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April 07, 2010

Friday May 7th...A Great new Photography Show Opens in Chelsea, Save the Date!

Friday May 7th... A Great new Photography Group Show, American ReConstruction, Opens up in Chelsea at the super art bloggers run amuck hot and innovative Winkleman Gallery, So

Save the Date! This opening is one not to be missed!! People will probably call this "THE Art Event of the Spring 2010 Season!." 

Plus, A big MAO congratulations go out to the 6 lucky new young talented artists which have been chosen for this show. Trust MAO, your careers in the Art World will never be the same!

More details to follow. (Photo below by Mark Lyon, Landscape For The People Series, "Ford F150 Tailgate", 2009, 24" x 60", C-Print) Slide1

April 16, 2009

Robert Adams Wins the 2009 Hasselblad Foundation Award

The photographer Robert Adams has won the 2009 Hasselblad Foundadion Award today.

Robert Adams follows in a truly great tradition of Art photography excellence by winning this award. The past winners of this prestigious Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography have included Graciela Iterbide 2008, Nan Goldin 2007, Lee Friedlander 2005, Jeff Wall 2002, Cindy Sherman 1999, William Eggleston 1998, Robert Frank 1996, and Susan Meiselas 1994 just to name drop a few.

Robert_Adams_newwest_bookFrom the Hasselblad website... The Award in Photography is an award granted to "a photographer recognized for major achievements".

Robert Adams, is probably most well know for his "quiet" photos of the terriblly ugly new suburban American West.  In his landmark 1974 book, The New West, with forward by MOMA curator John Szarkowski, Adams captured the rapidly changing face of American at a critical point in this Nations history.

(Photo #1, Book Cover of : Robert Adams, The New West, 1974, Colorado University Press) Here's a note from the Books publisher..

The New West can be accounted as one of the outstanding works of artistic photography since 1945. This series of 56 pictures stands in the tradition of such projects as Walker Evans' American Photographs (1938) and Robert Frank's The Americans (1958). The wide open spaces of the American West have all but disappeared. Robert Adam's legendary book The New West tells of what has taken their place: the destruction of a once grandiose landscape by settlement which imposed highways, cheap housing developments and the vacuous chaos of advertising signs in the cities." 

Our sincere MAO congrats to Robert Adams.

Here's a story posted by Niklas Magnusson of Bloomberg News


Robert Adams, U.S. Photographer, Wins $61,000 Hasselblad Award
2009-04-15 10:10:08.508 GMT

By Niklas Magnusson
     April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Adams, the U.S. photographer
known for his images of the American west, has won the 2009
Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.
     Adams, who is based in Astoria, Oregon, received the
500,000 kronor ($61,000) prize at a ceremony in San Francisco
yesterday, the foundation -- which is based in Gothenburg,
Sweden -- said in an e-mailed statement issued today. It
described Adams as “one of the most important and influential
photographers of the last 40 years.”
     “During that time, he has worked almost exclusively in the
American West, and, as photography has altered and fragmented,
he has refined and reaffirmed its inherent language, adapting
the legacies of 19th-century and modernist photography to his
own very singular purpose,” the foundation said.
     Victor Hasselblad, whose cameras were used for the stills
taken by astronaut Neil Armstrong during his 1969 lunar landing,
donated 78 million kronor in his will for research in the
natural sciences and photography. Victor’s wife Erna started the
foundation in 1979, a year after his death. Last year’s winner
was Graciela Iturbide, while Nan Goldin won in 2007.

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September 23, 2008

Artist Tara Donovan wins MacArthur Foundation Genius Award

Artist Tara Donovan wins the MacArthur Foundation Genius Award, story in today's New York Times.

Tara_Donovan-UntInk Life could not be better for artist Tara Donovan, her new retrospective is opening up at the wonderful

Boston ICA in just a few weeks.. and Today, she is one of the only visual fine artists to join in winning the $500,000 MacArthur Genius award. Congrats Tara!

(photo #1, Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2003,Ink on Paper, 6'H x 4' 11"W)

We've long been a fan of Tara's obsessive art work. Hello... of course!!

Tara_Danovan-UntCupsLABut, from the immediate OMG impact everyone has when first seeing her work, to the thoughtful attention to detail you come to appreciate once you spend some time with her creations... MAO thinks you will fall in total love with Tara Donovan's work.

(Photo #2, Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2003, Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue, Dimensions Variable)

If you don't know Tara's work.. you really need to! There's a reason why she won the GENIUS AWARD!

Check her work out here..at the ACE Gallery Website.

Luckily, Monacelli Press has published a major new retrospective catalog for the show. A beautiful book, and it really illustrates how deep the breath of Tara's art work really has become. FYI, The Strand has them for only $35

Also for all you signed book junkies collectors, on November 12th, Tara Donovan and Lawrence Weschler will be appearing for a discussion about her work at Strand Books in NYC from 7 to 8:30pm.

Sadly.. while the show will be traveling to 4 museum in the USA, it will not be coming to any of the NYC museums. Like, don't they know NYC is the center of the contemporary art universe?

Our Loss!! MAO might actually have to get on a damn plane to go see this show!

January 25, 2007

Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten win 2007 HSBC Foundation for Photography Prize

Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten have won the prestigious 2007 HSBC Foundation for Photography prize. Congratulations!

They were both initially selected into a short list of 13 nominees, which came from a group of 823 candidates. Wow.. 823.. it's hard to believe there are that many, would be, art photographers out there! The winners both get their first monograph published (by Actes Sud in June), 4 shows of their work in France and abroad, plus a cash prize.

Thanks to the wise guidance of Bonni Benrubi, we at MAO have already fallen in total love with Matthew_pillsbury_hbo_rome Matthew's amazing B&W provocative and contemplative night time photographs.

(Photo #1, by Matthew Pillsbury, HBO, ROME, Thursday October 13th, 2005, 12:00 - 12:50am)

In fact, this long exposure photo of 2 friends getting well acquainted on the couch, while basking in the warm glow of the TV series Rome..was a must have for the MAO collection.

With clear reverence to the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Matthew's photographs manage to capture the spirit of connection and isolation with our 21st century TV and late night computer culture. He's created projects which have included the launch of XBOX (The Zero Hour), LA friends on cell phones, visitors at museums (Museum Hours) and our emerging laptop society. Once you've seen his work, it's obvious why Matthew was chosen from this huge pool of candidates for the HSBC award.

He's even got a new show opening up this Saturday at M + B Gallery in LA (Damn.... the wrong coast seems to be having some kick ass outstanding photography events!)

Matthew Pillsbury, is certainly one young photographer to watch out for in the future.

At MAO, we're not familiar YET with the work of British photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten. Julia_fullertonbatten But I can't believe we've missed this photographer.. the work looks intense (all be it, a bit commercial).. but, check out her website.

Julia Fullerton-Batten. This photographer has won some major awards,  plus, Julia has already had a show at the National Portrait Gallery. In her most recent project on teenage girls, Julia shows a clear development of a unique identifiable signature photographic style.

A Big MAO congrats to both Matthew and Julia.. we look forward to seeing (and collecting) your new books, art shows, and more of your wonderful photography work.

Here's the Original HSBC French Press Announcement.

Some of the past winners of this prestigious HSBC prize include : Birgitta Lund and Eric Baudelaire, and the collaborative photographers Christophe Clark & Virginie Pougnaud

June 08, 2006

Congratulations to Brian Clamp, Anne Wilkes Tucker, and Barbara Hitchock

Ouch!! I'm feeling a bit fuzzy today..too much wine fun last night with the gang..Dr.Quiz, JG (aka..Teach!), Sheepy, The Smurf, Big Daddy, Chris, Joe, Weather Girl Boy, Steve, Jimmy, and El Marveloso.. Thanks everyone for coming in the god damn rain and making it a special night!  Now, please pass the aspirin!

So... Tonight, June 8th, The Griffin Museum of Photography of Winchester, MA is giving 3 new Photography Focus awards.

Griffin_photography_awards 1. Focus award for Lifetime achievement goes to Anne Wilkes Tucker, the curator of Photography at the Houston Museum of Fine Art.

2. Rising Star award goes to Brian Paul Clamp, of ClampArt in NYC

3. The Museums New England Beacon award goes to Barbara Hitchock, curator for The Polaroid Collection

So please join me in giving my sincere MAO congratulations to all three admirable award recipients!

Here's a brief story that was featured in American Photo of these awards.