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December 18, 2005

Naughty or Nice??

Even though I only blog work 2 blocks away, it was nice to stop (for a few seconds) and take in the beauty of Rockefeller Center! Photo's taken on the run over walk-through the huge crowds of lost tourists Friday Night to our Office Christmas Party at the Rainbow Room.

Rock_center2 Some fun RockCenter Tree Facts...

It's Big!! Like Big Big! 80 foot tall x 41 feet wide

It's Old!! 50 Years Old, Norway Spruce

It's Bright!! Approx 30,000 multi-colored 7.5 watt bulbs on over 5 Miles of Wire. The Tree is Lite from 5:30-11:30pm until Jan 6th.

For the past 20 years, Featured in the Channel Gardens are the 12 herald angels by Valerie Clarebout (Valerie who??)

For all our crystals queens fans .. Be sure not to miss.. Sachs_starsOn top of the tree.. The Swarovski Star at Rockefeller Center : The largest ever!! 550 lbs made of 25,000 crystals.. It's 9.5 feet in diameter and 1.5 feet deep!

Also.. Being ever the true retail holiday..there's festive music and flashing stars just to get your attention onto the Sachs 5th Ave Building Facade every 10 minutes till Jan 7th! A bit tacky, it's no Jenny Holzer..but actually looked pretty cool to see and hear! And I'm sure Auntie Edna visiting from Topeka, Kansas will Just Love it!!

So.. Rainbowroom_danceThe Company Holiday Party at the Rainbow Room!  SWEET!! The epitome of NY Style, Glamour and Sophistication!! Need I say more??

Actually, It's Now a home for overpaid rich foreign company Holiday Parties!! Woohoo! Well.. I had a blast! Dancing well past midnight, on the 65th floor of the GE building, An amazing place for any event!