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December 02, 2009

Art Miami 2009.. VIP Opening Night! A Nice Big Crowd...

Art Miami.. VIP Opening Night! A Nice Big Crowd...

So.. MAO and the MAO-ettes were doing the elite Miami Art Basel circuit party thing last night.

Last night was the posh VIP opening of 2 of the long time fairs.. Art Miami, and Design Miami.

We went to both of course.

Both were buzzing.. with people... lots of people!

So we guess the nights were successful for the art dealers....we shall see how today's main fair opening goes!

As for the Art Miami Fair.. we have to say.. we were all a bit disappointed by the galleries at this fair.

We herd one person say.. There's Lot's of "Decorative Work" being shown here at Art Miami.  FYI.. that's Art Snob code for terrible mall art!  But we did notice several dealers were showing only older not so interesting secondary work.

For us the standout booths of the fair were the Stux Gallery booth.. and the Amador Gallery booth. Congrats!

Both took a chance brought some new contemporary work by New Artists we hadn't seen before.. 

Robert_voit_halfway_Gardens_south_Africa From the Amador Gallery...

Robert Voit (these are a series of photographs of Cell Tower that are made to look like "Natural Trees")

Photo #1 By Robert Voit.


24" X 20" Edition of   4

60" x 50" Edition of   6

Type C Print

These images were all very cool.. a little Ed Ruscha.. and a little Karl Blossfeldt.. but updated for the year 2009.

From the Stux Gallery..

We liked the new works by Don Porcella, and photos from Rudd Van Empel..

Here's one example of Don's work.. (Not in the Miami booth)

..but our pics of his work didn't come out well enough to post..

He made scuplture out of pipe cleaners..

Don_Porcella_Dealer_2006 But you will get the idea..

Photo #2,

work by Don Porcella, "Dealer, 2006", Pipe cleaners, 10 x 7 x 1.5 inches

It looked like works were selling.. we saw red dots!!

Which might be a good sign for what's to come the rest of the week!

Anyway..MAO has to get ready for the Big ABMB opening!!

So catch you later....coming to you from Miami SoBe.


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All of left here in NYC are staying tuned! More gossip next time though!!

Over the weekend I experienced something completely fresh and new. The artist Kimber Berry has a paint installation up in the Riverside Art Museum that you essentially walk into. You actually experience the paint versus just scanning it. What a great abstract expressionist painter she is. The evolved extension of Pollock with a feminine palette capturing the current colors of the times, something the old master would delight in. As we all know, most art is boring and has been done to death, uninspired and brings nothing knew to the table and makes no history because the work is not ground breaking. Well, this is grounding breaking - this is historical work that will find its rightful place in history. Time to collect this undervalued work for there is no way for it not to gain the highest value. It is all that we art lovers and collectors look for.

More updates please....on my way down there and need some helpful mao editing.

It was all awesome and as you know it was my first time seeing artists and dealers in a major show. I went to a lot of art shows during art school and art crawls in NYC, but nothing like Art Basel. Everyone seemed very upbeat at each event and I hope its an energy that crosses over into 2010. I wish these artists to find more creative twists for their viewers with their upcoming projects.

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