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November 14, 2014

Getting Ready for Art Basel Miami Beach 2014?

Well Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 is near, the MAO email box is filled with invites to oh  so many Miami events already, and it's only November 13th.  

But is anybody, who really collects Contemporary Art, going to Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 there to buy art? or are they just going to be seen or is that, scene?


Our reporters have spoken to several long term art collectors, many say they are not going this year to ABMB because it's become such a circus of art tourists, and there are now just too many better art fairs around the globe. Is this true? Has ABMB become a victum of it's own art fair success?

A true story, we had one rich and  stupid totally Non-Art knowlegable friend tell us this summer.. "I am going to The Basel.."

So we said.. "you're going to Switzerland?"

They said," It's in Switzerland? No, I thought it was in Florida..."


Well To quote.. the brillient Yogi Berra on why he no longer went to Ruggeri’s, a St. Louis restaurant: “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded.”

 Hmm.. something to think about! 


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That's so true..

These art fairs have jumped the shark!

A unicorn sighting. AKA a Dr. Quiz siting!

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