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July 14, 2009

Some Very Sad News.. Gawker is reporting Dash Snow has died.

Some Very Sad News.. Gawker is reporting Young Artist, Dash Snow has died.

Dash-snow_dead Here's the story from Gawker. http://gawker.com/5314284/dash-snow-downtown-artist-said-to-be-dead-of-overdose.. The story is also on the New York Times Website..

We at MAO loved his work.. particularly his totally brilliant artist books.

He is a NY artist we at MAO will certainly miss. RIP.


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It's really a very modern style photo.So sorry to know about the death of a young artist.

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Sad sad sad

Stop glorifying this junky. He had everything, and threw it away because of an ego the size of Manhattan. I'm tired of hearing about his wonderful penchant for benders at $450 an night hotels. The sad, wealthy, eccentric Baudelaire. You'd think with the downfall of our economy (both nation and Art World) we would have woken up to the effects of this kind of waste. Where's the violins for other young kids of rich parents who are out there using their family money to do something beneficial for people? Sure it's sad, but the disproportionate level of attention his death has received is sadder. Devote, instead, some of this press to people more deserving.

Though I won't go so far as "get real" above in my condemnation, I do feel that dash snow has always commanded more attention than he deserves. His popularity seemed to be more of a lucky confluence of wealth, family heritage, and unique name than of one earned through his own efforts. If any one of those elements had been removed he likely would have never been taken seriously by or even been known by the art world.

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