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April 28, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Free.... Free NYC Museum Days...

Some of the best things in Life are Free.... YES.. It's Summer Free NYC Museum Days...

So.. I'm sure everyone is busy out getting their Swine Flu vaccine shots these days..

Swine_flu Is MAO the only sane person who thinks the crazy TV media has totally blow this Swine Flu out of proportion?

So far there have only been 50ish cases of swine flu in the USA. This is not a big problem!

The media is really doing their best to cause a panic out of this. It's so stupid. Believe it or not, the price of Lean Hog futures on the Chicago Commodities exchance has actually crashed today! A drop of almost 10% in 2 days.

Well..Would someone please pass MAO the pork chops!!

Anyway, with everyone, including MAO, during this recession looking to save their pennies.. Today we found a great summery of which NYC Msueums are free...and when! Please share this list with everyone.

CLICK Here to see the most up to date LIST.

This nice list is brought to you by the great online web resource www.nyc-arts.org

April 20, 2009

The Current State of the Art Market - Free Public Symposium

The Current SAD, SHITTY,  State of the Art Market - A Free Public Symposium at FIT, this week!

Art_Market_panel So my little MAO-Ettes.. Here is a free event that is clearly not to be missed. 

Some of the Art Industries most in the know professionals will talk somewhat openly about their views on the future of their jobs the Art Market.  It should be very interesting to hear.. See you there!

Here are the details.... For more info, you can also go to The FIT website...  

A discussion of the current state of the art market
Yvonne Garcia - director of development, bronx museum
Florence Lynch - curator; director, florence lynch gallery
Paul Morris - vp of art properties, merchandise mart properties, inc. 
Lowell Pettit - lowell pettit art advisory; independent curator
Walter Robinson - editor, artnet magazine; critic; artist
Sheri Pasquarella, moderator - co-founder, new art dealersalliance (nada);
art consultant; faculty, fashion institute of technology
APRIL 22 at 7:00 - 8:30 PM
fashion institute of technology
katie murphy amphitheatre, pomerantz center for art and design,
seventh avenue at 27th street (D building)

(This event is free and open to the public)
Following years of wild expansion and commercial vitality, the last six months in the art world - as in all business sectors - have seen rocky auction and art fair sales, abrupt gallery closures and publicly expressed dealer woe. This discussion will assess the current state of the art market and the long-term picture for the industry.

April 17, 2009

The Aperture Foundation Summer Party.. Tickets (with a Print) on Sale Now!

The Aperture Foundation Summer Party.. Tickets on Sale Now!

So my little MAO-ettes... Here's a great opportunity for you!

The Aperture Foundation has commissioned photographer Thomas Allen to do a special photo just for their big summer benefit party.  So they are selling a limited number of tickets (only 250) for their party that come with a free print for too cheaponly $150.  So even if you can't make it to the party on Thursday June 18th from 8pm to 11pm it's still worth getting a ticket for the print!

You can buy your tickets Here : Aperture : Some Like It Hot Party Now!

You can view works by Artist Thomas Allen here.

The party will feature a performance by the band The Willowz, who did the music for the cool movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Science of Sleep.

They will also have a big raffle, with lots of cool prizes, but the Grand Prize winner will receive a very valuable 30" x 40" print from a private commissioned portrait session taken by a MAO favorite photographer, Matthew Pillsbury! Amazing! Plus the Raffle tickets are only $10...Sweet!


April 16, 2009

Robert Adams Wins the 2009 Hasselblad Foundation Award

The photographer Robert Adams has won the 2009 Hasselblad Foundadion Award today.

Robert Adams follows in a truly great tradition of Art photography excellence by winning this award. The past winners of this prestigious Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography have included Graciela Iterbide 2008, Nan Goldin 2007, Lee Friedlander 2005, Jeff Wall 2002, Cindy Sherman 1999, William Eggleston 1998, Robert Frank 1996, and Susan Meiselas 1994 just to name drop a few.

Robert_Adams_newwest_bookFrom the Hasselblad website... The Award in Photography is an award granted to "a photographer recognized for major achievements".

Robert Adams, is probably most well know for his "quiet" photos of the terriblly ugly new suburban American West.  In his landmark 1974 book, The New West, with forward by MOMA curator John Szarkowski, Adams captured the rapidly changing face of American at a critical point in this Nations history.

(Photo #1, Book Cover of : Robert Adams, The New West, 1974, Colorado University Press) Here's a note from the Books publisher..

The New West can be accounted as one of the outstanding works of artistic photography since 1945. This series of 56 pictures stands in the tradition of such projects as Walker Evans' American Photographs (1938) and Robert Frank's The Americans (1958). The wide open spaces of the American West have all but disappeared. Robert Adam's legendary book The New West tells of what has taken their place: the destruction of a once grandiose landscape by settlement which imposed highways, cheap housing developments and the vacuous chaos of advertising signs in the cities." 

Our sincere MAO congrats to Robert Adams.

Here's a story posted by Niklas Magnusson of Bloomberg News


Robert Adams, U.S. Photographer, Wins $61,000 Hasselblad Award
2009-04-15 10:10:08.508 GMT

By Niklas Magnusson
     April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Adams, the U.S. photographer
known for his images of the American west, has won the 2009
Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.
     Adams, who is based in Astoria, Oregon, received the
500,000 kronor ($61,000) prize at a ceremony in San Francisco
yesterday, the foundation -- which is based in Gothenburg,
Sweden -- said in an e-mailed statement issued today. It
described Adams as “one of the most important and influential
photographers of the last 40 years.”
     “During that time, he has worked almost exclusively in the
American West, and, as photography has altered and fragmented,
he has refined and reaffirmed its inherent language, adapting
the legacies of 19th-century and modernist photography to his
own very singular purpose,” the foundation said.
     Victor Hasselblad, whose cameras were used for the stills
taken by astronaut Neil Armstrong during his 1969 lunar landing,
donated 78 million kronor in his will for research in the
natural sciences and photography. Victor’s wife Erna started the
foundation in 1979, a year after his death. Last year’s winner
was Graciela Iturbide, while Nan Goldin won in 2007.

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April 15, 2009

Robert Mann Gallery Leaving Chelsea for the Upper East Side..

The Robert Mann Gallery is Leaving Chelsea for the Upper East Side..

Well.. maybe it's just a sign of the times.. but this week one of the most well respected Art Photography Dealers announced they are leaving their great space in Chelsea for the stuffy Upper East Side.

But, do people expect to see and buy new contemporary art photography on 81st street on the upper east side?

Well..Maybe.. We shall see!

We wish Robert Mann all the best at their new location.. MAO and Chelsea will miss you!

Here's the Press Release... Chelsea R.I.P.?


Robert_mann_Gallery_relocation Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce the exciting news of its relocation to Manhattan's Upper East Side. Returning to the neighborhood where it all began in the mid-1980s, the gallery will reside in a limestone mansion at 24 East 81st Street, one block from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, six blocks from the Whitney Museum of American Art, and right in the heart of the prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood.

"I began my gallery in 1985 in a townhouse on East 76th Street, staying there for 14 years," says Robert Mann. "In 1999 we were among the first wave of art galleries to settle in Chelsea, and the first photography gallery to do so. The move to Chelsea enabled us to expand our program to include large scale contemporary works, some of which pushed the boundaries of traditional photography. Operating one of the largest photography galleries in New Yorkhas been both challenging and rewarding. We've been able to successfully exhibit and manage the careers of many artists who started with us back in the 1980s, as well as introducing many younger artists. During this time we have benefited from the luxury of incredible space and neighborhood support.

"After 10 years in Chelsea, the gallery is ready for a change. We will continue to present exhibitions of contemporary and classical works, promoting the careers of our contemporary artists within the broader context of photographic history. The Upper East Side is a supportive neighborhood that I know well and has the benefit of proximity to many of our clients and the institutions with which we work."

Following Mary Mattingly's exhibition, Nomadographies, closing May 23, we will be available by appointment only until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you to our new location!

Please continue to contact us via the following:
[email protected]
T 212.989.7600
F 212.989.2947
210 Eleventh Avenue New York NY 10001(between 24th & 25th Streets) | Tel 212.989.7600 | Fax 212.989.2947
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm | [email protected] | robertmann.com | © 2009 Robert Mann Gallery

April 03, 2009

Nan Goldin Selling Several Personal Items At Christies Paris...

Nan Goldin is selling some of her personal items At Christies Paris on April 7th...

OK.. for all those Nan Goldin photography fans and fanatics (like MAO).. you have to see this! AMAZING!

Keeping in the spirit of, Her Art is Nan's Life (or is that, Her Life is her Art ?).. now is your chance to buy some of the very personal items from the life of legendary photographer Nan Goldin.

Nan is selling about 25 lots in an up coming "Arts Decratifs 16eme au 19eme Et Histoire Naturelle" at their Paris Auction house. This auction is a total kitchen sink of items, but Lots 97 thru to Lot 122 are all from the home of Nan Goldin.  There is no specific reason in the auction catalog for her selling these items.. just that it's stuff she's collected, and it was now time to sell them all.

And, well.. let's just say.. they are very "Interesting" items.. and maybe give a little extra in-site into the crazylife of Photographer Nan Goldin. We're still trying to figure out what in the world this one is...Lot 102 and what is she doing with it?

Nan_Goldin_dildo This lot (#122, pictured here..)is clearly The Grand Finale from her fascinating collection of insane fun stuff.. How can you pass this one up? Anyone have a bid?

Lot 122 Description :


Estimated Price Range :  $265 - $398
En bois mouluré et lacqué noir, portant des inscriptions gravées et dorées, muni d'un trou de préhension
Longueur: 16 cm. (6¼ in.)


April 01, 2009

Sotheby's and Hedge Fund Billionaire Steven A. Cohen... in Bed Together?

Sotheby's and Hedge Fund Billionaire Steven A. Cohen... in bed together?

So starting on April 2nd, and running till April 14th.. Sotheby's will be "hosting" a show of Steven A. Cohen's private art collection. The show is titled "WOMEN" to include 20 works with all female subjects. For Details click here ==> Sotheby's sells out to big share holder.

This show, just so happens to almost coincide with Sotheby's big Spring Modern and Contemporary Art Auctions.. wow, what a strange coincidence.

The claim is none of the work will be offered for sale, and this is just Mr. Cohen's nice way of giving the little people public a chance to see his high end art collection.  And isn't it sweet of Sotheby's to do something soo generous for thier clients and public.

FYI, there were rumors Mr. Cohen was trying to sell several works of Art just a few months ago. He had reportedly consigned at least 8 paintings to NY dealers, and once the art market crashed he had pulled the consigned work from art dealers.

Also of note.. after a recent stock purchase, Mr. Cohen, now owns over 5.76% of Sotheby's...making Steven the 3rd largest owner in the auction house. 

Richard_Prince_Graduate_Nurse_02 So.. we guess there are other ways to dump an art collection skin a cat.

Hmmm... Maybe the page from the Billionaire Art Opportunist Collector playbook could be :

  • Step 1.. Buy lots of Art, push prices way up, and tell everyone who'll listenin the media you're a wise long term buyer.

  • (Photo #1, Richard Prince, "Graduate Nurse, 2002",Ink jet print and acrylic on canvas,89 in x 52 in.   FYI... A description from Sotheby's.. "This work is one of the best paintings Prince ever made, particularly because of its monumental scale and the rich, painterly quality of the brushstrokes")

  • Step 2.. Buy an art auction house (or a Whopping controlling interest in one),

  • Step 3.. Stage a show of the great works having auction house experts tout your collection..

  • Step 4..Tell everyone these art works, on proud display, are not for sale

  • Step 5... Wait for someone stupid enough to say.. I wish I could have a collection like the one by this well known art collector, which just happens to be on display in the auction house.

  • Step 6.. To be determined.... Hmm.. possibly.. Cash out..??   

Which reminds MAO of an Art joke...

Q:  How does one sell 100 Million Dollars worth of Contemporary Art?

A:  First Buy $200 million of Contemporary Art.. and then try to sell it!

OUCH! OK.. Well.. Maybe MAO is just being a bit too much of a bitch cynic... What do you think? Nice of Mr. Cohen and Sotheb'ys.. or totally self serving ?

Anyway.. here's a story by Lindsay Pollock of Bloomberg News wrote...


 SAC’s Cohen Shows Off $137 Million ‘Woman’ at Sotheby’s Exhibit
2009-04-01 04:01:00.25 GMT

By Lindsay Pollock and Philip Boroff
     April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Steven Cohen, who runs the $14
billion hedge-fund manager SAC Capital Advisors, is raising his
profile as an art collector with an unusual loan show at
Sotheby’s in New York.
     Starting tomorrow, the auction house will display 20 rarely
seen works by such artists as Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh.
They have a combined market value of about $450 million, dealers
say. The pieces, owned by Cohen and his wife, Alexandra, all
depict women.
     Auction houses often host special exhibitions to showcase
sales in advance. In this case, Sotheby’s and Cohen say the show
will offer nothing for sale, although it does coincide with
Cohen’s increasingly close ties to the auctioneer.
     As of March 6, SAC owned 5.9 percent of the company, up
from 4.6 percent on Dec. 31, according to filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commission.
     Cohen, 52, has paid large sums as he built up a major art
collection. He’s best known as the 2004 buyer of Damien Hirst’s
$8 million formaldehyde-soaked shark, on loan to New York’s
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
     More recently, he snagged two pieces by Jeff Koons,
including the shiny 9-foot-tall “Hanging Heart (Violet/Gold)”
sculpture, according to people familiar with the transaction.
Another heart from the same series fetched $23.6 million at
Sotheby’s in 2007.
     Last year, Cohen consigned at least eight paintings to New
York dealers to sell, among them works by Willem de Kooning,
and Pablo Picasso. He hoped to raise money for a major
purchase that -- as financial markets tumbled -- he ultimately
decided not to make, according to sources close to Cohen. They
declined to disclose his target.

                      ‘Business Prospects’

     The Sotheby’s exhibition has provoked curiosity. “Cohen is
doing what he can to improve business prospects at Sotheby’s,”
said William N. Goetzmann, a former museum director and Yale
School of Management professor. “He is improving the value of
his art by showcasing it in a dramatic fashion.”
     With the art market in a funk, Sotheby’s and Christie’s
International are scrounging for goods to sell in the May
auctions, auction house sources say.
     Sotheby’s is publishing a 48-page hardbound illustrated
color catalog, with an essay by art historian Joachim Pissarro.
And it has allocated prime 10th-floor exhibition space to Cohen
for a week-and-a-half, twice as long as the house ordinarily
devotes to profit-making auction previews.
     During the past decade, Cohen, based in
, has bought voraciously, acquiring through art
adviser Sandy Heller and dealers including Gagosian Gallery,
Acquavella Galleries and the firm Giraud Pissarro Segalot.

                         Eclectic Tastes

     The Sotheby’s exhibition reveals Cohen as a man of eclectic
tastes, who chased down a wide range of major artworks, buying
at auction and from other collectors including Steve Wynn and
David Geffen.
     “It’s an opportunity to see works that everyone has been
talking about and not a lot of people have seen,” said Tom L.
Freudenheim, a former assistant secretary for museums at the
Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
     The show includes the 1952-53 de Kooning “Woman III,”
acquired from Geffen for $137 million, as well as Cezanne’s dour
1900 “Portrait of a Woman,” which Cohen acquired for $10
million at Christie’s in 2004. Other auction booty includes
Marlene Dumas’s 10-foot-wide “The Visitor,” purchased at
Sotheby’s in London for a record $6.3 million last July.
     Last summer, as Cohen prepared to make the mysterious major
purchase, he approached Sotheby’s about selling a group of
artworks in the November auctions -- including a work by Koons
and a painting by Maurice de Vlaminck -- valued at around $100
million, according to dealers and auction-house sources. The
group was ultimately not put up for sale.
     The works he withdrew from sale at private galleries in
Manhattan included Picasso’s “Homme a la Pipe,” insured for
$20 million, and currently on view at Gagosian Gallery.
     “The Cohens are continually refining their collection when
the opportunity presents itself,” explained spokesman Jonathan

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