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April 03, 2009

Nan Goldin Selling Several Personal Items At Christies Paris...

Nan Goldin is selling some of her personal items At Christies Paris on April 7th...

OK.. for all those Nan Goldin photography fans and fanatics (like MAO).. you have to see this! AMAZING!

Keeping in the spirit of, Her Art is Nan's Life (or is that, Her Life is her Art ?).. now is your chance to buy some of the very personal items from the life of legendary photographer Nan Goldin.

Nan is selling about 25 lots in an up coming "Arts Decratifs 16eme au 19eme Et Histoire Naturelle" at their Paris Auction house. This auction is a total kitchen sink of items, but Lots 97 thru to Lot 122 are all from the home of Nan Goldin.  There is no specific reason in the auction catalog for her selling these items.. just that it's stuff she's collected, and it was now time to sell them all.

And, well.. let's just say.. they are very "Interesting" items.. and maybe give a little extra in-site into the crazylife of Photographer Nan Goldin. We're still trying to figure out what in the world this one is...Lot 102 and what is she doing with it?

Nan_Goldin_dildo This lot (#122, pictured here..)is clearly The Grand Finale from her fascinating collection of insane fun stuff.. How can you pass this one up? Anyone have a bid?

Lot 122 Description :


Estimated Price Range :  $265 - $398
En bois mouluré et lacqué noir, portant des inscriptions gravées et dorées, muni d'un trou de préhension
Longueur: 16 cm. (6¼ in.)



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I think this is sitting on the nightstand next to Nan's bed in the self portrait I own. Ha ha.

Wonder where that thing's been?

You can find them cheap at those Oriental import furniture warehouses in Dumbo etc for probably much less. If you're into that sort of thing.

An Asian dildo?
Prefer an American one...ha ha ha!

I bet that thing hasn't been any closer to a real twat than a catholic priest. I'm sure she just added that in the auction to come across as cool and edgy.

Hello ... I know some things about Nan Goldin - uncompromising autobiography of the artist,
whose life is consistent with the notorious slogan "Sex, drugs and rock` n roll ".
Nan Goldin show their pictures not only in the form of prints hung on the wall,
but also in the form of slide film ... Nan Goldin takes everyday life such as it it was: the crumpled bed,
women body lovers, Postcoital cigarettes, alcohol withdrawal swollen faces, hands thinned AIDS dying, generic viagra ,weddings, funerals ... And it is very expensive...

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