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May 22, 2009

Hauser & Wirth to Open in NYC! Is this a Good Time to Open an Art Gallery?

Yes... you read that correctly.. A New Contemporary Art Gallery is actually not closing opening up in New York City! Yea!

London's Hauser & Wirth Gallery is planning to open on the upper east side of New York City in September! But, with the US economey crashing, is this a Good Time to Open an Art Gallery? Maybe, we shall see, a huge economic recovery might just be several years away around the corner.

So here's the exciting email we got this morning...

Hauser & Wirth, widely considered Europe’s most influential and acclaimed gallery of contemporary art and modern masters with galleries in Zurich and London, has just announced it  will expand its global activities by opening a fully dedicated gallery in New York City in September 2009.   

Occupying four fulll floors of new exhibition and event space at 32 East 69th Street in Manhattan, Hauser & Wirth New York will present new work by its international stable of more than 30 foremost established and emerging artists, and masters whose estates it represents. Opening with YARD, the seminal Environment first made in 1961 by renowned artist Allan Kaprow, inventor of ’Happenings,’ the gallery’s 2009-2010 season will include extraordinary exhibitions of never before seen works by Paul McCarthy, Ida Applebroog, Eva Hesseand Roni Horn.

A press release with further details is attached.  For additional information or to request images, please be in touch! 

Here's the press release Download Hauser_and_Wirth_to_open_in_NYC

This is so nice to see a new major gallery opening in New York.  Hauser & Wirth is one of our favorite galleries in the world, and we so welcome some fresh bloodanother exciting player to the top of the NYC art pyramid.  Welcome!!  And we at MAO wish H & W all the luck in the word!

OK..so that's the good news..

But we also wanted to point out to the MAO readers, that we have been getting a disturbing  curious number of these potentially sad "Interesting" emails as well...












(Please note, we at MAO apologize in advanc if this announcement facsimile just happens to resembles any actual gallery email) 

So, maybe MAO is just a bit too much of a total ass hole cynic, but we can't help wonder... Is this just the newest 2009 gallery lie speak for... We're closing the art gallery cause we are bleeding money? Or do you think they are really moving? What do the MAO readers think?

Is this a good time to move an art gallery? Maybe. We would bet that many landlords around the city are very open to offering huge financial inncentives to get galleries to rent space in their buildings these days.

But, so far, several of these "Moving Announcements" to an undetermined or undisclosed location have been fillinghitting our email in box. And Sadly, we have not yet seen a commensurate number of announcements stating.. Please Join US at our new location, it's...XXX on YY street!  Well.. Hopefully we'll start to see some of these soon.. cause right now..there seem to be too many galleries "in motion",and so it's going to make for a very quiet summer.

Hmm.. Or.. Maybe MAO just doesn't deserve to get invited to the gallery opening parties anymore..??

Hmm...  No...that can't be it...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


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I too see a lot of "moving" announcements. But what I find really interesting is that the few new Manhattan galleries seem to be choosing the Upper East Side.

Could my old 'hood be making a comeback as a place to see art?

Why shouldn't H and W open a gallery WHENEVER --- he is powerful, she is a multimultimulti-millionaire heiress. It's alwas perfect timing when you do it for power, er joy, er whatever, and are independent of any need to make money.

h&w... iwan knows how to do business...


Thanks MAO... but how about giving the readers some names?? Why pussyfoot around so much?

Charles Cowles Gallery?? Closing?

Mary Boone Gallery in Cheslea? Closing??
and what about
Daniel Reich Gallery??

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