness- Hank Willis -Thomas?
Domesticated- Amy Stein?
Catherine Opie's Book?

Ah ruben..
Thanks for the comment.
MAO liked all three of those books very much..

But we had to make some difficult choices to cut the list to just 10 books.

We also wanted to include these :

10+ ... Dayanita Sigh - Sent a Letter

10+ ... Olaf Becker - Broken Line

10+ ... Leigh Ledar - Pretend You're Actually Alive

10+ ... Joshua Lutz - Meadowlands

Hey.. It's not easy only picking 10!!

Happy New Year! .... and I think you did pretty well with your list, much better than some of the people included the Photo Eye group. Especially glad to see you included Zoe Strauss' book, it belongs on there for certain.

I recommend Roni Horn's "Bird", published by Steidl.

1. "Domesticated," by Amy Stein (Photolucida)
2. "Strangely Familiar," by Michal Chelbin (Aperture)

I love these books so much that (as with ZS's "America") I had to buy two copies: one to keep pristine, one to thumb through endlessly.

My most eagerly awaited book of 2009:
"2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die" by Peter van Agtmael (Photolucida).

I'm proud to be on this list! Thanks so much for digging the book.

Thank–you for including the tinyvices book series on your list!
I am so happy to be published with Jaimie, Kenneth, Allan and Jason.
It has been a great experience to be associated with Tim Barber, Aperture
and the Michael Mazzeo Gallery. Tim is a very insightful editor.

Robin Schwartz

I actually like the outtake list Best,
you should publish that as well:

0+ ... Dayanita Sigh - Sent a Letter
10+ ... Olaf Becker - Broken Line
10+ ... Leigh Ledar - Pretend You're Actually Alive
10+ ... Joshua Lutz - Meadowlands

How about "Drive" by Andrew Bush (Yale University Press, 2008)? http://andrewbush.net/Books/Books.html

Thanks for the list. Really great selection!

Thanks for your blog. It is very useful. Photos look great.

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