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November 12, 2010

Interesting Contemporary Art Content on YouTube.. Slim Pickings.. But Getting Better?

Contemporary Art Content on YouTube.. ???  Is there anything worth while??

Given all the amazing potential of YouTube.com, there remains in MAO's not sohumble opinion, VERY Slim Pickings. Most arer a total waste of time.. armature type stuff.

But maybe things are getting getting a little better?

There are sadly only... 3 YouTubers that come to mind.. which we think are well worth checking out.

1. The Madness of Art by Jim Kempner Fine Art.. Tt's totally funny and true..

TheMadnessofArt This one is a must watch for any NYC Contemporary Art junkie enthusiast.

Bravo Jim.. for such a wonderful effort.

We can't say enough good things about this video blog. 


2. The Two Percent Tube by David Behringer. A regular New Yorkers take on Contemporary Art in NYC... It's not exactly ArtForum.. but then again, who would want to be...? 

The Two Percent is a website that gives contemporary art recommendations in New York City. This week, a very special "10th EPISODE SPECIAL", "SECOND HELPING" talks about a show of abstract expressionist work at Cheim & Read running concurrently with the AbEx show at the Moma, "TRIPLE THREATS" include Tony Oursler @ Lehmann Maupin, Robert Rauschenberg @ Gagosian, and Roxy Paine @ James Cohan Gallery. If you're in New York, give the new podcast audio tour a try! Check out www.thetwopercent.com for more.


3. The Terence Koh Show... OK..well.. You my not like his artwork.. but maybe he just happens to be the most active attempt by a completely self promotionalin-the-know uber successful NYC contemporary artist.. He's not done an update for 4 months, but hopefully we will see more on YouTube from Mr. Koh.


Oh.. and how bad can this YouTube Channel be.. if this World Renown Art Blogger..ArtFagCity has told the world..that Terence Koh is the most important Contempory artist working today in NYC..

If you missed this.. you have to check this out to believe it:


ahem.. Like can you say totally out of her mind or just taken out of context?

Well.. it's a sad little list of YouTube Contemporary Art Content providers on YouTube..

Has video blogging totally died for the Contemporary Art World? What do you thinK?

BUT, If any MAO readers have a any other important ones we missed.. please send them our way!



June 15, 2007

MAO FAN Mail.. Printers Proofs... ??? Good, Bad, or Ugly?

We received the following MAO Blogger Fan mail this morning .. so thought we'd share with the class...


To My Beloved MAO:
      I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Congrats on the great job...I wish some other collectors would share as much as MAO.

     The reason I’m emailing is primarily to ask you a collecting-related question (I can’t consider myself quite the collector yet, but I’d like to try).  I was at the AAF yesterday and saw a decent print at what I think is a decent price. However, the print is a printer’s proof and I was wondering if you can tell me what the implications of that might be. I imagine it may not be as valuable as the numbered series? I like the print, which I think is the more important consideration, but was wondering if you might have an opinion on PP’s.

Thanks much.

Best Regards,

President.. The MAO Fan Club


Hi Mr. President...
      Thanks for reading the MAO blog, and the Email.. I didn't get to go to Art Basel with all the real important collectors either was at the AAF last night too. Nice Fair..too crowded.. I remember when these Collectors Previews events were actually comfortable exclusive!  And since when did $10,000 per artwork become affordable? Geeeze.. My times have changed. Look out below!! Bubble.. what Bubble ?
      I've asked that question before as well.. I believe most Printers Proof are generally 100% authorized prints by the artist, and of equal value to a print from the regular edition.
      Typically many photographers give (or trade) a print to their printing lab as a form of payment for their services. So they tend to be just as valuable. Some collectors only want works from the regular edition, but some collectors also think since the actual Printer is getting it.. they may take extra care to insure the PP is of the best quality. So there's no clear difference in value. Just make sure you love the image, and it's signed by the artist.
     I hope this helps.
And good luck on the collecting, it's very addicting!!
Forever yours,

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February 02, 2007

Are Concert, Fashion, or Celebrity Photo's Art?

Gursky_concert_photo Yesterday someone asked, after our over exuberant MAO homage to all things McGinley, the question, Can a concert photo be considered serious Art?

They then proceeded to give the wise advice.. "Don't be fooled by celebrity and fashion over substance."

What do you think?? 

Didn't Andy Warhol put this issue to bed 30+ years ago or not?

Is this serious art or just expensive fools folly?

Here are some of MAO's thoughts on the issue...1. Andreas Gursky (Photo #1)2. Andy Warhol (Photo #2), and 3. Irving Penn (Photo #3).

In fact, iWarholmarilynf you had, $100,000 dollars to burn, you still couldn't buy any of these :

This One Concert image..

This One Celebrity Portrait Painting, 

or even

This One overpriced Fashion photo.

Actually, I believe all three of these images

have broken recent auction records with both museums,

and super mega-Moguls rich cock, ego fighting it out on

the auction floor to acquire these works of serious ART!

Irving_penn_fashion_photoGranted, a sky high price doesn't make anything great art, and clearly only history will have to be the judge.

But at least for MAO.. celebrity, fashion and concert images... can indeed be appreciated as art with substance.

Plus they look pretty damn cool too!