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February 23, 2009

MAO Art Buy of the Month... a new Multiple from Compound Editions

MAO Art Buy of the Month...  a new multiple from Compound Editions is now available!
So.. today we have something egg-stra special for my little Art Buying MAO-ettes.

Some of you may already have read about this new wonderful series of editioned contemporary art called, Compound Editions. Here's their website for the project. It's been hatched as the brain child of Gallery / Art Blogger extra-ordinarier Edward Winkleman, and the innovative chicks at the Schroeder Romero Gallery. Known to their art friends as WinkleSchRoe.. or was that SchroRoWink? Anyway...for those who don't know, these 2 galleries rule the roost down there at the dead far west end of 27th street in Chelsea.

FYI, this new collaboration. is only a 4 month old project. But Compound Editions has already garnered some very impressive attention from both, Art & Auction Magazine, plus this month's Art In America!  Wow, these art hustlers bright gallerist sure do work fast!

Andy_Yoder_All_Your_Eggs So the contemporary art market may have already killed the goose.. but there's still a few golden eggs left to be had by astute collectors!

Just a few days ago, Compound Edition already released their Second Artist Multiple.

This time it has been created by the thoughtful conceptual artist, Andy Yoder, and you can rest assured this one is going over easy!

We at MAO have recently learned this edition is already more than half sold out.

Well, we can certainly see why, sculptor Andy Yoder has created a hard to boil pass up, totally witty, must have, art object. It's friendly, familiar and it has perfectly scrambled encapsulated the uneasy feelings during these difficult times in the Art World.

This edition consists of 3 gilded golden eggs, neatly nestled in a pile of shredded US currency..all encased in a cute little protective wooden (Pine?) box. The object is titled "All Your Eggs." And we just love it..you might say we're a bit eggs-tatic over here at MAO with this one!

Andy Yoder
All Your Eggs
4.25" x 7.25" x 7.25"

23 carat gold, clay, wood, excelsior, and shredded U.S. currency
Edition of 100, plus 10 APs.
$100.00 each

You can read more about these projects here... www.compound-editions.blogspot.com and you can see more of Andy Yoder's work here on his artist website.

So, to get your own little Andy Yoder art nest eggs..just email them ASAP at

[email protected]

cause this one will not last..even in this terrible slowing economy.

It's been frequently stated on wall street, "This economy is worse than a painful divorce, cause you have lost half your total net worth and you're still stuck with your wife!"  So everyone, try to look on the sunny side, MAO knows, your stock portfolios maybe all cracked up, and your 401k is now only a 201k..but at least with only $100 bucks, you can still afford enjoy a cool new original work of contemporary art!


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Ah..MAO nice post.

What a fun work of art... and you're 100% right.. this looks Egg-stra Special!

Thanks for pointing it out.

can't decide if this is just for some squirrelly fun, or the new 'Pet Rock.' :-)

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