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November 17, 2014

Art Maimi 2014.. is off to its expected start!

Well.. it's been hard to attend Art Maimi the last few years... We tried in 2013..and only lasted an hour at their VIP Preview. So, for 2014,  it looks like this year is already starting out like yet another total disaster typical year for this satelite art fair!


We saw this ad in ArtForum this month for Art Miami. And all we can say is, Are they kidding ?  Have they totally lost their mind, WOW, that's an impressive huge bronze cock chicken!

With this as their advance ad to attact important collectors.. I'm sure the fair will be packed!

November 14, 2014

Getting Ready for Art Basel Miami Beach 2014?

Well Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 is near, the MAO email box is filled with invites to oh  so many Miami events already, and it's only November 13th.  

But is anybody, who really collects Contemporary Art, going to Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 there to buy art? or are they just going to be seen or is that, scene?


Our reporters have spoken to several long term art collectors, many say they are not going this year to ABMB because it's become such a circus of art tourists, and there are now just too many better art fairs around the globe. Is this true? Has ABMB become a victum of it's own art fair success?

A true story, we had one rich and  stupid totally Non-Art knowlegable friend tell us this summer.. "I am going to The Basel.."

So we said.. "you're going to Switzerland?"

They said," It's in Switzerland? No, I thought it was in Florida..."


Well To quote.. the brillient Yogi Berra on why he no longer went to Ruggeri’s, a St. Louis restaurant: “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded.”

 Hmm.. something to think about! 

December 02, 2009

Art Miami 2009.. VIP Opening Night! A Nice Big Crowd...

Art Miami.. VIP Opening Night! A Nice Big Crowd...

So.. MAO and the MAO-ettes were doing the elite Miami Art Basel circuit party thing last night.

Last night was the posh VIP opening of 2 of the long time fairs.. Art Miami, and Design Miami.

We went to both of course.

Both were buzzing.. with people... lots of people!

So we guess the nights were successful for the art dealers....we shall see how today's main fair opening goes!

As for the Art Miami Fair.. we have to say.. we were all a bit disappointed by the galleries at this fair.

We herd one person say.. There's Lot's of "Decorative Work" being shown here at Art Miami.  FYI.. that's Art Snob code for terrible mall art!  But we did notice several dealers were showing only older not so interesting secondary work.

For us the standout booths of the fair were the Stux Gallery booth.. and the Amador Gallery booth. Congrats!

Both took a chance brought some new contemporary work by New Artists we hadn't seen before.. 

Robert_voit_halfway_Gardens_south_Africa From the Amador Gallery...

Robert Voit (these are a series of photographs of Cell Tower that are made to look like "Natural Trees")

Photo #1 By Robert Voit.


24" X 20" Edition of   4

60" x 50" Edition of   6

Type C Print

These images were all very cool.. a little Ed Ruscha.. and a little Karl Blossfeldt.. but updated for the year 2009.

From the Stux Gallery..

We liked the new works by Don Porcella, and photos from Rudd Van Empel..

Here's one example of Don's work.. (Not in the Miami booth)

..but our pics of his work didn't come out well enough to post..

He made scuplture out of pipe cleaners..

Don_Porcella_Dealer_2006 But you will get the idea..

Photo #2,

work by Don Porcella, "Dealer, 2006", Pipe cleaners, 10 x 7 x 1.5 inches

It looked like works were selling.. we saw red dots!!

Which might be a good sign for what's to come the rest of the week!

Anyway..MAO has to get ready for the Big ABMB opening!!

So catch you later....coming to you from Miami SoBe.

September 28, 2009

An Art Event Not to Miss.. The NY Art Book FAIR this Weekend at P.S.1

One of the next best things to looking at Contemporary Art.. is sex is looking at new Contemporary Art Books!


We can't wait for the next 2009 New York Art Book Fair.. cause MAO can never have enough art books.

(Photo #1, Mickey Smith, More Books, 2008, Archival Pigment Print)

FYI.. they moved the fair this year from Phillip's Auction House in Chelsea to Art World Siberia Long Island City at P.S.1

Here are the details

LOCATION   P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101 (map)

Friday/Saturday, October 2 & 3, 2009, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, October 4, 2009, 11am - 5pm
The NY Art Book Fair is FREE and open to the public.

Some of the cool events to see :

Richard Prince Calling All Readers (Books & Posters)
John McWhinnie curates a survey of the books and posters of Richard Prince, from the 70s to today.

2. Great Contemporary Artist book Signings!


Friday, October 2, 2009:
2pm Steven Miller [DECODE]
3pm Joan Lyons [Visual Studies Workshop]
4pm David Benjamin Sherry [Printed Matter]
5pm AA Bronson [Printed Matter]
6pm William E. Jones signs Tearoom[2nd Cannons]

Saturday, October 3, 2009
12pm Sherin Neshat [MUSAC]
1pm Peter Sutherland [Gottlund Verlag]
2pm Ariana Page Russell [DECODE]
3pm Brad Buckley/John Conomos [NSCAD]
4pm Vince Aletti [DAP]
5pm Ryan McGinley [Morel]
6pm Gregg Bordowitz [Printed Matter]

Sunday, October 4, 2009
2pm Sarah Morris [Witte de With]

3. The ClassRoom
The Classroom is a full-schedule of informal artist talks, performative lectures, and other lessons of impromptu spirit with free, continuous enrollment for all fair-goers. The faculty includes: Center for Book Arts, Dexter Sinister, Fillip, free103point9 with Brett Ian Balogh and Tarikh Korula, Friends of the Fine Arts (FFARTS), Jason Fulford, Rick Myers, Michalis Pichler, Red 76, Carson Salter, Jennifer Sullivan, Three Star Books with Haim Steinbach, Triple Canopy, Ugly Duckling Press, Western Exhibitions with Miller & Shellabarger, and others. The Classroom is curated by David Senior, Museum of Modern Art Library.

4. If you feel the need to Party like an rock star on Thursday Night.. and get a limited edition work of art.... there's something for you too!

Following the, PREVIEW: The Fair opens for preview October 1, 6-8 PM at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.

Deitch Studios, Long Island City, will generously host a benefit for Printed Matter, featuring industrial punk-and-dub duo, I.U.D.(Lizzi Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance and Sadie Laska of Growing). DJs Tim Lokiec and Gary Murphyplay vintage house. Tickets begin at $20 and include limited artist editions by Elmgreen & Dragset, Jutta Koether, Tom Sachs, and Mungo Thomson.


Deitch Studios, 4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City

$20 - benefit plus ticket edition by Tom Sachs, edition of 450.
Available here
$150 - benefit plusedition by Jutta Koether, signed and numbered edition of 150.
Available here
$150 - benefit plusedition by Mungo Thomson, signed and numbered edition of 150.
Available here
$3,000 - benefit plusportfolio of 26 prints by Elmgreen & Dragset, signed and numbered edition of 26.
Available here 

OK... see you all at the FAIR!

March 20, 2009

It's not too late to get your VIP Tickets to the AIPAD preview next week!

It's not too late to get your VIP MoMA Tickets to the AIPAD preview next week!

For those MAO readers who've not had enough of art fairs..next week starts the 29th Annual AIPAD Fair.

2009_AIPAD_FAIRFor those who don't know.. AIPAD is the foremost exhibition and longest running Art Fair dedicated to fine art photography in the USA. It takes place at the Uptown (67th street) Park Avenue Armory.

This year promises to be a particularly challenging an interesting photography fair.  As expected, in this terrible economy, they've had a difficult time filling all the expensive booths in the up town Armory..

So AXA Art Insurance, three high quality Photography Bookshops, and several non-AIPAD (think young and innovative) photo dealers will be presenting at this years AIPAD fair.   

Even The George Eastman House, from Rochester, NY will have a booth!

The show opens with their VIP MoMA Benefit Preview night on Wednesday March 25th, and will run until Sunday March 29th.

Sponsor Ticket:$500. Includes one ticket, an AIPAD catalog, preview hours from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., cocktail buffet and desserts, and one run-of-show pass.

Friend Ticket:$100. Includes one ticket, an AIPAD catalog, preview hours from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., desserts, and one run-of-show pass

March 12, 2009

Armory Art Fair Week - The MAO Standouts from the Volta Art Fair 2009

Armory Art Fair Week - The MAO Standouts from the Volta Art Fair 2009

So many of our MAO Art scouts said the Volta fair was not as good this year.
We actually liked it. We love Art Fairs with solo shows..it's one of the best ways to get to know the work on a new artist in our not so humble opinion.

We only got to Volta on Sunday morning (the last possible day), and it didn't look like much was sold out at the fair. Every booth, even the best ones had work left. But we guess it's just a sign of the times.

_a Well.. here were the MAO high points...

And, so sorry for the delay...in getting this post recap up.. but. it's been a busy few weeks for MAO.

There will be more to come over the next few days.. we did manage to get to all the Major Art Fairs, and there are several artists we still wanted to point out to readers.

1. Taro Nasu Gallery from Japan, showing paintings by Futo Akiyoshi.
These were small, almost mono-chrome gold paintings. Gold on gold.. but sometimes simple also sings. These little jems were great.

They had depth, texture and drama. Sometimes it's impressive what a real painter can do with just a little gold and canvas.

(Photo #1, by Futo Akiyoshi, 12" x 10", Oil on canvas)

2. The Loock Galerie from Berlin showing photography work by Charlie White.
The show was called "Girl Studies." Some totally witty brilliant photography, and hysterical video. Plus, we just loved his bright pink walled booth. Also Charlie White has a new book out, Charlie White : American Minor...well worth checking out.

(photo #2, by Charlie White, 2 color c-prints)

3. T20 Gallery from Spain showing a video work by Kaoru Katayama.
This simple video short had us totally entertained.

It was just 2 traditionally dressed women dancing in their traditional style to some modern hypnotic trance club music.. but it completely worked.. We laughed, we cried..

4. Walter Maciel Gallery of Colver City CA, showing several sculptures by Margarita CabreraCharlie_white_Girl_Studies.
These were a series of ornately decorated farming equipment turned into adobe clay sculptures.

(photo #3, Margarita Cabrera, "Saw" 2008, Ceramic, and Slip Paint)

Margarita_cabrera_clay_saw5. Thierry Goldberg Projects from NYC showing paintings by Hayv Kahraman.
At times these paintings all look a bit like John Currin doing his best imitation of Asian art.

But these paintings somehow work. The more time we looked at them, the more their magic emerged.

(Photo #4, Hayv Kahraman, Oil on Canvas).

So.. my little MAO-ettes, more to come of NYC Art Fair MANIA tomorrow..


February 19, 2009

ADAA Art Fair Opened last night.. in the Eye of the Storm.

ADAA Art Fair Opened last night.. in the Eye of the Storm. The 21st ADAA Art Show at the uptown 67th Street, Armory.

Arthur_rothstein_Dust_Storm_1936 So last night was the big daddy of NYC art fairs.. and for the first time in several years, MAO didn't attend last nights preview party for the ADAA art fair.  Mostly cause we didn't want to waste the money time and be around lots of grumpy people bitching  saying how bad the economy has become. We listen to that all day long in our office!  

Well, it sounds like a lot more of the same for this art fair. Slow gallery sales..being met with collectors questioning these super high prices while looking for bargains.

(photo by Arthur Rothstein, "Fleeing a dust storm". Farmer Arthur Coble and sons walking in the face of a dust storm, Cimmaron County, Oklahoma. April, 1936,Library of Congress)

Plus, all us NYC Wall Street fat cat types have been putting in very long office hours the last 2 years, so taking time out to attend high attitude art fairs is not exactly a major priority for most people!

Anyway.. it doesn't sound like we missed much. We've been told everything will still be there (unsold) on Saturday afternoon when we have time to check out the ADAA art fair. 

Geeeze..is it just MAO.. or is this country starting to feel like it's in a depression already?

Here's a report by Bloomberg's Katya Kazakina.


Art Show Opens in N.Y. With Less Hedge-Fund Money for Picasso
2009-02-19 04:56:23.637 GMT

By Katya Kazakina
     Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- At the Art Show last year, dealer
Richard L. Feigen offered an $8.5 million Pablo Picasso still
life. This year, he’s highlighting less expensive art, including
a $90,000 purple teapot painting by Georges Braque.
     “The guys with the bonuses and hedge funds won’t be
throwing money around,” he said. “There are a lot of things at
lower price levels than in the past.”
     The opening gala for the annual fair at the Park Avenue
Armory in Manhattan proceeded last night without its sponsor, the
bankrupt Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and with the expectation
of fewer sales than last year.
     Last night’s benefit for social services agency
Henry Street
felt muted compared with the frenzied atmosphere of
the past three years, when collectors rushed in to snap up
multimillion dollar artworks, which include paintings, drawings,
photographs and sculpture.
     Among those who checked out the fair, which runs through
Sunday, were Donald Marron, chief executive officer of buyout
firm Lightyear Capital LLC, Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of
LP, tennis player John McEnroe,
Museum of Modern Art
Glenn Lowry, philanthropist Agnes Gund and former Walt
Disney Co. President Michael Ovitz.

                            First Lap

     “It’s our first lap,” said New York collector Jeff Grant,
who was with his wife, Madeline. While several works caught their
eye, they were not in a rush to buy.
     “Before we make a decision we do our homework,” he said.
“It’s got to be right.”
     Several dealers among the 70 with booths reported meager
sales or none at all. Patrons -- the women wearing large jewels
and the men dressed in suits -- spent as much time eating thumb-
size vegetable dumplings, Peking duck in scallion pancakes and
pulled pork sandwiches as they did perusing the art.
     “Everyone is paralyzed,” said dealer Per Skarstedt. “It
has to be either rare or inexpensive or both.”
     Skarstedt Gallery sold only one work: a photograph by
priced at $600,000. An $800,000 car hood by
and a $2.1 million “Mao” by Andy Warhol were still
available by the end of the evening. So was a striking, orange-
hued painting of a stripper “Cleaning the Pole” (2000) by
Marlene Dumas. The work’s asking price is $1.8 million, almost
double the amount it fetched just four months ago at
Phillips de
& Co.’s auction in London.
     Among the unsold high-end works for sale are Picasso’s 1906
gouache of his mistress Fernande Olivier. Acquavella Galleries is
asking $6 million for it.

                          Freud Etching

     Acquavella, which represents Lucian Freud, the most
expensive living artist at auction, also is selling one of his
2007 etchings for $45,000.
     Feigen’s most expensive item is a $2 million white canvas by
Lucio Fontana. His next most expensive item is a $550,000
     The show’s organizer, the
Art Dealers Association of
, said it’s expecting attendance to remain as strong as
last year despite a dismal global economy and a plummeting art
     “We all know the days of wild sales when booths were sold
out within 20 minutes -- that era is over,” said Linda Blumberg,
the association’s executive director, adding that “the first-
rate work and smaller, more intimate atmosphere of the fair will
accrue to our benefit.”

                          Customer Appeal

     As collectors retreat and many galleries have reduced staff
or closed outright, the ADAA has encouraged participants to
appeal to customers in a more creative way.
     “Ten, 15 years ago, people would have had their inventory
on the walls,” said Roland Augustine, president of the ADAA.
“I’ve encouraged member-dealers to think more about the
aesthetics and the curatorial approach. I think it serves the
artist and the gallery better.”
     As a result, 24 dealers are focusing on the work of a single
artist, up from 18 last year.
     PaceWildenstein gallery is exhibiting gouaches by the late
minimalist artist Sol LeWitt. Made over three decades, the works
show snaking, overlaid basic washes of red, yellow, blue and
black. Ranging in price from $40,000 to $200,000, the pieces were
still available last night.
     “This particular fair is one of the best barometers of the
art world,” said Matthew Armstrong, curator of Marron’s
collection. He bought nothing.

      The Art Show runs through Sunday at the Park Avenue Armory,
Park Avenue at 67th Street. Admission is $20. Information:

December 11, 2008

The Aqua Art Fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach... some passing thoughts..

The Aqua Art Fairs during Basel Miami Beach... some passing MAO thoughts..
Now that we've had some much needed time to rest up from our Art Basel Miami vacation. Since everybody asks... we thought it was worth doing a little postmortem more art fair writing.

After the Pulse fair.. our next favorite fairs were the 2 Aqua fairs. One in the traditional Hotel, and the other in an old warehouse in Wynwood. Just like all the Art Maimi fairs, both were more quiet this year than last.  Sadly, these 2 fairs were also filled with very anxious art dealers....who'd not sold much art work by the time we visited. But, the quality was there, we thought both fairs were terrific. With several standout booths.. and a few new found artistic gems MAO felt well worth sharing with the blog world.

First The smaller, Aqua Hotel Fair. We loved the following galleries..and a few particular artists..

- The Platform Gallery from Seattle -They had new works of witty paintings and drawings by William Powhida (one of MAO's longtime favorite humorists artists) and they also had self portrait photographs by new young talent Ariana Page Russell. (Ariana Page Russell, photo #1 & #2, #3,  "Corsage, 2008", and "Heat Wave, 2008", and  "Sugarplum, 2008", all 26" x 18", archival ink-jet prints)

Ariana_Page-russell_Corsage Ariana_PAge_russell_Heat-Wave Aiana_Page_russell_Sugarplum So.. You have to check out Ariana's website directly to fully understand her work.  But in a nutshell, she has a skin condition, dermatographia, which causes her skin to quickly turn red and form welts when she's scratched. Ariana utilizes her medical hypersensitivity condition to create designs and patters on her body, which she then photographs.  We found her self portrait images both beautiful, and shocking. At the fair her works were selling quickly for only $600 each, Edition of 5.. they clearly were too amazing to pass up.

It turns out MAO wasn't the only blogger to love Ariana's work..

- Publisher AMMO books from Los Angeles, had a very cool booth. They were showing both photographs by our so loved, Zoe Strauss (FYI, they have about 10 different prints by Zoe Strauss available in 2 sizes at prices too cheap for such a total super star photographer..) FYI Zoe's new book "America" was just listed in Artforum as one of the best photobooks of 2008. They also had a great Limited edition, plus photo prints available from the Hunter S. Thompson book Gonzo.

- Western Project from Culver City had several new paintings by Wayne White. They, along with Todd Oldham and AMMA books, are coming out with a huge new Monograph of all Wayne's work in the Spring 2009. Should be wonderful to see!

- The Paul Kopeikin Gallery (which just recently moved to a new location on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood, CA..good luck to Paul on your new space) had several hysterical "worded braille" photos by Lizabeth Rossof, they were made from those silly paper roll dot candies MAO remembers from our childhood.

The Aqua Wynwood Fair Thoughts and Standouts..

First off, when it comes to art fairs, The Aqua Wynwood Fair.. is lucky to have nice real walls, much better lighting, and real Flat Floors... which just makes for a much better presentation experience for Art viewing. If MAO had a drink dollar for every time we stumbled on those damn tent floors at Scope, Art Miami, Etc..... Yikes!

- Patricia Sweetow Gallery  from San Francisco, CA - Great Booth! They had some thoughtful photo and video works from Jefferson Pinder, which are worth checking out. But both MAO and Dr. Quiz totally fell in love love love with the work of super young painter Jamie Vasta.

    Now, MAO never in his lifetime thought he'd ever write these words... "We liked a group of paintings made entirely of GLITTER."  Yikes..! Yes.. It's true... As a total contemporary Art Snob, it's almost scary to even type Jamie_Vasta_Zoe that statement, but it's totally true.

The work of Jamie Vasta, is as intoxicatingly thoughtful, as it is sparkly & luminous. Made of only Glitter glued onto wood board, her newest series of young girls with their hunted (and frequently killed) prey left us mesmerized.  FYI.. these painting were all made prior to the Sarah Palin for VP choice.

There's so much in these paintings, we looked at them again and again. this series are all based on images Jamie found off the Internet.. it's hard to begin.. but they were impressive, political, lush, scary and beautiful all at the same time. Sadly they don't photograph well.. so don't think MAO's completely gone mad, until you've experienced one directly.
(Photo #4, painting by JAMIE VASTA, Zoe,2008,glitter, stain on wood,40 x 30 inches)

But after seeing these paintings, it was no surprise to hear, this artist was recently named one of the top 15 artists under 35 to watch, by Art Ltd. Her work was actually the magazine cover. Jamie who was only born in 1980, already has had reviews in Art in America, Artweek, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and has been a critics pick in Artforum.com. That's a lot of attention for glitter paintings.. but well deserved. Check out the work of Jamie Vasta soon.

- The Electric Works Gallery from San Fransisco had a great booth. Complete with a working artist Katherine_westerhout_aquarium_detroit made pinball machine by William T. Wiley.

They also had a great photo by Katherine Westerhout. Who's work we had not seen before.. but her Detroit project images are worth checking out.

(Photo #5, Katherine Westerhout, Aquarium, Belle Isle I, 2007, Archival Pigment Print)

- Walter Maciel Gallery from Los Angeles, had a strong booth with work by Rubel Collection Show, super star artist John Bankston. We also liked the soft cloth Cactus works by Margarita Cabrera. Finally, a plant MAO's black thumb can't kill.

- Lastly, we liked the newest color work by photographer Wouter Deruytter. He's completed a very expressive series of forest fire works complete Wouter_deruytter_first response with several hottie smoky firefighters. Several large photos were shown well at the Light&Sie Gallery booth from Dallas Texas.  We found these all very powerful images. great work.

(Photo #6, Wouter Deruytter, Untitled, First Response, 2007, pigment print)

Actually, for anyone at Aperture reading post.. this body of work would make for a perfect photobook.

So overall we really liked the time we spent at the two different Aqua fairs.. There was lots of new cutting edge contemporary art to see, and next year we will be sure to put them higher on our priority list of places to get to when at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009.

December 09, 2008

Art Basel Miami Beach 2008...

There were lots of nervous art dealers at the big Art Basel Miami Beach 2008... for good reason!

Art Basel Opened Wednesday to the much expected lack luster sales.  But, even in a tough economy, this one fair is still the most important art show in the  United States and, as in past years, people ArtBaselMiami_2008 gathered from all over the world.  Surprisingly this year was bigger than ever (their Web site says more than 2,000 artists this year). At the VIP preview,it wasn't as crazy as last year..and the vernissage wasn't as packed either. As a collector, it was a much better experience.. you could actually talk with the dealers...and look at the art without the madness.  MAO did spot a few celebs... Jay Z, Beyonce Knowles, and Faye Donaway (Yes...she's still alive).

According to the   Miami Herald:  "Despite global economic woes, Art Basel remained a feast for the eyes: 266 international galleries exhibiting the works of some 2,000 artists, new galleries from Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and a colorful crowd strolling through the maze-like booths.  Maybe the crowd wasn't as colorful as in other years—people seemed to have toned down in every conceivable way."

Hernan_bas_The_Basin_of_a_evil_river Well, it's a total local slant on things.  After all, with one of the nations highest home foreclosure rates, how can they not tell the folks of Miami the rich are "toning things down" because of the economy?  Anyway, it was still quite an amazing show.

Our single favorite new work of art presented at the fair was this huge Hernan Bas painting in the Fredric Snitzer Gallery booth he's painting in big/epic size now, and it totally worked! ... Sadly, we were too scared to actually ask the price... (Photo #2 : The Basin of a very evil river, or where to vacation next by Hernan Bas 2008, acrylic on linen, h: 103.5 x w: 76.5 in)

The Herald also noted they had a special exhibit on Robert Rauschenberg, who died in May and regularly came to Art Basel.  "This year's fairs also featured several tributes to the late Robert Rauschenberg, including a selection of seven works being shown for the first time since the 1980s at the Joan Washburn gallery."  Even with  reports that MoMA paid $30M for one of his paintings in June 2005, Several dealers clearly played it safe this year, choosing to show Rauschenberg, and Warhols in place of more risky young artists. But, you have to wonder how many galleries are in deep need of cash right now, and long a few too many overpriced Rauschenbergs. By Sunday..MAO hadn't seen many redots on any of these vintage gems. We think sales were clearly down.. but probably not as bad as the rumors.

MAO and Dr. Quiz hit almost every fair, we deserve a medal... and FYI, For those big Naomi Campbell fans (aka.. Fashionistas Photo Collectors), there was a retrospective of her (uh) 23-year legacy at Art Basel.  Actually, Ms. Campbell is big in the art world, she told the NY Metro blog that she was a "beginner."  But, apparently this type of retrospective has never been done before. At the New Fashion Photo Fair..they had a surprisingly well done exhibition of Naomi in photography. Totally amazing.

Now that we're back in NYC, We'll post a few more on the MIAMI Art Fairs the next few days.. so stay tuned MAO-ettes.

This post was partly contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of art school programs She invites your feedback at [email protected]

December 05, 2008

Pulse Miami 08 - The VIP Preview... Looking Better than Ever...

Pulse Miami 08 - The VIP Preview... Looking Better than Ever... But what a difference a year and about a 50% drop on the Dow Jones makes! Was anyone buying? Well.. maybe a bit.

So with too many about 10 Art Fairs opening up on Tuesday Dec 2nd in the Wynwood District Of Miami Last night..  MAO and our art collector posse correctly choose Pulse Miami to attend first. (and after too many mojito's our...LAST!)
We thought, if the drinks fair was weak, we'd head over to Art Miami.. but we spent the entire 4 hours walking around Pulse.. and it was time well spent! The fair looked Great.

There were several smart Galleries which brought largely Solo Booths to Miami this year..which we Love...Love..Love!!

All the MAO-ettes felt having these solo booths, just avoided the fair looking like one big going out of business flea market mish-mosh of art stuff being thrown on the wall.  It totally lent some true thought and organization to seeing so much emerging art.

The MAO SOLO standouts galleries were...

- Monique Meloche Gallery from Chicago - with an Amazing Kendell Carter solo show. Totally wonderful.. The booth was compete with Tricked out Boots, and a Timberline inspired Wainscoting. Clearly, Kendell is still young, but, he's probably going to be the next big African American Art Wonder kid.

- Copro/Nason Gallery from Santa Monica, did an entire booth of Robert Crumb works.

- The Mixed Greens Gallery of NYC did a 2 artist show of Joseph Smolinski works, and one of our Favorite Wood Sculptures Lee Stoetzel.

Chris_Larson_deep_north - Magnus Muller from Berlin had a 2 artist booth.. a new painting by 2008 Whitney Biennial Super Star - Ellen Harvey, and super cool, "The Deep North Project" video and photos from Minnesota artist Chris Larson (photo #1, Chris Larson, The Deep North 2008, C-print mounted on aludibond / C-Print auf Aludibond 90 x 90 cm)

- The Morgan Lehman Gallery from NYC had transformed their booth into a fanciful set. Built by artist Andrew Schoultz, their show was titled Majestic Projections.

Other MAO favorites artists work included :

 - A new painting by Julie Heffernan at P.P.O.W.

- Susan Derges photograms at Purdy|Hicks Gallery from London

Lia_halloran_Dark_skate_maim - A set of new Miami Dark skate photos by Lia Halloran at DCKT Contemporary from NYC (photo #2, Dark Skate Miami/ Palms, 2008 c-print 48 x 56 inches)

- And a collaboration of "sign of the times," Compound Editions, greeting cards by artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida (being shown at both the Winkleman and the Schroeder Romero Galleries)

Lastly..we were impressed with a very well curated booth of obsessive detail collages at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery, complete with new works by Mark Wanger, and a historic work by Al Hansen - a Hershy Venus Girl painting.

Next stop... The Main Art Basel Miami Beach!

October 16, 2008

The Cold winds of Recession blow through the Frieze Art Fair....

Not a big surprise.. it sounds like the generally red hot Frieze Art Fair in London got a chilly reception.

CaterineOpie_ice_houses_1a   We're hearing that perhaps the Paris, FIAC "Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain" (contemporary art fair) held in the Louvre's courtyard which is running next week, maybe have a chance of doing a bit better..

Now the only question remains.. how bad and deep will this art recession get??

(Photo #1 by Catherine Opie, "Untitled #6 (Icehouses)," 2001, C-print, ed of 5, 2 artist proofs, 50 x 40" )

Here's the first story we found on the influential art fair...by Scott Reyburn and Katya Kazakina of Bloomberg news..


Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- International art collectors including Gwyneth Paltrow, Charles Saatchi, George Michael and Dasha Zhukova did more browsing than buying during the early hours of the Frieze Art Fair in London yesterday.

The event, which runs through Oct. 19 in Regent's Park, coincides with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

As the U.S. and European governments infused billions into their banking systems, fears of art market meltdown didn't materialize. Dealers said they were pleased to see American collectors and curators still supporting the fair, even if the economic slowdown had made them more hesitant.

``There are a lot of people who are a lot less inclined to spend money immediately,'' said Matthew Armstrong, who curates the collection of Donald Marron's Lightyear Capital LLC, a private equity investment firm in New York. ``As a result, people are looking at art a little more soberly. It's not as frantic,'' said Armstrong, who was taking his time over purchases.

VIP guests were in no hurry as they trickled in for the first view at 11 a.m. Among the American collectors was the Oscar-winning actress Paltrow, who strolled leisurely from booth to booth in black, chunky high heels.

``I come to Frieze every year,'' she said. ``It's something I really look forward to.''

Paltrow, who described herself as a collector of ``the whole gamut from Darren Almond to Jasper Johns,'' didn't make any immediate purchases.

George Michael

Singer George Michael, who last year paid 3.5 million pounds ($6 million) for Damien Hirst's ``Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain,'' joined the throng. Dealers also welcomed Saatchi -- whose new gallery opened in London on Oct. 9 -- and Zhukova, partner of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, whose Garage Center for Contemporary Culture opened in Moscow in September.

``It's a looker's mood,'' said U.K. collector Frank Cohen, who owns an art foundation, Initial Access, in the English Midlands. ``The price levels are the same as last year or a little bit more,'' said Cohen, who hadn't bought anything during the first two hours.

Gagosian Gallery was offering two Richard Prince paintings.

The red ``Heartbreak Nurse'' was available for $7 million, the gallery said. A large canvas featuring hundreds of tiny porn magazine covers had a price tag of $2.5 million. Both were unsold at 3 p.m.

Exhibitors said that, unlike last year, collectors were slow to make decisions, putting things on reserve instead of instantly purchasing them.

``Last year, by 12 o'clock galleries would say, `Sorry, It's gone,''' said Wendy Goldsmith, a London-based private dealer. ``I haven't so far encountered that this year.''

Energy Levels

Some collectors balked at prices they perceived to be out of step with the turmoil in the wider economy.

``Marked out of 10, the energy level is about four,'' said Todd Levin, a New York-based art adviser and curator of hedge- fund manager Adam Sender's collection. ``People are talking about the financial markets.''

Frieze, which is in its sixth year, specializes in new works by cutting-edge artists, with most transactions priced at less than $500,000.

At David Zwirner gallery, works by Lisa Yuskavage, Stan Douglas, Thomas Ruff and Francis Alys sold for about $100,000 each, according to owner David Zwirner.

Gober Sculpture

Among the few works to sell for more than $1 million was Robert Gober's 2007 mixed-media sculpture ``Leg with Anchor.''

The piece sold to a private U.S. collector at the booth of Matthew Marks Gallery for $1.2 million. An untitled Gober sculpture, featuring a pair of breasts protruding from a wooden chair seat, also went to an American collector for $650,000.

Despite these sales, gallery founder Matthew Marks described collectors at the fair as ``cautious.''

Collectors tended to congregate at the booths of the more- established dealers. Hauser & Wirth sold 10 works on the opening morning. Indian artists were in demand with Subodh Gupta's 12- foot-wide painting, ``Still Steal Steel #9,'' selling for 450,000 euros ($607,590). Bharti Kher's 18-foot-wide triptych, ``I'm going that way,'' made of thousands of arrow-shaped Indian bindi-beads, went for 300,000 euros.

``The numbers feel better than we feared,'' said London and Zurich gallery owner Iwan Wirth. ``We've seen plenty of Americans. The crisis didn't make them stay away.''


Here are a few more Frieze stories we found...

A Soft Landing at Frieze? http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/28992/a-soft-landing-at-frieze/

            Sales picked up as buyers relaxed.

New Sobriety at a Slowed-Down Frieze http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/28991/new-sobriety-at-a-slowed-down-frieze/

You can’t quite hear a pin drop, but thanks to colossal global gyrations in the financial markets, the 2008 Frieze Art Fair is decidedly quieter and less frenetic than previous editions, with art commerce slowed to a more old-fashioned pace.

Curator's Voice: Neville Wakefield on Frieze Projects http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/28964/curators-voice-neville-wakefield-on-frieze-projects/

At an event that’s all about making money, even Frieze’s not-for-sale section, the curated Frieze Projects, tends to engage the commercial rationale of the fair, often in provocative ways.

July 29, 2008

Scope Hampton 2008.... We went.. We saw.. Here's what we liked.

SCOPE Hamptons 2008.. Yes...MAO and our many MAO-ettes were the only one there, on Saturday morning!

Most of the art dealers looked totally hungover tired from the big party the night before, but the fair was much better than we had expected. The booths looked great, there were no silly crowds of stupid people blindly buying everything, but sales were most certainly being made. We even saw some red dots!

The art at the fair was a bit uneven at best .. but there were a few MAO standouts..

1. The work of young conceptual artist, Vincent Como.

We first read about this artist on Brian Sherwin's Art Blog.

We just loved, Vincent's sold cube cast of black ink.. plus his many ink drawings.

(photo #1 Vincent Como, 4.5 Cubic in. "Volume of the Inside of My Head", 4.5x4.5x4.5 in, Cast Sumi Ink )

VincentComo at DC gallery... www.meatmarketgallery.com

2. Always a MAO favorite, Chicago gallery Carrie Secrist was at Scope

Of course they had the silly huge swirling glass pool of fluid by artist Petroc Dragon Sesti.

But, also got to meet photographer, Kim Keever. His staged fish tank photos look just like beautiful Hudson School paintings. Amazing!

(Photo #2, Kim Keever, Fallen Tree, 2005, 47 x 71",c-print)  

Kim_Keever_falletree3. We got to meet and liked the work of local hampton's artist Jeff Muhs

 at the McNeill Art Group Jeffmuhs

(Photo #3, Jeff Muhs, things that Steve gave me, Nan's Minks, 2008, cement 11 x 12 x 32")

4. We liked Andrea Cote performance based photos, at PanAmerican Art Projects.

She uses her own hair to paint and perform.Andrea Cote

(Photo # 4, Andrea Cote, self portrait,

Drawing the Body Series, digital-print)

Gerald_forster_Nocturnal11 5. Gerald Forster at a new gallery, hous projects from NYC

These night time photo's will bring out the viewer in you!

(Photo #5, Gerald Forster, Nocturnal #11, 2006, c-print)

6. And lastly,

We just love all the drawings by Michael Bilsborough at the Salomon Contemporary gallery from East Hampton.

Sadly, They only had one Michael Bilsborough drawing at the fair, but we got to see his entire show, "The Eternally Obvious" at their big warehouse space on Michael_bilsborough_drawingSunday afternoon. It is most certianly worth a stop if you're in the Hamptons this summer.

(Photo #6, Michael Bilsborough, "Smiling Through", 2008, ink on paper)

July 17, 2008

SCOPE Hamptons July 24-27, 2008... is anyone going?

SCOPE Hamptons July 24 - 27, 2008...

So what are the 2 biggest sports of the rich and fabulous out in the Hamptons...? Real Estate, and ART...

With stories around talking about how Hamptons Real Estate is falling like a stone... here's a sad story..

Download Hamptons_Real_Estate_08.rtf

Jill_greenberg_earth Who's going to go to SCOPE Hampton this year?

 Are the NYC rich over art faired?

(Photo by Jill Greenberg, Earth, 2005, archival pigment print)

Sadly... MAO was just looking through the SCOPE Hamptons Gallery Exhibitors list..

and it's not exactly the who's who of the contemporary art world...


May 16, 2008

The Art World really needs another RED DOT Art Fair?

So with the contemporary art auctions high flying in the face of reason a slowing world wide economy.... We guess it's a totally stupid perfect time to launch yet another RED Dot art fair. 

Paul_strand_blind_2 As if the MIAMI and New York RED Dots were not bad enough.. now there will be a RED Dot in London during the Frieze Art Fair in mid October.

(Photo #1, Paul Strand, "Blind Woman", New York, 1916)

Yes..my little MAO-ettes, even with many of the RED Dot NY'08 art dealers not selling a single thing, the economy crashing, and several HOT NY dealers shutting down ....

RED DOT London' 08 is coming !!

We shit  kid you not!! Like, did they not see the results of our MAO Art MIAMI Fair pole?

Anyway... We wish them lots of luck! Here's the insane press release..

Red Dot Fair is pleased to announce Red Dot London, October 16 - 19, 2008. London's vibrant art scene hosts the world each October as collectors, dealers, and artists converge on the city for the annual art fairs.
Located in the heart of London's West End and within a seven minute walking distance from both Frieze Art Fair and Zoo Art Fair, Red Dot London at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel will showcase the work of some of the world's most exciting emerging and established artists. Up to 60 galleries from around the world will exhibit in individual hotel rooms, creating an intimate and informal setting for collectors to discover art and meet with international dealers. The fair will be held across the entire first floor of this elegant hotel, enabling art lovers to move easily amongst exhibitors.
Red Dot debuted in 2007, with successful fairs in New York City and Miami Beach, in addition to the inaugural London fair. Red Dot London is co-produced by London-based Marketing, PR and event planner Colleen Theis and New York City-based fair owner George Billis.
Red Dot London, October 16 - 19, 2008

April 23, 2008


ARTOPOLIS 2008... If they build it will anyone they come??

Chicago_mart OK.. we're headed to Chicago tomorrow morning for a few days. We think MAO may possibly be the only silly obsessed New York Art collector to be able to say..we've gone to both Art Chicago in 2007 and 2008.

Do the big European art buyers know where Chicago even is? This could be very scary.

And from looking at the current Map of Art Chicago.. it's going to be very big. Is it possible to have too many galleries... not enough collectors at an Art Fair?

Anyway..we're looking forward to a work break, seeing some new art, meeting some nice mid-west types, and seeing the NEXT art fair.

March 28, 2008

Sales at the Armory Fair look good so far..

Collectors are cautious but still buying at The Armory 2008 Art Fair.

So far we've gone to both The Armory and The Pulse fairs.. and while we at MAO have been wrongly slandered labeled as the main evil soothsayer for the coming of the Art Apocalypse, we are very happy to Paul_pfeiffer_four_horseman_of_the_ report the contemporary art market is NOT crashing yet.

We directly witnesses lots of over highly priced art works getting swooped up by well known collectors.  On Wednesday afternoon we personally know collectors who bought Kehinde Wiley, Paul P, and Chris Dorland paintings.. plus a Spencer Finch Light Sculpture and even several new photo works by Ryan McGinley were all sold to wise members of the MAO fan club.

(Photo #1, Paul Pfeiffer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.2001, digital duralex print)

We'll post more on the NYC art fairs...as we see the rest. But here's one of the first stories we've seen in the press... Story on Bloomberg by Lindsay Pollock of Bloomberg News.


Worried Dealers, Cross-Dressing Potter Open Armory Art Fair
By Lindsay Pollock
     March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Collector Donald B. Marron noticed a less-frenzied pace at New York's Armory Show art fair yesterday as he strolled the aisles during the VIP opening. "You can see people contemplating the art,'' said Marron, chairman of Lightyear Capital LLC, with his curator at his side. "It's the way you ought to look at art.''  Following a seven-year jump in prices for contemporary art and a proliferation of international art fairs, the speculative boom may be losing some steam. "I'm not sure, at the end of the day, how good business is,'' said Roland Augustine, head of the Art Dealers Association of America and co-founder of Chelsea gallery Luhring Augustine, which isn't exhibiting.  "I'm not sure if the market can absorb all this.''  The fair, a showplace for 160 international galleries selling from booths on Pier 94 on the west side of Manhattan, runs through Sunday. Last year attendance topped 52,000 and organizers reported sales of $85 million.
     Marie-Josee Kravis, chairwoman of the Museum of Modern Art's board, and real estate developer Arthur Zeckendorf were among other VIPs. Europeans, particularly French and German, attracted by the weak dollar, were out in force. Some dealers fretted over few or no sales, but business was brisk in some quarters. Chelsea gallery Friedrich Petzel sold works by Allan McCollum, Sarah Morris and a $120,000 sculpture by Cosima von Bonin, made from grungy stuffed animals dangling on clothespins.

                       Pendulous Breasts

     Greenberg Van Doren Gallery sold their priciest work, a $275,000 androgynous wooden sculpture by Katsura Funakoshi with an elongated neck and pendulous breasts.  Sales outperformed London dealer Victoria Miro's expectations.  "Everyone is quite nervous about the economy,'' she said, "but it's been quite normal.''
     Miro sold three vases by the Turner Prize-winning cross- dresser Grayson Perry, priced $30,000 to $90,000. She sold five paintings by Varda Caivano, a young artist whose subtle pastel- hued abstractions cost $12,000 to $18,000. Renee and Robert Belfer, philanthropists and collectors who have a named gallery at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, raced over to a dealer to buy two photographs. "They were already gone,'' he said.
     Die-hard collectors were oblivious to gloomy economic forecasts. Don and Mera Rubell, who own a private museum in Miami, charged around in black sneakers. They said they weren't inclined to buy less.    "After 40 years of collecting, are we pulling back? No! We are buying a ton of art,'' said the tanned, white-haired Don Rubell. "But if everyone else pulls back, we'd be delighted.''

                       Blur of Art

     With over 2,000 artists on view, the art tended to blur, but one-person booths stood out. A one-woman show of Jenny Holzer paintings, marble footstools and LED installations based on declassified U.S. documents at Cheim & Read gallery seemed more museum-like than most.   Annette Lemieux's installation at Paul Kasmin Gallery, based on a country fair, featured gingham paintings, old barn wood, and free apple pie served with whole milk from the jar. A bumper sticker proclaiming  "No Bull'' cost $1.

     Most of the art wasn't rebellious, but Joe Bradley's bland beige painting at the Lower East Side's Canada gallery poked fun at "art as luxury goods,'' said Wallace Whitney, a dealer at the gallery. "This is a tough piece.''     The "Bread'' painting -- Whitney said the color reminded the artist of Wonder bread's crust -- was priced at $30,000.

There were no takers.

--Editors: Mary Romano, Yvette Ferreol.

March 11, 2008

Strong Sales Reported at Tefaf, the world's largest Art and Antiques fair

Strong Sales Reported at Tefaf, the world's largest Art and Antiques fair.

Brian_finke_cheerleader015 So we at MAO have been wrongly accused of being a total Debbie Downer, too negative, and most shockingly, the team captain of the "Art Market Death Watch Cheerleaders" (AMDWC).  Et tu, DinkyWinky?

So just to prove we at MAO can be just like Fox News "Fare and Balanced," today we bring to everyone's attention.. The strong sales reported in the European art market.  So, despite the total world wide financial system meltdown, those lucky collectors phat flush with Euros and British Sterling are ready to buy art with both hands.  Even, an $8 million Jackson Pollock painting "The Magic Flame" was sold yesterday by Zurich based, Hauser & Wirth. (Photo by artist, Brian Finke, Cheerleader #15, 2001.. see his new show at ClampArt until March 22nd)

Here's a report by Scott Reyburn posted this morning with Bloomberg news.

Pollock's $8 Million `Flame' Tops Sales in Maastricht  2008-03-11 03:47 (New York)

By Scott Reyburn

March 11 (Bloomberg) -- A Jackson Pollock painting priced at around $8 million became the most expensive work sold so far at Tefaf, the world's largest art and antiques fair, in the Dutch city of Maastricht, which opened on March 7.

Pollock's ``The Magic Flame,'' from about 1946, was bought by a European collector from Hauser & Wirth, based in Zurich and London, said Florian Berktold, one of the gallery's directors, in a telephone interview yesterday.

``The European art market is very strong at the moment,'' said Berktold. ``We saw this at the auctions in February too.'' The organizers of Tefaf said 25,000 people had visited the event in the first three days, an increase of around 7 percent over the same period last year, even as gloom gripped financial markets.

``A number of exhibitors, particularly in the antiquities and modern-art section, reported their busiest-ever opening to the fair,'' said Tefaf in an e-mailed news release.

``I've seen fewer Americans than before,'' said Raimund Thomas, of Munich-based modern-art specialists, Galerie Thomas. ``But there are plenty of clients from Europe, Russia and Asia.

One is jumping into the gap of the other.'' Thomas said he had sold four works, including a double-sided canvas by the German Expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner to a European collector for around 3 million euros ($4.6 million).

Oriental art specialist Floris Vanderven of Dutch-based Vanderven & Vanderven said yesterday he had sold more than 80 pieces.

No Complaints

``Last year I sold 75 pieces during the entire fair,'' said Vanderven. ``Nobody has complained about the stock exchanges or the low dollar.'' Vanderven said U.S. clients had accounted for 20 percent of his sales, which were led by the 400,000 euros paid by a European collector for a Tang dynasty terra cotta of a dignitary.

The London-based Oriental specialist Ben Janssens has so far sold more than 50 pieces. These included a 19th-century Japanese lacquered wood karabitsu box to a New York-based Russian collector at 50,000 euros and two 18th-century Indian marble water slides to European collectors at 30,000 euros each.``We could have sold those water slides 40 times over,'' said Ben Janssens's Hidde van Seggelen, a contemporary-art specialist.

Charles Ede, an antiquities dealer based in London, said he had sold 27 pieces so far, including a 2200 B.C. Cycladic marble sculpture for 220,000 euros to another European collector.

Demand `Surprise'

``I've been surprised how well the fair has gone,'' said Ede.``Art collectors seem to be less affected by recession than others.''

Ede said he and other antiquities dealers had benefited from being placed near modern-art galleries at the fair: ``There's been some wonderful cross-pollination.'' Ede said 20 percent of his sales had been to contemporary-art buyers.

Tefaf said that the Vincent Van Gogh portrait of a young girl offered by the London dealers Dickinson at $30 million remains unsold.

Among the most significant early sales confirmed by Old Master dealers was a Hendrick Avercamp ``Winter Landscape'' bought by a U.S. collector from Zurich's Koetser Gallery for 1.6 million euros, said Tefaf.

The fair continues though March 16. (Scott Reyburn writes about the art market for Bloomberg News. Any opinions expressed are his own.)

February 21, 2008

The Art Show, the 2008 ADAA Fair.... All Hat and No Cattle..?

Last night was the VIP preview for The Art Show (ADAA Fair) at the uptown Armory.

Newyorkparkavenuearmory What a difference a year makes! It was soooo different than last years 2007 ADAA Fair preview... It was very calm and almost tranquil.. not even close to the typical cattle call... can anyone say recession?

Here's just a few MAO observations...

  • - It wasn't anywhere near as crowded as 2007, we didn't see much sold either
  • - Single artist gallery booths REALLY standout (Tina Barney @ Janet Borden, Jennifer Bartlett at Grey, Amy Sillman @ Sikkema, Richard Prince photos @ Skarstedt, Avedon @ Fraenkel)
  • There was much less Warhol than last year
  • The art frenzy energy of 2006 and 2007 was totally missing.. but the night felt very civilized
  • There's a lot of very busy bad rich plastic surgeons on the UES
  • Even L&M Arts with all their Goldman Sacks money can stage a totally dull and boring booth
  • VIP visitors were spending more time at the bar than the gallery booths
  • Dan Tanzilli has a very nice beard
  • Compared to 2007, there were very few super expensive high end art works presented here.. we saw almost no multi-million dollar Pollocks, Warhols, Johns, or Hirsts for sale
  • Fur Coats are still tacky back in style on the UES
  • There was much more contemporary photography than last year...sweet!
  • They really need to make those pulled pork sandwich hors d'oeuvres much bigger!
  • We did see a very over priced Vik Muniz (chocolate series), and a Diane Arbus photo sell in the first few minutes of the fair open... so clearly quality is still in hot demand!
  • Art Dealers should never wear purple LAVENDER corduroy suits to art fairs, it's not chic, and can make them look fat cheezey
  • The MAO Best Booth award goes to the D'Amelio Terras gallery for their all "Suspended Art" theme..totally wonderful !

February 14, 2008

Boom or Bust... Let's Take our First MAO Poll... ABMB 2008 ??

artDC Announces Show Cancellation...

Coalmine_canary_coal_cartoon_drawin Can you say.. Canary in a coal mine?

The first of many to come?

Should we take a MAO poll.. ??

14 Fairs in 2006, 24 Fairs in 2007...  How many art fairs will be left in Miami during ABMB in 2008 ?

Go here to cast your vote.



artDC Announces Show Cancellation for 2008

DC’s Premier Modern and Contemporary Art Fair Postponed

WASHINGTON, DC (February 13, 2008) – artDC organizers regretfully announced today their difficult decision to cancel the 2008 show due to the recessionary nature of the present economy.

artDC was set to return to the Washington Convention Center May 16 to 18 following last year’s inaugural success, but uncertain economic conditions were the deciding factor in canceling this year’s show.

The world of art fairs has expanded globally while galleries and dealers are narrowing their field of participation to the proven markets, such as New York and Miami.

“We were excited to be bringing this modern and contemporary art show back to our nation’s capital, but current indicators show that the return on investment is not there for our exhibitors in this economic climate,” said Eric Smith, Vice President of Summit Business Media, which runs artDC.

However show organizers plan to continue other events in more established markets, including New York and Miami, and have not ruled out bringing artDC back in the future.



Michelle Hillman and Simone Cumming   

Corbin & Associates, Ltd. (212) 246-6515

[email protected], [email protected]

February 07, 2008

31-count indictment of former Superintendent of Manhattan Armory

Corruption in NYC?? Good Heavens... Impossible!   Mafia.. what Mafia..there's no Mafia !

Sopranos_hell_hath_no_fury_like_the In total NYC fashion.. NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo has accused former superintendent of the Manhattan Armory of extorting money from fair organizers.

The Pulse Contemporary Art Fair paid some $30,000 in cash and goods! Geeeze... No wonder the prices Those Pulse Dealers charged for brand spanking new wet contemporary art were so high!

It probably didn't help the gallery booth prices either !!

Anyway.. You can't make this stuff up any better than this..   (photo by Annie Liebovitz, from The Sopranos, "Hell hath no fury like the family", At MAO think.. Ms Liebovitz was going after something like Delacroix's "Barque of Dante." )

Here's a more detailed story by Philip Boroff filed today on Bloomberg News.


Pulse Fair Was Forced to Pay Bribe for Armory Use, Cuomo Says, 2008-02-07 00:10 (New York)
By Philip Boroff
     Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The Pulse contemporary-art fair next
month may find its expenses cut in one area. New York Attorney
General Andrew Cuomo has accused the former superintendent of
the state-owned Manhattan armory where the fair was held last
year of extorting money from organizers and soliciting a bribe.
     In a 31-count indictment filed in New York State Supreme
Court, James Jackson was accused of receiving more than $30,000
in cash and goods from Pulse, Marc Jacobs fashion shows and the
New York International Carpet Show. Jackson pleaded not guilty.
     Deputy Attorney General Ellen Biben said in a press
conference yesterday that Jackson demanded payoffs to guarantee
the dates Marc Jacobs wanted for his shows. Jackson allegedly
extorted money from Jacobs through public-relations firm KCD,
from 2000 to 2007. Jackson is charged in connection with Pulse
and the carpet show for 2007. Jackson's lawyer, Alan Abramson,
declined to comment.
     Details of the alleged extortion of money from Pulse, which
specializes in art that's more affordable than the latest by
Damien Hirst, weren't available. A Pulse spokesman declined to
     The 69th Regiment Armory, bounded by 25th and 26th streets
and Lexington and Park avenues, rents for about $6,000 a day,
excluding utilities, security and insurance charges, according
to the Attorney General's office.
     Cuomo said yesterday: ``If anyone believes they have to pay
off or offer a gratuity to access state space, let us know,
because that is a crime. It's not a way of doing business. It's
not OK.''
     This year's Pulse, which begins March 27, will be held at
Pier 40 on the far west side of Manhattan.
--Editors: Jeffrey Burke, Yvette Ferreol.

December 08, 2007

For all things Basel, Dan Tan is your man

OK... so since there's next to nothing to talk about with regard to sales at Art Basel Miami Beach (aka.. the huge party before the art crash of 2008) the last few days... Ouch! 

Dantanzilli I.E... We noticed 2 huge New Barbara Kruger Paintings..both amazing.. had gone totally unsold as of last night (day 4 of the fair) at the Mary Boone Booth at the big fair.

So.. it would seem to fill space ArtInfo.com wrote a story.. about the hot boy man who makes ABMB happen!

Here's the story... Dan Tanzilli story

Hmm... for some strange reason, they seemed to leave out the part about Dan helping MAO get into every hot VIP event in SoBe!!

MAO hearts Dan Tan the Man!

December 07, 2007

Art Basel Miami Day 1.. NADA, Pulse and Art Miami...

Yesterday was the VIP opening preview's for most of the Miami Wynwood art fairs..

So many fairs...so few VIP's... 

With so many fairs having VIP openings on Tuesday afternoon/evening all the fairs seemed a bit empty. Even the famed NADA opening night benefit seemed a bit energy-less. MAO dragged Dr. Quiz from Art Miami at 3pm, to NADA at 5pm, to Pulse at 7pm. Yes.. it's a crazy way to see anything.. but we wanted to be seen to get a taste of all 3.

We can say, all 3 fairs have never looked better. What use to be new, fresh and cheap emerging, has quickly turned in to very professional, thoughtful and expensive established.   

Sales seem slow at all 3 fairs, it's hard to say if it's just due to collectors being spread too thinly across so many fairs, or if the slowing economy and the expensive prices are taking their toll.

More to details come....

Oh, and yes.. the parties are FABULOUS!!! So fabu that MAO knows one prominent art dealer, who's already : gone to the emergency room, had nine stitches put into his head, has his "date" arrested, and been seen in a car during a DWI... not bad for the first 2 nights of Art Basel Miami Beach. How sheik is that!

Continue reading "Art Basel Miami Day 1.. NADA, Pulse and Art Miami... " »

December 03, 2007

The Wall Street Journal on Art Basel Miami 07

The art mania hasn't even started yet at Art Basel Miami 07... and there are already press stories about tons of sold signs..Clearly the press team for Art Basel Miami has been working some huge overtime! Congrats !

Since most MAO readers probably don't look at the WSJ.. we've pasted the story below..Here's the link: WSJ's Art Basel Story. This was published this Saturday.... and Reporter Lauren Schuker has a podcast as well..


The Art World's Biggest Party

'Sold' signs are already hanging on many of the top works at Art Basel Miami Beach. But most people aren't there for the paintings. How to navigate the new art scene.
December 1, 2007; Page W1

When the nation's largest art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, opens next week, it is expected to draw more than 40,000 visitors. But many of them will be coming for the glitzy social scene and beach bacchanalia, rather than the art.

One reason: Many of the top works are already spoken for. Collectors and dealers say the practice of "preselling" -- allowing collectors to purchase the art well before the main event -- is more common in Miami than at other fairs, in part because it is so heavy on coveted contemporary works. As the fair's international profile has grown, so has the pace of preselling. "It's getting earlier and earlier every year," says Lisa Austin, a Miami-based art adviser who helps collectors choose work. "So much of the art world is based on what you can't get, so it makes people crazy for certain works when they walk in and a whole booth is sold."

By Thanksgiving, the Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York had already sold three of its 15 works to collectors, including a $100,000 Tracey Emin sculpture made with neon lights. The Richard Gray Gallery in New York and Chicago just sold two new portraits by American artist Alex Katz, whose Pop Art-inspired work is in the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. Now the gallery plans to bring only a small painting by Mr. Katz and the artist's less sought-after drawings. And last month, New York's Mary Boone Gallery sold five works by the 59-year-old American painter Eric Fischl to a single collector, for $2 million apiece. Mr. Fischl, who is often compared to Edward Hopper and Édouard Manet, is best known for his subtle renderings of psychological tension and figurative paintings of domestic scenes.

Buyers will have more luck finding art at the "satellite fairs," which take place during the same week and feature works from newer galleries with emerging artists. The number of these fairs has more than doubled -- to about 23 this year over last -- in part to cater to buyers locked out of the main event by top collectors who bought in advance.

The feeding frenzy in Miami reflects broader shifts in the way art is bought and sold. Years of booming business, particularly in the contemporary area, have attracted new buyers and new money from around the globe. Galleries have long waiting lists of collectors clamoring for the works of in-demand artists. In 2006, Christie's brought in $4.67 billion from art, the highest in art-market history.

The social cachet of collecting has also drawn younger people into the fray, increasing the profile of arts events, from evening auctions in London and New York to art fairs like Miami. Fairs used to be stodgy trade shows for serious collectors. Today, shows like Art Basel Miami Beach have become an excuse for jetsetters to party for a cultural cause. Big-time collectors do their buying beforehand, because they know that major deals are rarely brokered on the spot anymore.

These changes annoy some collectors, but they have invigorated the scene in Florida. Now in its sixth year, Art Basel Miami Beach -- an offshoot of the long-running Art Basel held annually in Switzerland -- is no longer merely about buying art, but an all-purpose super-convention for the rich and trendy.

"Miami has become overwhelming and insane -- but mostly, it has become a major social event. It shows what has happened to the contemporary art world," says Adam Lindemann, a collector and investor in New York who is exhibiting watches at Design Miami, one of this year's satellite fairs. "It has become impossible to see everything, or even much of anything."

Art advisers say they have their eyes on a handful of satellite fairs this year, including one run by NADA, or the New Art Dealers Alliance, a not-for-profit group formed in 2002. NADA's fair will combine works from more than 80 emerging galleries.

At a booth run by the Daniel Reich Gallery in New York, for example, four new Susanne M. Winterling photographs will hang, including the $4,500 "Untitled (her cup of tea)." The image of a fur-covered teacup pays homage to Meret Oppenheim's famous 1936 fur-lined cup on a fur-covered saucer with spoon. The gallery will also put up an $8,000 collage titled "Cold Cream" by Anya Kielar, an American sculptor in her late twenties whose work sells for as much as $16,000.

Other fairs are held in hotels (the staff empties the rooms and turns them into booths), the arts district of Wynwood, and in galleries in Miami's "Design District." Many of the fairs specialize in photography or design.

Pulse Miami, at SoHo Studios in Wynwood, will offer high-end works from 80 galleries. Tel Aviv's Braverman Gallery, for example, will feature the melancholy landscape installations of Israeli artist Uri Nir. For contemporary Asian works, art advisers recommend Scope Miami.

Some galleries at satellite fairs are now starting to presell, too. Didier Krzentowski runs Galerie Kreo in Paris and will be exhibiting sets of limited-edition furniture at the Design Miami fair. He says that before the event begins, he will have sold between four and eight items of each 12-piece set. The sold pieces include a $44,000 coffee table by the young French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and a table designed by Martin Szekely.

Mr. Krzentowski says he offers the pieces to favored clients before the fair, because they follow the work of his artists and "will be really upset if we tell them it is sold out."

The Miami Beach Art Photo Expo, a satellite fair being held at the the Surfcomber Hotel on Collins Avenue, says it had already set aside 20% of its stock for VIP clients by the end of November. The fair is dedicated to works by leading fashion photographers, with prices averaging about $8,000 and going up to $40,000. Among the reserved works is a flashy photograph by Miles Aldridge called "Pure Wonder" and a work by Japanese photographer Kanjo Take called "Madonna," which shows a nude modern Geisha peeking through a colorful coat. It sold for $20,800.

John Morrissey, a lawyer in West Palm Beach, Fla., says that after attending the fair for the past six years, he has learned to plan ahead. If he wants work by a particular artist, he calls galleries about a month before the fair. Even if they won't presell work, Mr. Morrissey says it can help grease the wheels of a deal by showing interest ahead of time.

The process of selling a work in advance typically starts when dealers notify clients about the items they are bringing to the fair. Images are emailed, along with lengthy descriptions. Often in the world of contemporary art, the pieces that go to fairs are fresh from the artists' studios -- and most in demand. Seasoned art collectors develop intimate relationships with galleries in order to get access to such work.

Many dealers who presell works will end up bringing different, less valuable pieces to the fair. But some dealers exhibit presold work as a way to attract visitors to their booths. Fair organizers say that's a practice they discourage. "Putting something on your wall that is sold -- well, it's a real waste of real estate," says Lucy Mitchell-Innes, co-owner of the Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery in New York and a member of the fair's selection committee.

Ron Warren, director of the Mary Boone Gallery, which presold the Eric Fischl paintings, calls the business of preselling "a frustrating situation." He says, "On the one hand, we can't say no to our clients, but on the other, we need to bring unsold work to attract collectors."

There are other ways buyers can get special access. They can ask dealers to reserve a work for a couple of hours while they roam the fair, or they can score a VIP ticket. Some 2,000 VIP tickets are sent out every September by the organizers of Art Basel, allowing entry to the fair about 24 hours before the general public. Museum directors and curators are usually on this list, and exhibitors are given four tickets each for their top clients.

Ken Edelson, a real-estate developer who splits his time between Boca Raton, Fla., and New York, collects work by blue-chip artists like the German painter Anselm Kiefer, known for his post-apocalyptic landscape paintings. He says he'll go to Art Basel again this year, but with so much already spoken for, he doesn't have high hopes: "Anything that is a name is probably snapped up, and if it isn't, it's because it's a 'B' or a 'C' piece."

Samuel Keller, director of Art Basel as well as Art Basel Miami Beach, says while preselling is more common, there is still plenty of art available this year. He says he tries to keep the playing field level by barring collectors and their advisers from the fair before the VIP opening. In recent years, he has also allowed galleries to bring more art so they can replace works on the wall as they are sold. Last year, he says, galleries brought 40% more freight than the year before.

"We would not get the world's biggest collectors here if we ran out of art -- there is still more artwork than money, even in Miami," says Mr. Keller.

Write to Lauren A.E. Schuker at [email protected]

September 19, 2007

Free Josephine Meckseper print, and the NY Art Book Fair

Many MAO readers may be familiar with the work of Josephine Meckseper. She was one of the featured artists in last years totally forgettable Whitney Biennial.

If you're a fan like MAO.. here's your chance to get one of her images for next too nothing!

The New York Art Book Fair, which was a huge success last year.. is coming back this year.

Josephine_meckseper_print2 This year they are giving away

your choice of 2 Josephine's prints for

people who buy the $150 tickets to the Benefit Preview.

FYI... the $150 goes to a great non-profit cause.. Printed Matter..

It's one of our favorite art book focused

venues in the world!

Josephine_meckseper_print1 Here are the 2 prints.. to choose from.. they are both digital c-prints, 2005, 14.25 x 18, and untitled. These are both editions of only 75!

To purchase Benefit tickets: call  212.925.0325 Fax 212.925.0464 or [email protected]
and ask for Catherine.. and be sure to tell them MAO sent you !!!

Here are some of the details of the NY Art Book Fair :

The annual fair of contemporary art books, art catalogues, artists' books, art periodicals, and 'zines offered for sale by over 120 international publishers, booksellers, and antiquarian dealers. Admission to the fair is FREE.

548 West 22nd Street (10th & 11th Aves), NYC (map)

Friday/Saturday, September 28/29, 2007, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, September 30, 2007, 11am - 5pm

Thursday, September 27, 2007, benefiting Printed Matter, Inc.
6 - 7 pm, early admission to preview
7 - 9 pm, general admission to preview

· Price on Request (early admission to preview plus
Ed Ruscha edition & David Shrigley ticket edition)
· $150 (general admission to preview plus
Josephine Meckseper edition & David Shrigley ticket edition)
· $20 (general admission plus David Shrigley ticket edition)

May 02, 2007

Art Chicago 07.. Lots of wind.. in the Windy City

Well.. there is no chance of the Art Chicago'07 fair ever being call RED DOT.. cause we didn't see many red dots around. Dealers were all ready to ring the registers preview night.. but word was, that several major galleries had not even written a single sales ticket during the preview. Ouch!

Chicago_merchandise_mart For opening night.. which at most art fairs is generally a buying frenzy for every want-to-be MAO big time type collector running around with their shopping lists.. it was more.. They Came, They Saw.. They Drank themselves SILLY. Ah.. Those Chicago people.. they know how to party  drink! Good thing I brought my mirror, enough condoms, some aspirin.

Honestly.. The Chicago MART building (photo #1) is amazingly big.. the fair looked impressive, the drinks were wonderful, they even had yummy free food at the preview opening.  Clearly the people running Art Millenniumparkpritzkerpavilion Chicago did a huge job of bringing in tons of high quality galleries. They organized some great art events for VIP visitors, plus offered free services and transportation. They succeeded in making it all one HUGE ARTROPOLIS!! Except they forgot to lure in most of the real art collectors.

We at MAO had a great time... we might even go again next year.

The highlights of the weekend...

1. The 12 Course Diner with wine pairing at ALINEA.. a total WOW!

2. The private tour of the MCA by Museum Deputy Director Greg Cameron (MAO Hearts MCA). We loved the new Rudolf Stingel show.

3. The party at the home of important contemporary Art Collector Larry & Marilyn Fields..this night was complete with shaking the hand of a real Kennedy, and MAO getting made fun of by Photographer/Blogger Alec Soth.. Hey Alec. next time pick on a blogger your own size!

4. Seeing a NYC art dealer unhinge their jaw and swallow their young whole.. or in this case, eating a 20+ oz, Gi-Normous porterhouse steak at Joes Stone Crab of Chicago in under 15 mins..Yikes!

5. Too Cool for MAO Party at Nick Cave's amazing art filled apartment. We felt like such dorks among this uber cool crowd.. like that's something new!

6. Private Tour of the home of Daryl and Jeff Stokols, one super impressive art collection! We were surprised to learn that impressive people this nice and smart don't all live east of the Hudson river. Hmm.. maybe they grew up in NYC, and just moved away temporarily?

7. Walking around Chicago's Millennium Park Sat afternoon.. the new Pritzker Pavilion/Frank Gehry (photo #2) totally blew us away.. plus touching their Anish Kapoor Sculpture (Cloud Gate) was almost a sexual magical experience.

There were a few contemporary art finds.. but I'll leave that till tomorrow!

April 25, 2007

The Dow Jones Index Hits A new High..So.. Time to Go to an Art Fair!

So we're off to Art Chicago tomorrow. Looking forward to a great weekend. You can expect to see all the highlights of the art fair at MAO cause we'll be posting during our time in Chicago.

Here's just one of the many reasons why.. we expect Art Chicago to be a huge art buy-fest rousing success this year. (Photo #1, Dow Jones Breaks 13,000 - A new Historic High Today)


FYI.. a special MAO thanks go out to Ed Winkleman and the Bambino.. for the super nice Art Chicago VIP Pass.. So please be sure to bring all your rich collector friend over you Winkleman Gallery - Art Chicago Booth!

April 13, 2007

AIPAD NYC Fair 2007

We went to the AIPAD fair last night... as always.. it's clearly the biggest and best Photography fair in the USA, possibly the world.

Firehose_photo These events are simply overwhelming..For an obsessed  photography collector like MAO, it frequently feels like taking a drink from a Fire Hose. But, we've spent an obscene amount of money the last few weeks on a number of yet to be talked about artists/dealers so we promised ourselves.. the checkbook stays at home during this fair!!  Plus we want to save some storage space for all the amazing auctions items coming up!

So.. just some bitchy  honest thoughts on this years AIPAD fair...

1. It's really nice to see lots of contemporary work at these shows.. AIPAD use to be dominated by boring dusty old B&W only dealers. Now there's a much better balance.

2. Most Prices have not gone up too much from last year. Or at least there were only a few dealers showing Robert Frank or Diane Arbus photos for more than $100k. 

3. William Christenberry photos were everywhere...at least 5 to 6 dealers.

4. His booth looked amazing we luv him...But, Bill Hunt is looking more and more like Marlon Brando every year.. and not Marlon Brando from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).. but the Marlon Brando from The Freshman (1990). Rumor has it, Bill has been moonlighting as a cover model for a fashionable local NY magazine!

5. Painting your booth a strong color like green or cranberry was popular.

6. There was a dealer from New Orleans..who had a very impressive booth filled with amazing vintage work! Who knew...there are high end photo dealers down south??

7. We didn't see the work of any high-profile popular color photographers at this fair.. not a single.. Struth, Ruff, Sherman, Gursky, Goldin, Neshat, Hofer, Muniz, Tillmans, etc.. Shocking! 

8. Some sanity still exists in the buyers of Art Photography. It was particularly nice to see the greedy unethical vultures people at Janet Lehr/Vered Gallery had not sold their (400%) insanely marked up color Mapplethorpe photos from last year's fair. In fact, the same 2 photos were hung right in the front of their booth again this year! Will these stupid people ever learn..if you try to rip people off on one super over priced item.. they are just going to avoid you for everything, since they can't TRUST you!  But in MAO's opinion they should have been kicked out to maintain the integrity and reputation of the AIPAD FAIR.

Tomorrow.. We'll write about our top new picks from the fair..and there were some really good ones this year!

February 28, 2007

Scope NYC 2007 Art Fair

This year Scope NYC had a much improved location at Lincoln Center, and some impressive featured artist installations. While we enjoyed the fair, we found many of the booths a bit dull and lacking that feeling of cutting edge young art..which we've come to associate with Scope. The fair just didn't have the same creative energy as last year in NYC or Miami.

Artfagcity_ambrose_martos Two artist installations, Brose Partington (Tide) and Ambrose Martos (photo #1 from ArtFagCity, of Mr. Martos) just rocked our world..

In fact both the Quizling and I found ourselves stopped dead in our tracks wondering if Mr. Martos was even alive, drunk, homeless, stupid, or just a realistic stuffed doll. Both installations were a bit shocking.. and totally brilliant! Our congrats to both artists!

Sadly that's where most of the magic ended. The isles were too narrow, the tent too hot, they charged $10 for the catalog, and many of the galleries were showing exactly the same artists as the last two Scope fairs.  Our few standouts were..
Zadok_ben_david_janet_oh_gallery- Artist Zadok Ben David's small sculpture groups at the Janet Oh Gallery from Seoul Korea. These almost looked like a sculptural incarnation of a Michael Kenna photograph.. both beautiful, chilling, and delicate. (photo #2, Zadok Ben David, Autumn Reflection, Stainless Steel, 2005)

- British Painter Natasha Kissell's Bauhaus inspired Utopian landscapes at the young NYC Gallery 10G. It's great to see an artist comfortable with the use of bright brilliant colored Natasha_kissell_rockofages landscaped where she's managed to blend modernist architecture into magical hypothetical worlds without looking like cheesy sci-fi art. (photo #3, by Natasha Kissell, Rock of Ages, 2007 Oil on Canvas, 44x50")

- Photographer Kelli Connell portraits at the impressively successful Yossi Milo Gallery. We've talked about Kelli's work before.. We just love the sexual tension and gender bending beauty in these subtle double portraits.

Nina_braun_galerie_heliumcowboy- Nina Braun's skateboard punk meets fashion sheik meets Andreas Gursky installation art at Galerie Helium Cowboy Artspace. (photo #4.. Nina Braun's Sneakers)These hand knitted skateboarder sneakers were just so fun..We almost wanted to try a pair on!

And Lastly.. you may remember Lisa Kirk from her kick-ass amazing installation multi-artist curated booths at NADA Miami.. Well she's back!! But this time at Scope NYC, and it would seem even getting mugged and drunk propositioned by a band of NYC cops Friday night couldn't keep this artistic powerhouse of a curator from "manning" her booth this Saturday morning. So with works by Robert Melee and Michael Bilsborough, The LEGION Project 10 was certainly a  welcome breath of fresh air.

And with this, we'll end our NYC Art Fair coverage...

Oh.. FYI.. We were going to write about the Armory show.. but given everyone on with entire east coast seemed to attend this ridiculously over crowded event.. there's really no need to blog about it..  Or, you can Just read about it here.. and here.. (These bloggers write much better than MAO anyway.)
Actually it was just way too crowded for us to enjoy almost anything about the Armory Fair. The Art may have been great... but how could you appreciate it, when you're getting pushed around, by nasty UES botox art collectors. Plus the "people" manning the gallery booths were frazzled, frequently rude, and often inconsiderate to even the most polite questions...it just wasn't worth fighting the lines and mobs.

Next year.. they really need a bigger space, longer hours, perhaps an extra day, a bigger VIP area, and maybe they should consider selling tickets only in advance.  On Friday, by 2pm, the crowd was terrible.. and we heard Saturday and Sunday the lines were totally insane...but hey.. It's part of "enjoying" Contemporary Art! NO??

February 26, 2007

LA Art Fair.. A Pleasant Surprise..from the Wrong Coast!


LA Art.. The biggest positive surprise of the week..


While it was possibly one of the smallest fairs.this week, it was very manageable..

We found several high quality booths..showing both new and vintage works.

A great blend.

Generally the Metropolitan Pavilion manages to make any art fair seem like a Shiners Convention.. But, I'm not totally sure why I liked this fair..

  • Maybe it was the smaller crowd..
  • Maybe it was the free hot scones and muffins they had at the VIP brunch..
  • Maybe it was the dealers willingness to talk to visitors without saying go away "Its already Sold!!" first..

I'm not sure..but we liked this fair.

Particularly strong booths were put together by....
- RoseGallery.. from Santa Monica, showing new work from both photographers Todd Hido, and I guess they now represent Tomoko Sawada.

- Marc Selwyn Fine Art from LA, had several new work from NYC painter Chris Dorland.

- Paul Kopeikin Gallery had new work from Photographer Chris Jordan and Digital Artist/Photographer Lukas Roth.  FYI.. We had looked at this new Chris Jordan "Running The numbers - an American Self Portrait" series on line.. We initially HATED it.. but the work looks much better in person. (See Photo #1) It's worth at least checking out.. But what was more shocking was the new price tags, starting at $25k.. this one was almost already sold out, so now the price is up to $45k for this George Seurat photo-mosaic. It depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds. Hmm.. is this Cheese? or Art?

- Roberts & Tilton had new work by both Barry McGee and Kehinde Wiley. Kehinde was actually at the gallery booth Friday morning just hanging out with us (see photo #2).. He's such a nice and down to earth guy...so unusual  friendly for such a super star artist.  It just made us love his work even more! If that was possible. (Photo #3.. new triptych by Kehinde Wiley)

And if you noticed the sign.. downstairs were 2 very enjoyable booths..
Wayne_white_too_long_at_the_fair- Western Project from Culver City, with work by painter Wayne White, and photographer Joe Schmelzer. (Photo, Painting by Wayne White, "Too Long at The Fair")

- Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea, Italy. Showing work by photographers Valerie Belin, and Massimo Vitali.

Well.. that's 3 fairs down.. and so much more to go!

February 23, 2007

Pulse New York - The Preview

So sadly, we didn't get to spend much time at the Pulse Preview.. We just hate it when this job thing gets in the way of looking at Contemporary Art.

The fair looks great.. so high quality..we almost forgot we were at the downtown armory. We had about an hour today at the Pulse VIP Preview, and so here are sMargarita_cabrera_bike_and_plantome
of our early standouts..

1.)  Walter Maciel Gallery (LA aka..wrong coast gallery) -
had 2 great works on the floor in their booth by Mexican artist
Margarita Cabera
(Photo #1)

2.) The huge cool Art Installation over the cafe.
It's by artist Jason Hackenwerth
(photo #2,
Untitled, 2007)

Jackson_hackenwerthIn the Impulse section of the fair... we just loved this cool rotating sign..
It was at the Rokeby Gallery from London.
The work is by artist Graham Hudson.
(Photo #3 : Sign Odysseus - Chelsea Garage, 2007)

for those Photography obsessed collectors..
Some interesting news..
Graham_hudson_signThe Von Lintel Gallery is now representing (ex-Yosi Milo gallery super star photographer) Chris Jordan
They already had his work at the Pulse Fair, and have his much of his work on their website.
We were also told they will hold a show of his new work in May/June'07.

OK.. 2 fairs down.. 5 to go! Yikes! Help!

February 22, 2007

THE ART SHOW - ADAA Preview Party.. Air Kisses all around!

So there was Martha Stewart, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Marron, Byron Wien, Peter Max, Roger Altman,Warhol_dollarsigns_1 Jeffrey Deitch, a sea of endless hedge fun managers, and MAO. Let's just say.. it was the lemmings who's who of the NYC art world.

Like didn't we just do this 3 months a go.. but in warm weather?

Actually all liposuction and the obvious botox joking aside... this upper east side crowd seemed a bit thinner than last years preview.. where was everyone, can we say art overload?

But the ADAA show did not disappoint. I think I've not see so many million dollar paintings for sale in such a long time at least 3 months.  And, just like MIAMI, almost everything was sold..sold ..sold..by the end of the preview night.

Even these super simple photorealistic, overpriced new works ($50,000 each) by unknown artists Glen Hansen and Colin Brown at the Fischbach Gallery were all sold out by the nights end... Just goes to prove.. these silly Warhol_mao_barbara_mathes_gallerymulti-millionaires people will buy almost anything that looks pretty over the sofa at the ADAA fair.

(Photo #1, just seemed to sum up the night..I think it was the Washburn Gallery Booth..all sold of course!)

Some of the the highlights...

  • Vintage Robert Frank, Vik Muniz, Robert Polidori  and Sally Mann at the booth of photography dealer Edwynn Houk.

Louise_bourgeois_cheim_and_reedWe rate the 3 best booths :

A few last observations..

1. Almost no new artists work were displayed.

2. Not much color photography, and almost no video/new media. And

3. Jeeeze, the "People" over at L & M Arts have way too much money!! Their booth easily had over $20 million the annual GDP of a third world country in art.  You think they'd consider an adult adoption program ?

More to come.. so many art fairs.. so little time.

January 19, 2007

Hooray For Hollywood - Photo LA opens to strong sales

So the early reports are in... 2007 Photo LA opened to big crowds and strong sales.

Penguins_jumping_inOur MAO spy's were everywhere.. plus many happy dealers have reported in to our news room, that they already completely covered their total fair costs, just in the first few hours of the Photo LA Preview.

So any rumor's that the Art Photography market maybe about to crash cooling off, show no sign of credibility.

Additionally, last night in the nasty wet cold, we at MAO attended the packed ICP Directors Opening..

Judging by : the insane crowd, the empty bar, the line of 100+ people waiting for coat check, plus when you consider that anyone who's anybody in the art photography world was in LA, we can say interest in Art Photography could never be stronger.  WhoooHooo...!! Let the good times roll!

FYI.. The NY Times already has a review by Michael Kimmelman of the new ICP shows...Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook, and their Martin Munkacsi shows are both wonderful. Congrats to ICP! We even found their cute Louise Brooks Show fun and entertaining.

Now if they'd only not let so many damn people in, so we at MAO could enjoy these great ICP shows with some peace and quiet! These 3 shows are up at ICP till April 29th.

December 14, 2006

Miami Basel - Post Super Bowl Recap.. Aqua Maimi 06

So back in NYC.. with a brief work diversion to Paris.. I just hate when this job thing gets in the way of art collecting. C'est la vie..

First off, this year, The Art Basel Maimi Fair, had a great team running their press relations. They even smartly rolled out the Red Carpet for Art Bloggers.. The Staff at MAO were treated like regular deadwood press.. And, a big MAO Thanks and Congrats for a job super well done goes to Dan Tanzilli.

Secondly.. Yes.. The Main Art BASEL Maimi Fair, as almost everyone has already said.. was the fairest of them all.. Very impressive, very crowded, and very over priced expensive!  But it was a wow..!! Just a few general MAO observations..

  • There were way too many great works to even mention our favorites.. plus so many bloggers, who think they know so much more than us, have already borred us written on it...bla..bla..bla.... and speaking of.... Tyler.. who are you to call MOI snarky!! Pot calling kettle?? FYI... Dr. Quiz & Weather Jeff think you're hot cute by the way...
  • Warhols, Chamberlins, Judds, and Basquiat's were everywhere, but at super high prices
  • Not enough new artists were presented.. most dealers played it safe.aka borring...bringing their biggest most over hyped established names.
  • Unlike last year.. there was "little" Struth, Hofer, Ruff, and Gursky. Hmm.. can you say German SizeQueen Big Photo burnout?..Perhaps..

The Aqua Art Fair.. looked it's best ever.. Good things come in small packages.. plus, you can't beat the free beer!! The MAO standout artists were...

  • David Humphrey's Snowman paintings at  Keith Talent from London, plus at very reasonable prices (under $3k)
  • Debra Butterfield bronze horse sculptures (does she do anything else?) at Seattle gallery, Greg Kucera
  • Joe Fig and Jennifer Dalton at Winkleman Plus Ultra Gallery
  • Susan Jamison Egg tempere on gessoed panel at Irving Contemporary (Wow.. Yet another high quality DC gallery!!)
  • Joe Schmelzer vertical series photographs at Western Project Gallery in that hot bed of contemporary art.....Culver City..where?
  • Robert The Book Sculptor at Steven Wolf Fine Arts Gallery from San Francisco

(FYI...some photos to be posted tonight)

Here's a photo of one of Robert The's great cut book sculptures..but check out this artist'sc cool website..


December 08, 2006

Opening at Pulse Miami...

Pulse Miami managed to get a huge crowd at their brunch preview.. by the time we sobered up out arrived so much was sold already.. red dots everywhere.. dealers looked strung-out happy but dead tired.

Some MAO Standouts..

  • Ellen Harvey Self-Portraits paintings (Photo #1) at Magnusmuller Gallery from Berlin, plus Ellen Harvey had a super cool installation called beautiful/ugly Palm Beach made of 80 paintings and 80 mirrors in the food court
  • Edward Burtynsky's new Airplane grave yard at Nicholas Metlivier Gallery
  • Ken Weaver's huge work at Schroeder Romero Gallery
  • Hung Liu's amazing painting at Walter Maciel Gallery
  • John Gerrard's smoke tree simulation at Hilger Contemporary
  • Andy Hope Diaz at Catherine Clark Gallery
  • Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao at Julie Saul Gallery
  • Lukas Roth at Paul Kopeikin Gallery

Oh.. and a special Shout out goes to the guys at that POSH DCKT Contemporary Gallery.. Their booth looked AMAZING... I think it was actually PULSE-Ating with the impressive work by up and coming super star painter Yoon Lee..Congrat's Guys!


December 07, 2006

~Scope Miami Preview...

Yesterday we went to ~Scope Miami.. So far... our favorite fair so far...
It felt much bigger and better than last year. Congrats guys!! And since most people were fighting the insanity crowds at the main Art Basel Fair preview, it was much more pleasurable to walk around, see and talk with the dealers.

Some of he MAO Standouts were...

  • Nicholas & Sheila Pye's photo's at Curator's Office Gallery from DC (Yes.. there are galleries in DC!)
  • Sarah Pickering at Daniel Cooney Fine Art
  • David Huffman's paintings at Patricia Sweetow Gallery
  • Paulina Lasa's small Gas Stations light box at Art & Idea
  • Maria und Natalia Petschatnikov paintings at Hermann & Wagner
  • Sarah Hobbs photo work at SOLOMON Projects

I'll post some more & photo's tonight.. right now my head is still hurting from all the cocktails sights.
David_huffman_scope_miami_juus_dakar(Photo #1 of David Huffman painting Juuu's Dakar mixed Media 66 x50)

Photo #2 Sarah Hobbs 2 photographs at Salomon Projects

December 06, 2006

Double Feature.. Photo Maimi and NADA 2006 Art Fairs

Last night we went in the damn rain to the Previews of the Photo Miami and the NADA Fair.
Neither fair was super busy, as we had expected.. NADA had a few more people throwing attitude, but their booths are smaller and seem closer together.  Actually I was shocked both Art Fairs looked so very high end professional and slick.. great lighting, well organized.. very BASEL/convention centerish.. Great Job!

Some stand outs for the Photo Miami Fair..

  • Taiji Matsue's landscapes at Cohen Amador
  • Brian Finke's Football Player photo's At ClampArt
  • More of Edward Burtynsky's China series at Flowers
  • Alexandre Orion's huge street photo's at Foley Gallery
  • Julia Peirone's work at galerie f5,6
  • New Massimo Vitali NY Beaches at Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea

Some Stand outs at the NADA Fair..

  • Derrick Adams (Photo #1..The Rat) at the Legion BoothDerrick_adams_rat_at_nada_06
  • The Entire Legion Booth, put together by Lisa Kirk (Photo #2)
  • Kamrooz Aram and Steven Walls at Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery
  • Rob Fischer's Photo's and Sculpture at Cohen and Leslie Gallery
  • Danica Phels work at Ritter/Zamet and another galleryLegion_booth_nada_lisa_kirk

December 04, 2006

30 Hours in SoBe.. The Quiet Before The Storm


Art Basel Miami..
T + 30.

So Dr. Quiz and I have been in South Beach, Miami for just about 30 hours now.

The rest of the NYC Art Masses should be here Tomorrow.

Just a few observations..

  • The entire city has turned into an Art Fair: BASEL, PULSE, SCOPE, Photo Miami, Aqua,etc..the signs are everywhere..
  • Our 30th Floor Condo rental is way more amazing then we expected..Thank you!! www.VRBO.com
  • This 70 degrees weather in Dec.. doesn't suck!
  • The beach is incredible..
  • The people here are way too beautiful..(ie.. I feel FAT!)
  • Being on vacation doesn't suck!
  • There's a flood of new Skyscrapers & Condo's going up in Miami..Can you say real estate crash?
  • The Clubs are filled till late at night, and the beach was filled this early Monday morning..doesn't anyone here actually work for a living? (God I feel OLD!)
  • Looking forward to the Big Tuesday night kickoff for NADA and Photo Miami fairs tomorrow night.

(And no.. that's not me or Dr.Quiz in the photo.. It's by one of the MAO Favorite Photographers.. Lisette Model.. "Coney Island, 1941")

October 04, 2006

Photo NY - The Fall Shopping Season

Brianulrich_chicago2003 Well.. if you didn't get your "Fare Share" of art shopping in, at last weekends 212 Art Fair..

Then you're in luck.. this weekend is Photo NY.  And while this fair only has a few major photography dealers..which must explain why I didn't receive a free pass they are having some interesting speakers. Here is the schedule..

FYI.. Sadly, In an effort to squeeze every possible penny out of these events.. you have to pay extra to attend these Lectures and Seminars!! $75 for the Seminars and $10 for each lecture. Well.. I certainly hope these people are getting paid to appear & speak!

Friday, October 6th
10am: Collecting Seminar with Rick Wester (Director of Photography at Phillips Auction House)

Saturday, October 7th
10am: Collecting Seminar with Stephen Perloff (Editor of Photo Review)

Sunday, October 8th
9am: The New Curator seminar

Charlotte Cotton, Head of Cultural Programmes, Art + Commerce
Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art
Brian Wallis, Director of Exhibitions, ICP
Deborah Willis, PhD, Professor of Photography and Imaging, Tisch School of the Arts at (NYU)Moderated by Trudy Wilner Stack (Was the curator at The Center of Creative Photography)

1:30pm: Lecture with David Levinthal (A Big Time Established Art Photographer)
3pm: Lecture with Alex Webb (A Big Deal Photojournalist)

Note : Above Photo by Brian Ulrich, "Chicago, IL" 2003

September 14, 2006

There will be crowds at Art Basel Miami this year!!

Well.. if yesterdays feverish Christies First Open Contemporary Art sale or Tuesdays Phillips "Under The Influence" Auctions are any indications of how strong the Contemporary Ar market will stay..LOOK OUT!

FYI.. Almost everything sold.. many lots were way over the estimates.. hot bidding was seen for Thomas Ruff, Richard Prince, Rineke Dijkstra, Tom Sachs, Christo, Martin Eder, Susan Rothenberg, David Sale, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring works just to name a few...

Conclusion.. The Contemporary Art Market is as strong as ever!

Artbasel_miamibeach So, being the ever so art obsessed, you always need to think ahead..

Hence, I was just booking a trip to South Beach for early December.  And from what I've just seen this December's Art Basel Miami promises to be jammed packed with the crazed art buying masses. It's three months away, and everything is already booked up!

According to, Turon Travel the official Travel Website for the Art Basel Fair, the following ten South Beach dumpy overpriced  hotels are already completely SOLD OUT for the nights of Dec 6, 7, 8, and 9

  • The Catalina Hotel
  • Dorchester Hotel
  • Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel
  • Lowes Miami Beach
  • Hotel Marseilles
  • The National Hotel
  • The Tides
  • The Ritz-Carlton South Beach
  • The Sagamore
  • The South Seas

But, you'll be relieved to see, The Shore Club still has it's $7,810 per night Penthouse Suit available, by request only!!

Here's a well kept secret I'll reluctantly share..  for those who've never seen this website, www.VRBO.com, is amazing!!  Bookmark it immediately.. This is Vacation Rental By Owner. They have several great condo's for rent by the owners all over the world, many rent for less then $1000 for an entire week! So if you're still looking for a place for your : art handlers, bitchy gallerina, boyfriend, or mistress to stay while you're in The Shore Club Penthouse.. check it out!

June 13, 2006

Art Basel.. Going Strong in the Face of a huge sell off in Stocks Worldwide!!

Well.. Today starts Art Basel.. the streets of Chelsea must be empty, cause it's the worlds largest art sale fair.  Everybody who's anybody in the art world is there.. Hence why losers pikers like me are still in the office working this week!

So, Here's an early glowing report from Linda Sandler and Katya Kazakina of Bloomberg News. Basel Art Fair May Sell More Than $300 Million!! Bloomberg ArtBasel06_Story.txt

Some of the quotes from this report are insane great :

  1. "People aren't even waiting to get to the fair before they buy!",
  2. "Barbara Gladstone just sold four of five pieces in 30 minutes",
  3. "Everything if flying off the shelf.."
  4. "A lot of art is overpriced and it's inspiring speculators to want to own art"
  5. "Demand had quadrupled contemporary prices sine 1995"

Well, Not to be a Debbie Downer.... But, it's amazing to see this contemporary art buying euphoria, given what's just occurred in the world wide stock markets.

Below are two charts. They both start in Jan 2004, one of the US S&P 500 stock market index, and the second chart is of the Euro S&P 50 stock market (both shown in US Dollar terms). Now, most certainly, I'm NOT in the camp of "The Art Market is going to crash and burn soon," But seeing a few TRILLION DOLLARS get wiped out in stocks the last 2 months, can't be a good thing for contemporary art prices... but who knows...

It's not like they keep making more contemporary art, right ? Yikes!

S_and_p_500 S_and_p_euro50

March 14, 2006

NY Art Fair Mania - Pulse, Scope and The Armory!

I think 3 art fairs in one weekend was more than enough, so we never got to ArtLA (there's art in LA?) or DIVA, though the name alone had Dr. Quiz interested!

Art Fair Mania Day 1: Went to The Pulse NY FAIR - VIP/Collectors brunch on Friday for 2 hours.
Pulse_artasault Better than I had expected, it was not jammed, and the dealers were still fresh and friendly.
Most of the booths had some sold works, but were not yet filled with red dots everywhere!!
Lots of great photography! Several artist standouts to keep a watch-out for possible future MAO art collection acquisitions...

I was also impressed with some of the quality of the Impulse Exhibition..

Loved those huge Robert Moran Botas by Mackey Gallery from Houston, and of course

Jennifer Dalton's "The Collector-ibles" Cabinet by Plus Ultra Gallery! Art_makes_me_horny

(Photo #1 - Pulse on 27th street side of the building)

(Photo #2 - The Art of Aaron Krach, Bumper Stickers, still in it's shipping box @ DCKT Contemporary)

Art Fair Mania... Day 2:

The Sat morning museum member/collectors preview at the Armory Show.
Picture_010When we arrived it was not  a madhouse yet.. But, it already had the feeling of being heavily  picked through. I'm always shocked by the way people rush to buy at these events.. I guess I'll never understand it. It's a art fair.. not just a shopping mall, right?

Not much photography to see. Was not impressed by what I saw being shown in many of the booths.. very much the same old works/artists I had seen in Art Basel Miami.

Julian Opie (Photo #3 by Artforum) and Candida Hofer work seemed to be almost everywhere. 

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died.. so didn't get photo's of the few works I loved.. Barry McGee installation by Deitch Projects, and the new AVAF work at JCP.  By 2 pm the piers got too insanely crowded with the crazed art buying masses..so we couldn't see much after that..

IluvnyNY Art Fair Mania Day 3 : ~Scope NY

So Sunday.. no rest for the Modern Art Obsessed.. Got there early, so not too crowded yet.

I have to admit.. I liked the gritty/non-polished feeling of this fair. It just has a more cutting edge environment to it.. nice buzz in the place..Not so UES pretentious. Plus it didn't feel like a one-day sale at Macy's.

The few standouts..

- Jonathan Seliger at Ciel from Quebec (photo #4)

- Nina Levy at Metaphor Contemporary Art Brooklyn (photo #5)

- Sarah Pickering at Daniel Cooney Fine Art from NYC

-Chris Dorland at Wendy Cooper Gallery from Chicago


These Last 2 pictures.. Both were from the exhibitions going on at ~scope.. Not sure who did the head filled with buckshot (Photo #6).. maybe it was Art by Vice President Dick Chaney!

And the last picture (photo #7) was from a performance piece which was going on in the front lobby on Sunday.Blownhead

But 3 days of Art Fair Mania was enough for this collector.  Overall it was a fun time.. with minimal brain damage to the wallet, and much to my surprise, I learned about some interesting new artists and galleries.


March 13, 2006


The Armory Show 2006 - International Fair of New Art, NYC

They Came, The Saw, They Bought Everything!!
A picture is worth a thousand words.. well.. in this case..
Maybe more like a few Million Dollars!!
Yikes!! Well.. that one photo might be a bit blurry... but the trend was clear!!

FYI.. I only took these photo's on Sat Morning at the fair!! I'd bet by Monday afternoon, some of these dealers had run out of red dots!


February 23, 2006

The Art Show - ADAA

The Art Show at the 67th Street Armory. February 23-27th. Just A bit boring this year!

Well... Nothing too new here... The show was high on attitude, pretense, but actually very low on viewers.  I went at 5:30pm yesterday.. I could hear a pin drop.  Well, almost, if it weren't for the Vivaldi Musak, and lots of uber self important art dealers busy chattering on their cell phones (of course doing their very bitchy best to totally ignore me) there wouldn't have been a peep!!  I guess the UES Blue hairs were busy dinning at Daniel or some other overpriced place.  Interestingly, it didn't look to me that many of the works were sold yet.  But this story( Download TheArtShow06.txt) by Bloomberg News does suggests otherwise.

Theartshow_1 All I can say, to all the disgruntle, un-invited Art Blogger community, you didn't miss much!  This space always seems small, cold and cramped to me.  And even with 70 galleries presenting, there were few new interesting works.  Many of the galleries, were unfocused, and had the same exact works they had last year, which they also brought to Art Basel Miami, and at the Amory Pier Show last year. For example.. Luhring Augustine brought the same Gregory Crewdson dull work.. that I've seen and hated at every fair!  Also.. AN FYI.. The average price in most booths was about $100k, so as expected, this is not a fair for most humans on the planet.

Some of the only standouts (in my very biased order of preference) were the single artist booths....

1. Man Ray by Zabriskie Gallery

2. Francis Picabia at Michael Werner

3. Alex Katz at Pace Wildenstein

4. One Huge, James Rosenquist Painting at Richard L. Feigen & Co.

So my advice.. unless you're shopping for another Multi Million dollar Jasper Johns (like the one shown by Matthew Marks) for your living room.. save yourself the $20 admission fee, the time, and the attitude for March 10th - The Big Armory Show, or Pulse, or ~scopeNewYork ... they should be a bit more interesting.

February 10, 2006

AIPAD NYC Fair & The 1st MAO : Greedy Art Dealer AWARD

The Curators and Collectors AIPAD Preview yesterday over at the 7th Regiment Armory was a poorly attended event yesterday. The AIPAD Fair is there till Feb 12th.  It looks good, lots of things to see, a few early MAO observations..

1. It seemed smaller than last years Fair.

2. No heat in the building, you could see your breath in parts of the fair.

3. I counted 11 Dealers who had Diane Arbus Prints for Sale, all at pretty high prices.

4. There was a surprising lack of New Color Photography, may dealer were strictly vintage B&W.

Now, I've never been a fan of buying secondary works at Art Fairs. I'm much more of an Auction Junkie. I think it's best to find (one or 2) honest/knowledgeable/trustworthy dealers to work exclusively with to find secondary pieces for your collection.  But there's one thing that drives me absolutely bat shit crazy nuts... Dealer buying something at a very recent auction, and then marking it up immediately to an insane price. I believe there's a funny commercial by Ameritrade... that jokes about this. It's always on CNBC. Which gave me the idea to create something new.

The 1st Official MOA :


Mrgreedyartdealer      Now, as you might imagine, the competition is steep for such a shady prestigious award. And sad to say, there were several worthy contenders at the Fair.  But for this years, AIPAD 2006, it goes hands down to the GREEDY, Irresponsible, Rip Your Clients Off, Should Probably Be Barred From The AIPAD Association, Janet Lehr Inc/Vered Art an NYC/East End LI thief gallery.

So this greedy dealer purchased 2 Robert Mapplethorpe Color Photo's at the Christies October 10th sale. (results attached).. I know.. cause I was sitting right behind them in the auction room.

Lot 230.. Mapplethorpe's "Orchid, 1989" 22.5x22.5 #1/5 signed by the estate sold for $19,200. Now Offered at $85,000 by Janet Lehr Inc/Vered Art

Lot 235...Mapplethorpe's "Jack-in-the-Pulpit, 1988" 26.5x20.5, #2/7 Signed by the artist, sold for $22,800, Now Offered at $95,000 by Janet Lehr Inc/Vered Art

Granted you say.. well they took the risk, they saw the value in these 2 photographs. Maybe, but these are not works by an unknown artist... it's Robert Mapplethorpe's Flower Photos, which are as much of a known value as it gets in photography collecting.   But charging a 443% Mark-UP on the first one, and a 417% Mark-Up on the second photo in a 4 month time period borders on criminal. I'm all for dealers and artists making money for all the great work they do.. but a 400% mark up is not reasonable. It's Predatory !!  And it's sad that people like this make me (and I'm sure others) really distrust so many art dealers for being nothing more than taking advantage of their customers. My advice, stay far away, and never buy anything from Janet Lehr Inc/Vered Art.

Please Don't reward this type of Greedy Unethical Behavior!  And frankly.. I think other dealers should be mad at these stupid greedy people as well.. it gives your profession a bad reputation!

January 30, 2006

Photo LA

So what do Helen Hunt, Brendan Fraser, and Heath Ledger all have in common?  All Big-Time Closeted Homo's Hot Hollywood Actors..? Hmmm... Maybe.. But... they were also, all seen at the highly successful 15th Annual Photo LA organized by Stephen Cohen last week!

It sounds like the Santa Monica fair was a big success. See this Photo District News Story by Jori Finkel.

70 Exhibitors, and 7,000 Attendees...

Some Major trends to consider...

Ruudvanempel - H2 Hummer Sized New Color Photo's are IN... Old Small 19th-Century Black & White are OUT

- Ruud Van Empel (photo inserted) is IN.... Loretta Lux OUT

- Brian Clamp IN.... Larry Miller OUT

- Nancy Burson's Composite Photos IN... Helen Levitt vintage work OUT

-Big Splashy Art Fairs IN !

- New photo artists hocking their portfolios to the very Busy Gallery Owners... Always WAY  OUT!!!

Hmmm... on second thought.. some of this sounds a bit scary to me.. maybe it's time to take another look at buying those vintage Helen Levitt B&W's?  Though this Ruud Van Empel photo looks pretty cool !

December 05, 2005

Art BASEL MAIMI - Last Few Hours in Miami

Ok.. well Art Basel Miami is over. I'm glad it was only 4 days.. My wallet Liver couldn't take another night!   A big thanks goes out to ROCCO and Oliver aka... DADDY With A DAWG   for keeping every night an interesting adventure!!

So.... Time to catch some nice beach time alone!
Beach_05_2 Beach_05_1

December 04, 2005

Art Basel Miami Day 4!!

OK.. So after 4 days of parties Art. We needed to decided to keep the day lite, and enjoy the beach!! So we headed for the Art Positions.. aka The Containers!!


They are not exactly the best spaces to see art.. so we were not expecting too much. But it's always interesting to see how the artist and gallery people cope.Img_0598_1


Photo #2 - My friend and a Big Time Collector looking hungover trying not to be seen!



                        Photo #3-------   Elvis!!!Img_0596_1 ------------   

Photo #4 - OK.. so I honestly Don't remember which gallery this was.. but boy were they cool to see!!


Photo #5  By far.. The MAO favorite of the Day.. The work of KOTA EZAWA "The History of Photography" presented by San Fran's Haines Gallery! Thanks for the info Cheryl !

I think MAO must have one of these for the collection!! Anyone know anything about (or have strong opinions? Rumor is a well funded NYC Museum has already bought into this artist.. Truth or Lie??) Mr. Kota Ezawa's work/video's?


    Well... great Day at the beach and we had just enough of the Art BASEL Miami Containers!

Day NADA Miami !!! PULSE By Night!

Miami Day 3!

Headed to NADA Miami this morning. Totally great.. I shouldn't have waited till day 3! I can honestly say.. It was my favorite fair.. Very cool.. certainly the most cutting edge. But also... We found much less of that Typical Bitchy, Elitist, Snobby, BS, Art Tude going around!

    For example.. when you entered NADA... there were 8 Hammocks Hung with guys making out people lounging listening to groovey music between the palm trees!! Too Cool! Plus, there was just more fun and interesting discussions going on between dealers, and collectors than other fairs. It doesn't get any better!! And lastly.. as they say.. the best thing in life are FREE to enter!!!

The True standouts for me....    John Connolly Presents (AVAF), Murray Guy (Kota Ezawa), and Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery (Jen DeNike). I also loved seeing the 2 Yoko Ono Videos courtesy of Daniel Reich Gallery!

So we could have stayed all day and made out on the Hammocks at NADA! oh.. and if the Great Art and Galleries weren't enough.. Also seen at NADA... One of MAO's Favorite Bush Bashing People - Ex Gov of TX Ann Richards.. We Luv Ha!

Well, being the ever curious collector.. we headed to PULSE Miami.

It was just about the same here (except a bit smaller.. and they charged $10 bucks to get it.. like why?).. But anyways, Lots of RED DOTS, and Very Happy (but somewhat tired.. these guys are just not used to a hard days work!!) Gallery Owners Here!!  MAO's Gallery fair standouts.. Catharine Clark Gallery (Andy Diaz Hope), Robert Mann Gallery - NYC (Luis Gonzalez Palma, and Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga) , and PPOW Gallery (Ellen Kooi).

So, No celebs here to report.. I guess the $10 tickets must have kept them away! 

Art Basel Miami Day 2!

Woo Hooo.. What was the name of the Bus that Hit Me?? Can you say.. ROCCO's staying with me!! Like, What Was I thinking????.. Too Much fun.. But not sure if my Liver is going to make it!

So got up late and checked out the Main Art Basel Miami Fair on Friday.. Much Bigger than I had expected.. It's Like Big Big!! Lot's of Red Dots everywhere!! You'd think it was a Target Tag Sale!

So Lot's of cool stuff.. way too much to list/say..other will probably say it better. So I'll just let all the Art Baselite cover it!

I'm somewhat of a Secondary Art Photo Focused Collector.. So within only that spectrum..

1. Who was hot (lot's of it and most with red dots!) at the Art Basel Fair.. Hoffer, Ruff, Muniz, Burtynsky, and Tillmans

2. Who's work I surprised to not see much of at the fair.. Prince, Neshat, Sherman, DiCorcia, Struth, and.. Lux.

Well.. Just my observations.. for what that's worth.