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June 03, 2010

Eve Sussman's "whiteonwhite" to be shown at MOMA.. This Sunday June 6th!

Eve Sussman's   (and her creative think tank group, The Rufus Corporation) "whiteonwhite" film is to be shown at MOMA.. This Sunday June 6th at 5:30pm!

So here's an event not to be missed, if you are interested in the world of cutting edge Contemporary Art Film.

Eve_Sussman_WhiteOnWhite_hotelvacuum Eve Susman who, is possibly the most well known female Art Film maker of our time. Her work, The Rape of the Sabine Women, has graced the cover on Art in America, and been shown around the world. (Photo 1, from Rufus corporation website, "Vacuum Hallway"..I believe is part of whoteonwhite.. )

By the way... Artist, Eve Sussman, is also one of the many star artists represented by that contemporary art powerhouse, The Winkleman Gallery on 27th street. 

Her film,  89 Seconds at Alcazar, was highly regarded as the "Darling of a Whitney Biennial"..check this interview out.. 

So now, here is your chance to see Eve's latest and greatest Film Noir work...at MOMA. There will also be a Q&A session with the artist after the movie.

Get your tickets soon.. cause this event is sure to sell out. MAO will be there too!

More details here:

whiteonwhite:randomthriller [alphaversion]

  • 2010. USA. Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation.

New York theatrical premiere. Followed by a Q&A with Sussman, Messman, Garneau, and Wood

Sunday, June 6, 2010, 5:30 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

whiteonwhite:randomthriller [alphaversion]

2010. USA. Written and directed by Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation. MoMA's Creative Capital exhibition concludes with the New York theatrical premiere of an exciting and provocative new experimental work by the creators of the gallery installation 89 Seconds at Alcázar (2004) and the theatrical feature The Rape of the Sabine Women(2006). Shot primarily in post-Soviet Central Asia and billed as “New Wave futurist noir” and “a study of utopia and desire,” the “alpha” version of whiteonwhite:randomthrilleris a film of indeterminate length whose continuously evolving narrative is generated by computer code. The unfolding project will also manifest itself as an episodic television miniseries and a feature film. In the MoMA presentation, custom-built randomizing software edits the film in real time from a server loaded with thousands of clips, creating suspense through surprising and novel juxtapositions. The story follows the observations and surveillance of a geophysicist code writer held captive in “City-A,” a dystopian metropolis where nouveau riche capitalists preside over the dregs of communism. The film will run for approximately fifty minutes, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers


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Winkleman has a compound edition of part of this film on an Archos media player if you didn't know. The first half of the edition set is sold out and the second is selling for $600. It's a great price considering just the player itself. The audio track is superb and the video is stunning and certainly a modern noir. I have it and love it.

Did you see Artmostfierce's new offering with hous gallery? Marla Rutherford limited editions, 15 X 15, starting at 450. Crazy!

I could not see the video for Eve Sussman,’s Whiteonwhite on my computer. However I read the liner notes. I found myself face to face with an idea similar to Fritz Lang’s epic silent movie Metropolis. In this case, the communist elitist lounge in the sun soaked purity. The poor worker bees of society keep the tech machines going. Futurist thought would make the worker a techno geek keeping the lower society from plunging into bedlam. The fact the techie is a woman makes it more like Metropolis. The Metropolis’s heroine, Maria was both the flesh and blood love of the dictator’s son and the diabolically perfect clone (robo machine) fashioned by the evil scientist to overthrow the elitist upper class. The heroine of Whiteonwhite is presented as a geophysicist code writer on the film. Film is an art form check out http://www.artfortune.com. She is a captive in “City-A,” a futuristic Metropolis wannabe. This is the society where wealthy capitalists lord over the rabble of communism. Computer driven, the film is no longer than fifty minutes of pure excitement. I loved Metropolis, this sounds as good.

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