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November 18, 2014

Gallery Closings... it's sad to hear Galerie Stefan Röpke is closing.

After 21 years of gallery business, Galerie Stefan Röpke,Köln, Germany  presents its final exhibition.  We guess this is just part of the natural gallery evolution, that you Darwin.  So, no business lasts forever, but these folks had some really gay nice, important shows, and they have champoined some great artists. We'll miss them at the art fairs, and we wish them all the best  in the future! Congrats on a great run.

Here's their press release for their last show.

Falling Into Darkness...
Galerie Stefan Röpke is pleased to present Falling Into Darkness... curated by Sabrina Tesch, on view November 28 - December 19, 2014.  (image: MARTINA THOMS ohne Titel, 2013
oil on paper on canvas 11,8 x 15,8 inches / 30 x 40 cm)

MartinaThoms_ropakAfter 21 years of business, Galerie Stefan Röpke presents its final exhibition. As old doors close, we hope new ones open, and in this spirit we have invited Sabrina Tesch, the gallery director, to curate her first group show. By combining works by artists that she has had the opportunity to work with during her almost 6 years at the gallery with others she has discovered by venturing out on her own, as well as works from private collections, Tesch is able to bring together her varied experiences in the art world, presenting a perspective uniquely her own. 

We hope you will come to help us celebrate the 21 wonderful years we've enjoyed in Cologne and to see the intriguing exhibition that Sabrina Tesch has put together for all of us. 

May 13, 2010

Ryan Humphrey's New Show, with a work in the coming DPA Charity Auction!

Artist Ryan Humphrey's New Show at DCKT Conemporary Gallery is his best work to date, and he's even got one of his works coming up at Monday's DPA Re:FORM Charity Auction!

So, you might remember Ryan.. as the precocious Bad Boy Contemporary Artist who was featured on the first tragic season of America's Top Design Reality TV Show.

If you have a chance, be sure to stop into see Ryan Humphrey's newest show "Early American" at the DCKT Contemporary Gallery on the Lower East Side. It's an amazing installation of high art meets new american hip-hop design with a bit of Witty car culture thrown into the mix. Each piece in the show will leave you with a smirk on your face, and you might even get a giggle out of it.  but over all MAO left the gallery thinking, Ryan has found his true artistic voice, and he probably has produced his best work to date for this show.

Here's a short part from the official gallery Press Release..

Early American, RYAN HUMPHREY’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. HUMPHREY explores duality through an altered, customized version of an 18th century American interior. The installation hijacks the format of a formal and affluent interior, infusing it with cast-offs and objects more likely found in a rural garage than an antique shop. Class and taste are called into question and the hierarchy of materials associated with social stratification is discarded.

We particularly loved Ryan's painting, "UnderTow, 2010."  (photo #1) Which we were told was made from 100% old NY City 1970's Black and White Junked Police Cars. It's just a wonderful appropriation of the Ryan_Humphrey_UnderTow_2010 famous Hokusai, "The Great Wave of Kanagawa", of the 1820's.

So, if like MAO, you're a Ryan Humphrey Fan, then you have a great chance to get one of his cool works for a songat this Monday night's Drug Policy Alliance's Re:FORM Charity Auction at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery.

Ryan has donated this mutli-image 2 panel work.. tying in his Evil Knievel Bad Boy Biker, with a whole lot of Art History. it just resulted in a  wonderful and Witty work.


(Photo #2, Ryan Humphrey |Hearts of Darkness 2, 2009|Mixed media on fabric, linen, and canvas |2 panels, each 20 1/4 x 15 inches|Courtesy of the artist and DCKT Contemporary, Inc., New York| Estimated retail value: $3,500 )

Even if you're not a in the know, hip Ryan Humphrey Fan.. at the DPA event

there are also some great donations from a number of super star artist to consider.. Kara Walker, Donald Beachler, Fred Tomaseli, John Waters, William Wegman, and Ross Bleckner. So, there's still time for you to place absentee bids here...

See you all at Sikkema Jenkins on Monday Night!


April 07, 2010

Friday May 7th...A Great new Photography Show Opens in Chelsea, Save the Date!

Friday May 7th... A Great new Photography Group Show, American ReConstruction, Opens up in Chelsea at the super art bloggers run amuck hot and innovative Winkleman Gallery, So

Save the Date! This opening is one not to be missed!! People will probably call this "THE Art Event of the Spring 2010 Season!." 

Plus, A big MAO congratulations go out to the 6 lucky new young talented artists which have been chosen for this show. Trust MAO, your careers in the Art World will never be the same!

More details to follow. (Photo below by Mark Lyon, Landscape For The People Series, "Ford F150 Tailgate", 2009, 24" x 60", C-Print) Slide1

October 19, 2009

For Those Interested in Emerging Photographers... Here's the show for You!

Emerging Photographer Show at the Randall Scott Gallery opens on Thursday. This is one not to miss. The show is curated by Art Blogger, Photolucida Juror, and totally crazed obsessed avid photo collector.. Ruben Natal-San Miguel... aka ArtMostFierce. Ruben has scoured the earth to share with us, his newest, hot, amazing photo art discoveries.

So for those art collectors interested in the bleeding edge, inexpensive cutting edge of Art Photography and to find out  who's going to be hot in 3 to 5 years.. you have to see this show. We're sure there will be bargains to be had, and you never know, maybe you'll find the next Lorreta Lux or Ryan McGinley art block buster hanging on the walls!

FYI.. MAO is even considering crossing water, and taking a bridge or tunnel just to get to this show opening on Thursday night. Yes.. my little MAO-ette's, we know.. It's in the Dumbo Art District where?.. which we believe is still in a part of NYC.. who knew? But we've been told it's the new hip and happening place to be for young artists!

Well.. anyway.. it's going to be well worth it, cause some of MAO's favorite new young emerging photographic artists will all be there mooching free beer to answer questions from collectors about their great photos.

Here's the announcement. See you all Thursday Night!

In the Project Room from October 22nd-November 21st

Nadine_rovner_photo UNSEEN
a photographers salon

curated by
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Alex Leme, Clayton Cotterell, Bon Duke, Elizabeth Fleming, Leah Oates, Adam
Krause, Cara Phillips, Megan Cump, Richard Renaldi, Chad States, Natasha Gornik, Nadine Rovner, Nicola Kast, Ryan Pfluger, Phil Toledano and Eric McNatt.
(Photo by Nadine Rovner)

Artist's Reception
October 22nd    6pm-8:30pm

Randall Scott Gallery
111 Front Street #204
Brooklyn, NY
212-796-2192 (fax)

DUMBO Arts District

[email protected]

11am-6pm  Tuesday-Saturday
DUMBO First Thursdays  11am-8:30pm

Located on the corner of Front and Washington Streets
in-between the bridges

F (York St)
A  C  (High St)


September 16, 2009

An Important Photography Show Not to Miss... Keizo Kitajima at Amador Gallery

OK.. My little MAO-ettes. For the new hot Fall Art Season, there are a ton of great new gallery shows around NYC.  But for anyone interested in historic B&W or Japanese photography, one show not to overlook is the Keizo Kitajima show which opened last night at the Amador Gallery on 57th street.

Keizo_Kitajima_tokyo_018 The show is a full retrospective of this almost unknown in the US Japanese master's portrait work. MAO was particularly taken to the cleaners by his earliest Tokyo series.

(photo #1, Keizo Kitajima,


12" X 8 1/2" , gelatin silver print edition of 7)

So, now, only 28 years after the renegade days of Image Shop CAMP with Daido Moriyama where rooms became a giant collage with the works enlarged and developed on the walls using sponges and plastic sheeting (per photo #2) Keizo Kitajima finally has a Museum retrospective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo,a new 874 page monograph (published by Rate Hole in Japan)  and a full exhibition at the Amador Gallery in New York.

Kitajima_TOKYO-060 Keizo Kitajima

The Joy of Portraits

September 15 - November 7th

Amador Gallery at The Fuller Building - 41 East 57th street, 6th floor

In 1976 Keizo Kitajima made his impressive debut with photographs capturing Koza in Okinawa, a town near the US military base, in the period just after the end of the Vietnam War. Subsequently, he expanded his purview to include Tokyo, New York, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, just as that nation was on the verge of collapse.

The Joy of Portraits, featuring portrait work from each of these series, presents the most complete picture to date of the extraordinary photographer Keizo Kitajima's work from 1975 - 1991, including many previously unseen images.


September 09, 2009

Welcome Back Art World!! Tonight the L.E.S Galleries Open Up..!

Yes..It's the start to the busy Fall Art Season in NYC. Yea!!

To start it off right.. tonight all the uber hip galleries on the Lower East Side, have joined forces for a joint night opening extravaganza.

FYI.. Much to MAO's surprise.. It would seem they've also signed a deal with the devil, aka Big Money with The Armory Show for some added media exposure. We'd guess the regular flood of gallery applications for their NeXT Art fair might have slowed down to a trickle a bit, perhaps..?? Anyway.. it's great to see such a coordination... should make for a fun night.

SO..  MAO got this curious invite a few nights ago with the very full gallery list of openings..  So we will be doing the rounds tonight, bring your roller skates cause there's so many (14) to see in 2 hours! See you there!... and WELCOME BACK everyone!

Josh_azzarella_Fantasia (Photo by Josh Azzarella, Untitled #100 (Fantasia), 2007-2009, High-definition video, ed. of 5 + 1 AP, 12:06 )

September 9, 6-8 pm

The Armory Show invites you to join us at this year's Lower East Side season opening evening. Downtown galleries kick-off the fall season with over a dozen exhibition openings September 9 from 6 - 8 pm.
29C Ludlow Street
Tina Hejtmanek: Day without a Name
Through October 25


Nicelle Beauchene
163 Eldridge Street
Rachel Foullon: Grab a Root and Growl
Through October 18


Lisa Cooley
34 Orchard Street
Jon Pestoni and Zak Prekop
Through October 18


195 Bowery
Castaneda/Reiman: Sculptures of Paintings of Places We've Never Been
Josh Azzarella: Untitled #100 (Fantasia)
Through October 11


Eleven Rivington
11 Rivington
Adam Shecter: New Video
Through October 4


Thierry Goldberg Projects
5 Rivington
Khalif Kelly: Metamorphosis
Through October 11


14A Orchard Street
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: 30 Years of Being Cut Up
Through October 18


Museum 52
4 East 2nd Street (and Bowery)
Jacob Robichaux
Through October 10


On Stellar Rays
133 Orchard Street
212.598 .3012
Zipora Fried: Trust Me. Be Careful
Through October 25


Simon Preston
301 Broome Street (between Forsyth and Eldridge)
Caragh Thuring: Assembly
Through  November 1


Salon 94 Freemans
1 Freeman Alley
Carter: And Within Area Although
Through October 24


Sue Scott Gallery
1 Rivington Street (at Bowery)
Franklin Evans: 2008/2009 < 2009/2010
Through October 24


Small A Projects
261 Broome Street
Michael Patterson-Carver
Through October 18
Rachel Uffner Gallery
47 Orchard Street (between Grand and Hester)
Sara Greenberger Rafferty: Tears
Through October 25

May 22, 2009

Hauser & Wirth to Open in NYC! Is this a Good Time to Open an Art Gallery?

Yes... you read that correctly.. A New Contemporary Art Gallery is actually not closing opening up in New York City! Yea!

London's Hauser & Wirth Gallery is planning to open on the upper east side of New York City in September! But, with the US economey crashing, is this a Good Time to Open an Art Gallery? Maybe, we shall see, a huge economic recovery might just be several years away around the corner.

So here's the exciting email we got this morning...

Hauser & Wirth, widely considered Europe’s most influential and acclaimed gallery of contemporary art and modern masters with galleries in Zurich and London, has just announced it  will expand its global activities by opening a fully dedicated gallery in New York City in September 2009.   

Occupying four fulll floors of new exhibition and event space at 32 East 69th Street in Manhattan, Hauser & Wirth New York will present new work by its international stable of more than 30 foremost established and emerging artists, and masters whose estates it represents. Opening with YARD, the seminal Environment first made in 1961 by renowned artist Allan Kaprow, inventor of ’Happenings,’ the gallery’s 2009-2010 season will include extraordinary exhibitions of never before seen works by Paul McCarthy, Ida Applebroog, Eva Hesseand Roni Horn.

A press release with further details is attached.  For additional information or to request images, please be in touch! 

Here's the press release Download Hauser_and_Wirth_to_open_in_NYC

This is so nice to see a new major gallery opening in New York.  Hauser & Wirth is one of our favorite galleries in the world, and we so welcome some fresh bloodanother exciting player to the top of the NYC art pyramid.  Welcome!!  And we at MAO wish H & W all the luck in the word!

OK..so that's the good news..

But we also wanted to point out to the MAO readers, that we have been getting a disturbing  curious number of these potentially sad "Interesting" emails as well...












(Please note, we at MAO apologize in advanc if this announcement facsimile just happens to resembles any actual gallery email) 

So, maybe MAO is just a bit too much of a total ass hole cynic, but we can't help wonder... Is this just the newest 2009 gallery lie speak for... We're closing the art gallery cause we are bleeding money? Or do you think they are really moving? What do the MAO readers think?

Is this a good time to move an art gallery? Maybe. We would bet that many landlords around the city are very open to offering huge financial inncentives to get galleries to rent space in their buildings these days.

But, so far, several of these "Moving Announcements" to an undetermined or undisclosed location have been fillinghitting our email in box. And Sadly, we have not yet seen a commensurate number of announcements stating.. Please Join US at our new location, it's...XXX on YY street!  Well.. Hopefully we'll start to see some of these soon.. cause right now..there seem to be too many galleries "in motion",and so it's going to make for a very quiet summer.

Hmm.. Or.. Maybe MAO just doesn't deserve to get invited to the gallery opening parties anymore..??

Hmm...  No...that can't be it...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

January 21, 2009

New Edward Burtynsky work at Flowers East Gallery Show in London

New work by Edward Burtynsky at Flowers East in London.

Ed_Burtynsky_Silver_Lake_1 For all those many obsessed Burtynsky fans.. you might have seen one or 2 new Burtynsky photos (still selling strongly) during Art Basel Miami 2009, but now there's a complete new gallery show up as of January 9th.

So if you're in London before it closes on February 7th, you probably want to check out this new photography show.

For all the rest of us, who are geographically challenged.. you can see Edward Burtynsky's many new photographs on line.

Here and here.

(photo #1, Ed Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #1, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia 2007, Limited Edition Chromogenic Colour Print)

Ed_Burtynsky_Silver_lake_10This new exhibition is all of Mines in Western Australia.. hence the new show name.. Australian Minescapes.

It's clearly a continuation of Burtynsky's long term exploration of our man made landscapes. 

This time Edward is using for the first time planes (or helicopters) in the creation of his photographs. This has the effect of making these photos look much more like paintings than any of his previous work. 

Additionally, our first look at the work, we saw a strong connection between this new Burtynsky series with photographer David Maisel's work. Check out David's Lake Project, Terminal Mirage, and his Mining Project all done pre-2004.

The similarity is very strong between their projects...So, we're not sure how MAO feels about this.. What do you think?

  • Good ? The Burtynsky work is building on another artists efforts.. or

  • Bad ? He's just ripping off someone who did it first, but doesn't get the huge audiance Burtynsky  has?

(Photo #2, Ed Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #10, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia 2007
Limited Edition Chromogenic Colour Print)

FYI..there is also a nice but, small (approx 65 pages) new catalog available, with an essay by Michael Mitchell.

You'll have to contact the Flowers Gallery East for copies of the new catalog.

Flowers East, London

Edward Burtynsky
Australian Minescapes
9 January - 7 February 2009

Additionally..For all those Burtynsky fans, you'll all be happy to know, Edward Burtynsky, has a few Museum shows coming up : 2009

  • Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, February 6 - June 9, 2009

  • Edward Burtynsky: Uneasy Beauty - Photographs of Canada, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, British Columbia, January 17 - March 22

  • Burtynsky: Oil, Corcoran Gallery / Museum of Art, Washington, D.C. (touring exhibit begins), November 2009

January 20, 2009

Nobuyoshi Araki photography from the 1960's at Anton Kern Gallery

Nobuyoshi Araki photography from the 1960's at Anton Kern Gallery

Araki_Ginza Over the years MAO has begun to greatly appreciate Japanese photography.

And certainly the golden age of Photography in Japan was most certainly the 1960's and 70's.

In this show, you'll get to see previously unseen work by one of the Japanese Masters.

If you think Araki, is just a photographer of naked women he wants to make love to and pretty hyper-sexual flowers.. Think Again!

(photo #1, Nobuyoshi Araki Ginza (2573-31), B/W Photographs, 17 x 14 inches)

This show truly shows Araki as a street photographer visionary.

Here he established a distinct Japanese street style in the 1960's that would parallel the work of well known western world masters like Garry Winogrand and Robert Frank.

The show is filled with hundreds of wonderful B&W street photos from the Ginza.

Additionally in the show is an entire Tokyo Subway series by Araki which was a fun Japanese take on the famous book by Walker Evans "Many Are Called." Araki's book was titled Subway Love.

It's a historically important show, and it's nice to see a contemporary art gallery taking the risk of showing non hyped commercial small vintage Japanese photography. Plus, if you're interested in street photography, and not previously an Araki fan.. you should certainly run to see this show! It will totally blow change your mind about Araki.

The show is open at Anton Kern Gallery on 20th street, till February 7th.

November 26, 2008

Richard Mosse At Jack Shainman, one New Young Photographer to Watch!

The Richard Mosse photography show at the Jack Shainman Gallery, this is one new young photographer's show you do not want to miss.

It's the first Solo show in NYC, by this recent Yale Photography MFA, and Richard was just additionally awarded The Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the Performing and Visual Arts. This is a major new grant which will enable Mosse to travel extensively over the coming two years to make new work. So..Congrat's to Richard Mosse.

Richard_mosse_heathrow_2007 When you go see the show.. you won't be surprised Mr. Mosse won a major art award already. You can also check out his work on his website..here..

Actually, You may have have seen his work already, Richard is on the front cover of SOURCE - Photographic Review, a British photography magazine,

OR just, maybe you've read a bit about Richard on Brian Sherwin's Art Blog, MyArtSpace.com
There's a very nice artist interview between Richard and Brian..which was well worth a read.

(photo #1, Richard Mosse, 747 Heathrow, 2007, Digital c-print, 72 x 96 inches)

So you could say.. this young Irish chap has more than just hit the ground running. Richard, already lists Marty Margulies as someone who's collecting his artwork...

Well.. the show is great.. We loved the documentary nature of his photo project. It's a series of Richard_Mosse_747_Schiphol_2007 airplane disasters simulator, which is very much in the same spirit as another one of MAO's favorite British photographers, Sarah Pickering.  But to MAO, Richard's photos come off a bit more literary. For both Dr. Quiz and MAO, they immediately brought to mind an entire genre of scary airplane disaster flicks...  or even a bit of a trace of the 9-11 terrorism.   Maybe these photos are just a sign of the times.. Hmm....

So before everyone heads down to Art Basel Miami Beach 2008 (sadly, to be henceforth known as..The Last Big Art Party Before Tons of Teetering Chelsea Galleries GO BUST)..  or if you're smartly staying in NYC to save some money, this show is up at the Jack Shainman Gallery until December 20th. So, Check it out! And keep your eye on this young photographer/artist, Richard Mosse..

 (photo #2, Richard Mosse, 747 Schiphol, 2007, Digital c-print,60 x 96 inches)

See you all in Miami... MAO will be the one at the Bar..cause something tell's MAO there will be a lot of drinking going on down in Miami next week! Yikes!

November 21, 2008

Mickey Smith photography at the new, Invisible-Exports Gallery

Mickey Smith photography at Invisible-Exports Gallery.

Mickey_smith_blood_coll So it's been a very busy Fall Art season for Dr. Quiz and MAO. This week we actually got to speak with both Jerry Saltz, and Roberta Smith over cocktails Tuesday night. Jerry is oh so much shorter more outgoing than we expected. And, Ms. Roberta...well...she was... Flawless!! As expected.

But one thing we did manage to luckily squeeze into our schedule, was the packed opening last week of the first New York City Solo show for photographer Mickey Smith.

You may know Mickey's work for Jen Bekman's 20 x 200 project.. so far both of her photos there sold out (in both the small and mid size) in just a few minutes.  We missed both!! DAMN!

So clearly.. there's a lot of Mickey Smith fans out there in art blog world. Others may know Mickey's work from The Center for Photography at Woodstock..where she has been featured on the cover of their magazine.. as well as having her work shown there this summer.

Mickey Smith's show is titled "You People" and is up at the Invisible-Exports Gallery until Dec 21th.

(Photo #1, Mickey Smith, Collocation No. 7 (BLOOD), 2008, Forty archival inkjet prints on canvas,
16 x 24 inches each, Edition of 3)

The work, which features her photos of bound periodical magazines, we found totally fascinating. It remained both, Dr. Quiz and MAO of our muchyounger  college days of late night research sessions spent in the dark library stacks.  Mickey refers to herself as a cultural archaeologist... and hence you might say.. MAO really digs her photography work!! Sorry... couldn't help ourselves with that one!

Well..here's a snippet from the gallery press release.. the show is great.. don't miss it! 

FYI... This is only the second show for this new gallery..Invisible-Exports.. hopefully one of many good ones to follow.. because, what this young gallery lacks in shear size.. it's 2 thoughtful owners make up with high energy and big personality!   Clearly one art combination well worth checking out this weekend if you find yourself on the hip lower east side of new york city!

A big MAO Congrats go out to Mickey, Risa, and Ben. We wish you all the best.


... Mickey Smith is a cultural archaeologist and You People is her reclamation project. The books and bound periodicals she photographs are a fossil record the 20th century unknowingly left behind. In their own time, these periodicals represented to their readers a concrete and tangible common culture — each reader knowing that there are thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the country reading the very same things — unifying communities of subscribers around shared interests, shared standards and shared identities. But looking at them past their expirations dates has the opposite effect: the publications seem insufficient, the audience for them a universe of disparate and disunited lives, only loosely bound. They become something else, the meaning shifting from their content to the viewer’s own inherited history.

Mickey Smith’s photographs deal with themes of association and disassociation. The titles, repeated one after the other on the shelves of libraries across America, represent a cultural heritage, a kind of serial aspiration on the part of an immigrant nation toward a finally resolved sense of identity. But as Smith shows, forming an identity is not as simple as clustering around one node — or periodical — rather than another. Instead, by showcasing the repetition of these words, she highlights their incantatory power—and suggests that identity and culture have always been a matter not of neat categories but of vague associations.

Mickey Smith is a McKnight Artist Fellow in Photography and has received grants from FORECAST Public Art Affairs and CEC ArtsLink. Currently, her work can be seen at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, in Woodstock, New York, and the Pushkin House as part of the Contemporary Art in Traditional Museums Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

October 17, 2008

Congrats to Collette Blanchard.. and her NEW LES Art Gallery!

Yes my little MAO-ettes.. you read that correctly! A new Gallery is OPENING!!! YEA!

Even in these difficult times.. some risk loving bright people have the cojones ability to open a new cutting edge contemporary art gallery! http://www.colletteblanchard.com/

Last night was the grand opening of a brand new gallery on the super hip and happening Lower East Side.

Collette_Blanchard_Gallery_opening Collette Blanchard was the long term hottie director of the Von Lintel gallery in Chelsea..and now has set out on her own!

Collette has put together one amazing new show featuring works by some of the most promising up and coming artists of our time. Her inaugural exhibition, Belle de Jour,  includes painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography and video; there is a diversity of mediums as well as perspectives by artists : Asgar/Gabriel, Sarah Baley, Jane Benson, Libby Black, iona rozeal brown, Zoe Charlton, E.V. Day, Langdon Graves, Julie Heffernan, Tracey Langfitt, Maria Porges, Mickalene Thomas, Cynthia Rowley, Laurie Simmons, Shinique Smith and Cindy Wright.

A big MAO congrats goes out to Collette! We totally love and admire your sheer courage, and we wish you the best of luck, cause she's going to need it we know we'll be in her gallery many times in the near future!!

The Collette Blanchard Gallery is on 26 Clinton Street. For more information or images please contact the gallery at 646.249.7720 or [email protected].

July 09, 2008

David Wojnarowicz show at P.P.O.W. Gallery

History Keeps Me Awake at Night, A Genealogy of Wojnarowicz July 10th - August 2nd.

Sadly.. we're going to miss this opening.. but If you're in NYC on July 10th.. it's bound to be the best gallery group show of the summer season.

It's amazing to see which artists have all responded to David's work...

David_wojnarowicz_self_portrait The show includes... Wolfgang Tillmans, Zoe Strauss, Carrie Mae Weems, Michael Bilsborough, Ryan McGinley, and Mike Estabrook just to name a few contemporary greats!

Congrats to the super nice people at P.P.O.W. on a great show, and for keeping the memory of David Wojnarowicz alive!

Here's a part of the press release...

(photo, David Wojnarowicz in collaboration with Tom Warren
Portrait/Self Portrait of David Wojnarowicz
, 1983-85, mixed media, 60 x 40")

This show presents the work of a select group of contemporary artists that have been the beneficiaries of David Wojnarowicz’s art, writings, and voice.  Although it has been sixteen years since his death in 1992, the potency of David’s work and message still reverberates and affects those who come into contact with it.  None of these artists knew David Wojnarowicz personally but they all have work that is directly connected to him.  The work of these artists is uniquely theirs, but all of them are bound by the influence David has had on them, each in their own specific way. This is not a memorial, this is not a re-iteration or duplication, this is an exhibition that brings artists from different countries, backgrounds and aesthetics to a single space to show how the work and life of David Wojnarowicz continues to inform artists today.

On July 17th at 6-9pm.. there will also be a night of Film Screening and Readings by Zachary German, Amy King, Sara Marcus and Maz Steele.

June 23, 2008

Congrats to Josh Azzarella on his inclusion in a Sean Kelly Gallery Group Show

Congrats to Josh Azzarella on his inclusion in an impressive Sean Kelly Gallery Group Show.

Josh_azzarella_Untitled_Bryan Many smart MAO readers may already know the photographic work of young artist Josh Azzarella, and it would seem some other high attitude end Chelsea art dealers have also taken notice! (See MAO's Josh Azzarella interview Part I, and Part II)

This past Friday night, Canceled, Erased & Removed, A group Showhas opened.

The entire group show is focused on the concept of artists creating a new work of art, by eliminating or canceling elements from another image or art work. Yes, we at MAO know...it's not the most mind stretching concept for an art show.. but hey.. it's summer...so lighten up! And congratulate Josh.. cause he's been included among a list of some very important, MAO favorite, artists!

(Photo by Josh Azzarella, Untitled #38, Bryan, 2007... We believe it's based on this historic photo from Little Rock Central H.S. of Elizabeth Eckford arriving at school facing the Arkansas National Guard, on September 4,1957)

The artists included in the exhibition are: Janine Antoni, Josh Azzarella, John Baldessari, Mike Bidlo, Slater Bradley, David Ellis, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Douglas Gordon, Jenny Holzer, Marine Hugonnier, Callum Innes, Alfredo Jaar, Titus Kaphar, Idris Khan, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Peter Liversidge, Richard Long, Jorge Macchi, Anthony McCall, Ana Mendieta, Ed Ruscha, Julião Sarmento, Yuken Teruya and Gavin Turk

The Show runs till August 1.

June 12, 2008

Dumbo Arts Center's New Show... Amen Bitch

Dumbo Arts Center is pleased to announce: HOLY HOLES: ABSOLUTE STALLS
Curated by Denise Carvalho.

It's one of the few typically terrible traditional summer group shows we're looking forward to. Religion, power and economics....three of MAO's favorite issues, all in one exhibition. We at MAO just love the DAC!

Amen_bitch_Dylan_mortimer_DACArtists in the show include : Brent Wahl, Dylan Mortimer, Grady Gerbracht, Hadassa Goldvicht,
Jenny Marketou, Joseph Bennett, Adriana Varella, Angela Freiberger, Gearóid Dolan,
Tobaron Waxman, Kimberly Simpson, Karin Giusti, Marcia X, Meirav Leshem,
Kwabena Slaughter, and Neil Beloufa.

This new show opens June 14th and runs till August 3rd. There's a curator's talk: Sunday, July 27th, 2008, 6 - 7 PM.

Plus, there's just something so wonderfully irreverent about this... we just had to post a photo of the work today. 

It's a limited edition by artist Dylan Mortimer.

(photo #1, Dylan Mortimer,Amen Bitch, 2008, Brass, 3 1/4" x 1/2", Edition of 100. Initialed and numbered. Price: $99.99)

Here's some details about this work :

Dylan Mortimer has created a special edition of jewelry pendants on the occasion of the exhibition, Holy Holes: Absolute Stalls. In keeping with the theme of the exhibition, "Amen Bitch" explores the paradox of faith itself. The piece unites spontaneity and sarcasm, belief and doubt. In a larger body of work that fuses contemporary hip hop with holy scripture, the work aims to comment on the organic interaction between language and art, the sacred and the profane. Amen Bitch is hip, sexy, bling, gaudy, garish, flashy, blasphemous, irreverent and holy… Amen Bitches

June 05, 2008

Adam Bartos at The Drawing Room Gallery in East Hampton

If you have a few minutes to spare from what's going to be a glorious beach weekend.. MAO would strongly suggest checking out the new Adam Bartos "Yard Sales" show at The Drawing Room Gallery in East Hampton.

We think the official opening party is this Saturday..though Dr. Quiz, Janet (one of the MAO-ettes), and MAO were lucky enough to catch the show last weekend. We loved the photos in this show, the work truly captures the beautiful golden light one only experiences in the hamptons.  Here's a cut from the gallery press release.

 Akin to early 20th century photographs that celebrated the industrial gleam of the Machine Age, Bartos’ images give dignity to our 21stcentury castoffs. A close-up of the shimmering coral colored interior of a mid-century suitcase contrasted by a blue rhinestone and white linens within, is one of several photographs that invite the viewer to imagine a personal narrative.

Adam_Bartos_Yard_Sale_Sink_Stopper_07 In the spring of 2009, Damiani Editore will publish this body of work in Adam Bartos' fourth monograph

The show is up till July 7th. (Photo, Adam Bartos, Yard Sale - sink stopper, 2007, 27 1/2 x 18 1/2 in)

Also..MAO sends a big congrats to Emily Goldstein for finally putting together a first class website to meet the quality of their top notch gallery program...welcome to 1999 Emily!

May 21, 2008

Matthew Schreiber at The FIREPLACE Project in East Hampton Springs

Matthew Schreiber at The FIREPLACE Project in East Hampton Springs.

Matthew_schreiber_Guilloche_the_gas_pipe If you're lucky enough to be headed to the East End of Long Island for the long weekend and need a high quality contemporary art fix. (photo, Matthew Schreiber, Guilloche, The Gas Pipe, 2008,Aluminum ring, 40 x 635nm Diode Lasers, electroni, Projected dimensions variable, ring 5’ diameter)

Last weekend at the opening party, both Dr. Quiz and MAO were totally blown away by these light installations. The works are hard to explain, it's mostly red lasers, but we found them beautiful, graceful and disorienting. We probably heard visitors say "WOW that's totally COOL!!!" at least 100 times when we were in the main gallery space.

A past assistant to the famed light artist, James Turrell, Matthew Schreiber's first solo show in the New York area is a not to be missed exhibit.

Sadly this show will only be on view till June 2nd.. and it's over 100 miles from Manhattan.

April 17, 2008

Painter, Chris Dorland's Show opens at Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago

Chris Dorland, Simulations, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago.

OK.. so apparently there is some great art happening west of the Hudson River as well!!

But you heard about this amazing painter here first...(Artist Interview Part I, and Part II)

Actually painter Chris Dorland, lives and works in Astoria.. so technically..the great art works get made in NYC..and just gets shipped west to Chicago!

Chris_dorland_untitled_cathode_1So, MAO and his art posse got a lucky chance to preview the work before it go shipped west... a

nd we can honestly say..it's Mr. Dorland's best work to date. 

His new "Simulations" all look like photo collages that were created on photocopy and digital scanning machines.. but when you realize some of these are painstakingly hand painted canvases.. you start to understand the merits of these new works.

Here's part of the gallery press release...

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present Simulations, an exhibition of new paintings and photo collages by New York-based artist Chris Dorland. This will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Dorland’s work primarily references imagery from 1960’s and 1970’s architectural history books of stadiums, pavilions and other public buildings.  These grand scale utopian architectural projects, some of which never progressed beyond their planning stages, are hulking contradictions. Once futuristic and forward thinking, they often end up dilapidated and forgotten: wreckages of late Capitalism. Neither entirely realistic nor abstract, these works depict images which oscillate between the process of becoming and dissolving.

The distinct surface of Dorland’s work is created using a varied technique that involves scraping and rolling paint. Thus, his paintings simultaneously reveal and mask his process. The paintings in Simulations in particular reference the artist’s use of photocopied source material. Dorland has also willfully restrained his palette for this exhibition. Pairing violent and aggressive reds, greens and blues alongside deep inky blacks, Dorland’s paintings and collages call to mind Andy Warhol’s early silk-screens as well as the sparse digital glow found in many of Director Michael Mann’s neo-noir films. 

We can't wait to see what the show looks like in the gallery when we're at Art Chicago 2008 next week. (Photo, Chris Dorland, Untitled (Cathode 1), 2008, oil on linen,  32 x 48 inches)

OH..and FYI : In conjunction with the exhibition, Dorland has created a limited edition of hand silk-screened Xerox books, printed at Tiny Vices Books, which are available for sale at the gallery.

Congrats Chris! The show runs from April 18th to May 22nd.

April 03, 2008

Matthew Pillsbury and Ryan McGinley, 2 Photography shows not to miss...

The Matthew Pillsbury show, "Elapsed", at Bonni Benrubi Gallery, and the Ryan McGinley show,"I Know Where the Summer Goes," at Team Gallery both open tonight!

These two young hot photographic artistic talents work in so completely different ways and their images are on opposite extremes of the contemporary photographic spectrum. One using cerebral, dusty old world, black & white photos of long studied quiet settings, and the other working in blazing firecracker colors where he perfectly captures that instant of irreverent exuberance of today's butt naked youth culture.  Also, One show is in an elegant dignified uptown gallery established over 20 years ago, and the other is in a hip trendy SOHO gallery, well at least it's not on the art world's bleeding fringe, The Uber Chic, Lower East Side!  Such huge differences.. but MAO loves them both. They perfectly frame the quickly changing world of contemporary photographic art today.. and we're so excited to see these 2 shows.  Now if we could only be both up and downtown at the same time tonight!

First.. Matthew Pillsbury, Elapsed at Bonni Benrubi Gallery. As most MAO readers already know... we're totally crazy obsessed with this young up and coming photographer..

Matthew_pillsbury_arteries_2 We've written about Matthew's work before, he's won some big prizes, and we continue to be totally amazed with Matthew's thoughtful B&W time-laps images. Here is part of the galleries note about the new show..

(Photo #1,Matthew Pillsbury, Arteries, Nerves and Veins, Royal College of Surgeons, London, 2007)

This show expresses Pillsbury's continued interest in the relationship between humans and their technology. Incorporating the screens of television, cellular telephones, and computers as his primary artificial light source, Pillsbury's scenes are depleted of solid human forms and we are left with their ghosts. Using long exposures and a large camera the non-human elements of each image reveal themselves in greater detail than the people they belong too. Each player on these carefully designed stages of life evokes a sense of isolation to the viewer and we find their interconnectedness only in what they have "plugged into." Pillsbury has gone beyond the interior personal space and has taken on public spaces where we see ourselves moving anonymously through our world: blackberry's in hand, mere ghosts. It is truly time elapsed.

Also, Matthew has a website worth checking out as well. The show is up at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery on 57th street till May 31st.

The Ryan McGinley show, "I know where the Summer Goes," is at the Team Gallery in Soho.

OK, I know.. We at MAO have blogged on and on, about how much we love the work of young photographer Ryan_mcginley_questionmark Ryan McGinley.  But this artist just keeps living up to all the MAO hype potential.. and it looks like he's delivered once again!  From what we've seen so far, Ryan is showing additional growth in his artistic vision and signature style.

Here's a exert from the gallery show announcement..

Ryan McGinley’s “snapshots” have been evolving steadily since his guerilla show at 420 West Broadway in 2000. In the intervening eight years he has moved away from an artistic practice that was the soul of casual and towards an elaborated production schedule that raises the ante on “being there.” McGinley has gone from being perceived as the hottest young photographer in town to being considered a serious artist with a rare gift for creating enduring color photographs — photographs that show us the best of youth.

The title of this exhibition, taken from an early B-side by Belle & Sebastian, is more than just a piece of poetic musing. McGinley does, in fact, know where his summers go. In the summer of 2007, for example, he traversed the United States with sixteen models and three assistants, shooting 4,000 rolls of film. From the resulting 150,000 photographs, he arduously narrowed down the body of work to some fifty images, the best of which are on display here at the gallery.

The inspirational images for the project were culled from the kinds of amateur photography that appeared in nudist magazines during the 60s and early 70s. McGinley would sit with his models and look through all of the ephemera of the period that he had collected, discussing with them the mood that he was hoping to capture that day. McGinley had chosen a very specific itinerary that would bring his troop through the incredible range of landscapes that are available across the US and carefully planned a battery of activities, sometimes orchestrating the use of special effects. He has always been quite fond of fireworks and fog machines and in this new work they play a major role.

The very artificial constructedness of the project allows for situations in which the models can both perform and be caught off guard. The resultant pictures of nude young men and women playing and living in the great outdoors are innocent yet erotic, casual yet calculated.

(photo #2, Ryan McGinley, Question Mark, 2007-8, c-print, available in only one size, 30x40, edition of 3)The McGinley show is up at The Team Gallery in SOHO until May 3rd.

Don't miss these 2 Shows!

January 17, 2008

Yet another Gallery Opens, and not on the Lower East Side!

So we went to the Grand Re-Opening of the new New Museum last night..  and WOW.. it's amazing how different a  museum feels with Art on the Walls.. !!  Imagine that!! The new collage works are a huge improvement to their current: The Unmounumental Picture show.

Mark_bradford_helter_skelter_i_2007 We love the pieces by Mark Bradford, Wangechi Mutu, Kelley Walker, Kim Jones and the Christian Holstad works.. all very impressive. The Wangechi Mutu "Moon Mural",  complete with flying pigs with fur.. is a not to be missed!! (Photo of Artist Mark Bradford, working on Helter Skelter I, 2007, collage)

Very telling, of what total drunks we have become we got to the Museum Preview a bit too early.. and so went to the nice new bar next door for a quick drink or 2 or 3.. But the bar bill came to an amazing $58 dollars for 4 tiny drinks!! Ouch..!! Well.. clearly things are seriously changing on the Lower East Side!! Has it become too expensive already?

So.. Here's yet another Gallery choosing NOT to open in Chelsea (or the LES).. but to open on the expensive & stuffy hot and not chic Upper East Side of NYC.. story by Linda Sandler of Bloomberg news..

     Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Asher Edelman, a Wall Street raider
turned art dealer, is seeking space to open a gallery on New
York's Upper East Side that will show young and emerging
     Edelman, 68, has been a private dealer for about seven
years, trading impressionist and modern works through Edelman
Arts Inc. while promoting younger artists such as Yasmine
Chatila, Christopher Winter and Cathy McClure. He is ending a
joint venture in the Neuhoff Edelman Gallery because he prefers
working on his own, he said.
     Art dealing isn't as lucrative as trading stakes in
companies, according to Edelman. In the 1980s and 1990s, the
investor bought holdings in more than three dozen companies,
from Canal-Randolph Corp., a real-estate holding company, to
computer company Datapoint Corp. and champagne group Taittinger
SA, sometimes profiting as he took control or induced management
to boost the stock price.
     ``I can't make as much money in art as I used to on Wall
Street, but I can make a good living,'' Edelman said in a
telephone interview yesterday.
     Edelman said the art market is showing scattered signs of
weakness as bank losses mount from subprime mortgage
investments. In the private art market, purchasers of high-
priced works are driving harder bargains than they did two years
ago, and some dealers are hurting after borrowing to finance an
inventory that's losing value, he said.
     ``I think the time might come when some people stop bidding
at auctions,'' Edelman said. ``I would still rather have art
than dollars.''
     The dealer said he isn't concerned about opening a new
space at what may be the top of the market. Some staff from his
private dealing business could move over to the new gallery,
limiting the overhead to about $1 million a year, Edelman said.
     His commission from brokering a sale of a $10 million
Willem de Kooning or Andy Warhol picture would cover the cost,
he said.

January 16, 2008

Some new shows not to Miss in Chelsea..Sarah Pickering and El Anatsui

We did the rounds of many of the new dull shows opening around Chelsea last Thursday.. Of course...every gallery was just packed with people looking for free drinks great art.

Interestingly, not too many were sold out.. But there were at least 2 shows we all thought were... not to be missed..

1. Sarah Pickering's New "Fire Scene" Show at Daniel Cooney Fine Art ..

Pickering__glue_sniffing_kids_2007 We at MAO have been a long time fan of

this hot British photographer.. and

this is Sarah's second solo show in NYC... Congrats!

and she's done it again.. with an impressive new heated body of work.

(Photo #1, by Sarah Pickering,

Glue Sniffing Kids, 2007)

The Artist, also has her own fiery website, with more of her fabulous work.. so you can check it all out here...


2. The El Anatsui,  "Zebra Crossing" show at Jack Shainman Gallery..

El_anatsui_bleeding_takari_ii_2007_ totally amazing!

(photo #2 by El Anatsui, Bleeding Takari II, 2007)

FYI, You can see another one if his works on the wall  at the Metropolitan Museum! Here's a brief NYT mention of it!

The first major work of contemporary African sculpture acquired by the Met..

Oh.. and if you have a chance..

be sure to check out the well fluffed thoughtful and fun Christopher K. Ho show at the Edward Winkleman Gallery, and the new "Caucus" group show at Schroder Romero which includes one kick ass great David Wojnarowicz photograph!

December 05, 2007

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song at Von Lintel Gallery

For those 2 people still left in Chelsea.. There was one group show MAO thought well worth checking out.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song at the Von Lintel Gallery.

One of the best gallery group shows we've seen this year. We found they've included some (photos, painting, and sculpture) by many of our most admired artists. It's also particularly nice to see a gallery do a group show and not pack it with only the artists they represent.  Plus, how could anyone not like a show that uses the word Baadasssss in the title!!

As expected, many of the works were already sold out by the opening party.

The title comes from a Melvin Van Peebles’ infamous 1971 film, the exhibition of fourteen African American artists is also a journey that examines the representation of African Americans in popular culture.

Standouts included works by : Mickalena Thomas, Zoe Charlton, Carrie Mae-Weems, Renee Cox, and Hank Willis Thomas.

Hank_willis_thomas_petey_wheatstraw (photo by Hank Willis Thomas, Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son In-Law, 2000/2006,light jet print,54 x 51 in (137.2 x 129.5 cm), ed. of 5 for $9,800)

FYI.. we've heard through the MAO grapevine.. there's an Aperture monograph coming out soon for Hank Willis Thomas...that's very exciting!

The show is open till January 20th... so all those Art Basel Miami people can still get to see it!

November 30, 2007

Some Chelsea Photo Shows to see.....

So for the 3 or 4 people still left in Chelsea next week.. Congrats!! You probably made the wisest choice.  So, we at MAO were going to dedicate the next 2 days of posts to you!

We spent the last week prowling around galleries.. and we found a few shows actually worth seeing.. Here are the MAO top 2 new photo show picks.. (for those who haven't already seen the Wolfgang Tillans show, or the Edward Burtynsky show..don't miss those either... )

1. Yasumasa Morimura "Requiem for the XX Century: Twilight of the Turbulent Gods" at Luhring Augustine Gallery,


Morimura.. has been a long time favorite... and with this photo as the main entrance image, he's permanently secured a place in the MAO heart forever!

(Photo #1, , Yasumasa Morimura,A Requiem: Red Dream / Mao, 2007,C-print mounted on alpolic, 59 X 47 1/4 inches (150 X 120 cm), Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine , New York )

The show is both funny, and impressive.

This time, Morimura, has re-created an array of historical figures and political event iconic images, all which, have been significant in shaping the 20th century.  But he's done it again with the humor and flair he's so well known for.

The images while all well traveled terrain, look fresh, and at times even irreverent.

It's kind of a Where's Waldo of a show.. he's done it before, but it still works! The viewer can't help but stare at these photo's, laugh and ask just how and why did he do that!!  Yes....we know.. lot's of photo-shop... but it's still funny!

More images here.. The show runs from NOV 24 - DEC 22, 2007 .

2. Pieter Hugo, The Hyena and Other Men, at Yossi Milo Gallery.

Pieter_hugo_mallam_mantari_lamalNow this show goes in a totally different direction. It's Pieter Hugo's first show in NYC.

It's Lions and Tigers and Bears!! Well.. not exactly.. more like Monkeys and Hyena's.. but they are all very cool.

These are all super powerful images from Nigeri... and this isn't exactly a Sigfried and Roy show.. but, these are all real animal charmers with their domesticated hyenas done Nigerian style..WOW!

We loved the color palette and lighting Pieter used in this show.. beautiful. You just get the immediate feel of the dusty streets of barren urban Nigeria. There's also a certain quietness to these images...hard to explain.. but you'll have to see them for yourselves..   The show is up till Jan 12th, 2008.

(photo #2, Pieter Hugo, Mallam Mantari Lamal with Mainasara, Nigeria, C-Print,2005)

There's also a great new book out with the entire project, The Hyena & Other Men, by Prestel Press. All amazing!

Tomorrow.. the non-photo shows!

October 08, 2007

Chelsea Art Gallery Walk - Time to kill on Friday Afternoon

So it was a half day this Friday... thank you Chris Columbus!! We always knew we loved Italians !!

So...we made the rounds..and while most of what we saw totally killed time.. there were a few MAO thoughts and standouts..

First the very few standouts..

PPOW Gallery - Julie Heffernan's show Booty... great show..

amazing oil paintings.. thoughtful, and full Julie_heffernan_ppow of whimsical details..we could have looked at these self portraits for hours.. all sold.. not a surprise.

A very impressive show. Clearly this artist wasn't rushed, and she had some real thought and serious work behind all of these paintings. We love the tons of Witty art history references. The work is totally contemporary.. but in a very painterly style.. you just have to love it!

The show closes Oct 20th. This is one artist to watch.. and don't miss the show.

(Photo #1, Self Portrait as Raising Cain 2007, oil on canvas, 78 x 56 inches )

Here's one bloggers thoughts on the show, and here's one review. We're even sad we missed the book signing on Oct 6th. DAMN! 

Yossi Milo Gallery - Kohei Yoshiyuki, The Park..

we'd seen this work many times before,

but seeing it all on the walls,

is very voyeuristic impressive. I'm not sure if this is exactly the type of images most people would want to live with, but it's still very cool to see.

The Sunday NY Times (Philip Gefter) did a huge a bit over stretching

review a few weeks ago.

They dd a great reprint of the book which is amazing.. Plus they have signed copies in the gallery. Well worth picking up, since the original is impossible to get!

The show closes Oct 20th.

Now..a few of the many disappointments...

The Luhring Augustine Gallery - Larry Clark, Los Angeles 2003-2006. Has Larry done anything interesting since Teenage Lust in 1983? Even this book "Volume 1" from the show, is a total bore.

The Marlborough Chelsea Gallery - Tom Otterness, The public Unconscious, proving once an for all, bigger is not better. Dull, or Duller ?? The same thing this artist has done again, and again. The huge new Gallery Condo Tower ground floor space was even a disappointment.

Zach Feuer Gallery - Jules De Balincourt, Unknowing Man's Nature. We have generally loved this artist's Julesdebalincourtthinkglobally work, so maybe we were expecting too much, but this work just seemed uninspired. Too much text, not enough imagery  & painting. Some of the paintings looked like total show filler!! All sold of course...Yikes!

But, We did like this one large "Think Globally, Act Locally, 2007" (Photo #2) painting. The Show closes Oct 13th.

OK.. that's enough art bitchiness for today. I'm sure our MAO email-box will be overflowing with hate mail gallerinas asking us to remove our disappointments. But hey.. why is every art review we read always glowing positive.. cause there's really some terrible crap out there in Chelsea....

FYI... These were just the disappointments, as in, artists we like their stuff, but who've done better shows in the past. Most likely, that was work created when these artists weren't pressed to mass produce/churn-out new art to feed the bloated gallery machine. Anyway..just a thought.

Happy Columbus Day!

September 27, 2007

Lars Tunbjork show at Cohen Amador Gallery

Well.. it's been a crazy busy work week, but we did manage to see a few new art shows on 57th street. And yes.. we are happy to report.. there are some really great art galleries that are not in Chelsea...

But we have to warn everyone, given the pending US economic recession, and the long hours we at MAO have been slaving away spending in the office, our "normal" art senses have been a bit altered as of late.

But, the new show by Lars Tunbjork at Cohen Amador Gallery just seemed to strike our funny bone. There's just something very Dilbert-esque about these photos. What do you think??

Lars_tunbjork_lawyers_office_ny Lars has also published a new book Office of this series.. (Photo : LAWYER'S OFFICE, NEW YORK , 1997, 20 x 24" edition of 12 )

FYI.. the work is all very reasonable priced $3 to $5k, and it's nice to see a young color photographer that doesn't see the size queen need to print everything in huge billboard size prints!

May 11, 2007

Zak Smith at Kavi Gupta Gallery Chicago

Zak_smith_portrait_of_girl_2007 Hot  young super star painter Zak Smith at Kavi Gupta Gallery Chicago.

Well.. we were not in Chicago for this opening.. nor has the gallery posted any information about the show.

But we managed to get four jpegs of a few of the new paintings in the show. We thought they were all pretty impressive, no?

Anyway.. we thought we'd share them with our curious MAO readers.

We don't yet know the exact title of any of these..They are all in Zak Smith's new show.

We think the first one is an image in Zak's series Girls from the  Naked Girl Business which were in his last "Exquisite as Fuck" show two years ago at Fredericks & Freiser. gallery in NYC

With his 2 new books out (One Picture for Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow, and a D.A.P Monograph Zak Smith:Pictures Of Girls) .. a commission, from The Walker, and work in almost every major Zak_smith_abstract_2007 modern art museum in the US, you might say, Zak Smith is one red hot over valued,super hyped up artist.

So of course.. all the work is completely sold out (for like $20,000+ each).. with long waiting lists at every gallery.

And FYI...unless you're a billionaire on the board of a major museum with plenty of Doe-Rae-Mee to throw away around, don't even think about asking to be put on "The List".   

Oh.. did we mention, according to Wikipedia, Zak Smith was only born in 1976.. and also works as a porn star under the name Zak Sabbath..

So just one question..

Has anyone seen this Art Bubble..??  Cause we keep hearing everyone talking about this art bubble thing busting.. but we've not yet seen one.

Oh..But, don't worry my little MAO-ettes, we all at MAO Zak_smith_abstract_horizontal2007 will keep looking, and you'll be the first to know if we find one!Zak_smith_small_abstract_2007

February 21, 2007

Kamrooz Aram at Oliver Kamm Gallery

So before total Art Fair Mania begins... Like, how many art fairs are too many for one weekend in NYC?? Anyway.. there's a few new gallery shows well worth checking out.

Our first suggestion..

Cryptic_summit_kamrooz_aram The new Kamrooz Aram show at the Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery should be on your Chelsea short list to see.

The shows title is Kamrooz Aram: Night Visions and Revolutionary Dreams. One of the most exciting aspects of being old a long-time contemporary collector, is seeing young talented artists progress and grow in their artistic development. This new show of Kamrooz work exhibited such growth. 

(Photo #1, Cryptic Summit, 2007, oil on canvas)

Kamrooz_aram_invisible_eminence If you saw his last solo show or his work at PS1's Greater NY exhibition during the Summer 2005, you'll quickly be able to notice this accomplishment. The new work is an exciting blend of cultural, political and art historical imagery.  Like his previous work, within these multi layered canvases, you'll also see several references to contemporary artists like, Ross Bleckner, and Thomas Ruff (night photos) well embedded along with his original style of art appropriation from the traditional visual language of Islamic art.  His efforts here are well accomplished, the results seem fresh, and provocative. At a time when we're bombarded by blunt and simple Iraq war art, Kamrooz has managed to create a complex dialog of the current political Islamic/American conflict but, filled with beauty and dream like mystery. We can't wait to see what he does next! (photo #2, Invisible Eminence, 2007, oil & stickers on canvas)

The Kamrooz Aram show is up till March 17th and if you want a break from the Art Fair crowds.. well worth the visit.

February 08, 2007

Rineke Dijkstra's Park Portraits at Marian Goodman Gallery

Park Portraits by Rineke Dijkstra at the Marian Goodman Gallery should be a must see for any Rineke_dijkstra_parque_de_la_ciudadela_b contemporary photography collector. We find it pathetic amazing this artist has not yet had a major retrospective in a NYC museum. But this is all new work.. and it is one of her stronger bodies of work by this talented photographer.
FYI, The photo's in the show are only available in one  single size, edition of 10, and they are priced based on the inch print size from 25,000 to 35,000 Euro's each. My favorite from the show (Photo #1 Barcelona, 2006) was already completely sold out.

MAO readers should already know this artist, but If you're not familiar with Rineke's work.. you probably should be!  In fact my friend TeeBee and I were having a heated debate last night after seeing this show..

Who are the top (most influential) 5 or 10 female contemporary art photographers working today?

Here are the lucky few who made the MAO List

  1. Cindy Sherman
  2. Nan Goldin
  3. Sally Mann
  4. Shirin Neshat
  5. Rineke Dijkstra
  6. Candida Hofer
  7. Loretta Lux
  8. Catherine Opie
  9. Tina Barney
  10. 3 way tie.... Carrie Mae Weems, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Tracy Moffatt.

Yes.. Obviously it's completely obnoxious subjective.. but  we're interested to know who you think should be on this list?

Oh.. and before I forget... The Rineke Dijkstra Portraits book that has been out for about 8 months.. is totally amazing.. a must have for any art photography library.

January 18, 2007

Photographer Thomas Allen at the Foley Gallery

Thomas Allen was another photographer we were lucky enough to check out this week at the Foley Gallery.

A relatively new photography focused gallery.. Gallery owner, Michael Foley, has already put together a group of up and coming young talent.
The Gallery also just started up it's very own blog   oh no..!! Not another new gallery with a blog!!Thomas_allen_maneater

In the Foley Gallery's latest show by Thomas Allen, Thomas has created staged photographs using vintage paperbacks books where he turned them into mini-film noir stills.. We found it very creative.

Many of his photo's even show the original paperback spline, title and author.
Most impressive was that Thomas has done all this with the use of no digital, or post-camera effects. Just using a little tape, wire, straight pins, and creative lighting he creates pop-up book style adult scenes. (photo #1, Maneater, 2006)

I know it's a stretch.. But, some of these even remind us of Cindy Sherman's Film Stills, just with 1950's technicolor, and much more male Hitchcock style.
The results are both funny, provocative and at times out right sexy. We found the work refreshing.

So it's no surprise the prestegious Aperture Foundation is publishing a book of Thomas' work in the fall..called.. what else but... Uncovered.  There are more Thomas Allen images here.. So, What do you think?? Love it? Hate it? Seen it all before?

Thomas_allen_distractionThese are also priced reasonably,

$2,000 for a 20 x 24" chromogenic print in an edition of 10

$4,000 for the larger 30" x 40" size in an edition of 5. (Photo #2, Distraction, 2006)

It's a show worth checking out this weekend if you're not lucky enough to be already on your way to Photo L.A.

There's also a nice story by Jean Dykstra about Thomas Allen's work in ART ON PAPER this month.

The Thomas Allen show is open at the Foley Gallery at 547 W 27th street, 5th floor until March 3rd.

January 16, 2007

The Penn is Way more Expensive then the sword

Irving Penn in Flowers at Pace MacGill Gallery
Pace_irving_penn_in_flowerSo Friday was an early market close.. so
my rich art collector pal TeeBee & I
got to stop the newest Irving Penn show which just opened this Thursday at Pace MacGill.

First off... to our friends those people at Pace MacGill Gallery... Please drop the rude, nasty attitude.. it's really unnecessary!!

The show is a mix of bran new work, vintage work, and
reprints from a few old negatives.

There was 2 noticeable themes..

  1. These were all classic photos of flowers..
  2. Every photo was priced well over $25,000 each! Ouch!

Now at 89 years old, Irving Penn is a living photo legend, and still actively signing lots of "vintage" images working. He's been doing these single flower close-up photos for some 40+ years.. and sadly there's nothing new here or particularly insightful at this new show.

Yes.. they are all beautiful, pretty flowers..I'm sure they'll look wonderful over your park avenue sofa. But, for the most part, it's straight, factual, boring, somewhat uncomplicated photography, that any first year photo student could probably create. Clearly, this is not a show of Irving's best works, innovative still life, or even his impressive historic work...but they are pretty!

Oh.. And if you were thinking you've always wanted to waste your money buy one, be prepared to pay dearly. Prices range from $30,000 for the large edition, new 2006 images, to well over $120,000 for a single vintage Irving Penn flower. I'm not sure exactly why someone would pay through the nose these prices... but I guess everyone can use a little simple beauty in their life.

If you can't afford to buy one of these, there's always his 1987 book.. Flowers by Irving Penn, really, it's just as good as owning one of these photos..really, it is...

The show is up till February 17th.

January 08, 2007

2 Photo Shows to check out.. James Bidgood @ ClampArt, and Brian Ulrich @ Julie Saul

Both, James Bidgood at ClampArt, and the Brian Ulrich at the Julie Saul Gallery are 2 NYC photography shows not to be missed. This Thursday, both openings were completely jammed, and for good reason.

Brian_ulrich_copia_granger_in Our friends over at AFC.. have already wisely posted on the Brian Ulrich, Copia show.. clearly, good news travels fast!

More reviews to follow as we find them.. This was our favorite photo from the show (Photo #1 : Granger, IN) Yes.. we know, some of these are very Andres Gursky-ish.. but Brian lives in the great American cultural wasteland Mid-west.... so give the guy a break, plus that's a compliment! Really... it is!

In fact you might almost say, Brian's witty social commentary on the our fucked up US Consumer culture..is right on Target!!

Also.. if you don't have one yet.. Aperture published a kick-ass nifty book of Brian's work...MP3... plus you can see more at his own thoughtful, not if but when.. web-blog..

Jamesbidgood_pan_photo_1971 So if you like the work of Pierre et Gilles, Charles Ludlam, the "Theatre of the Ridiculous", or even the Follies Bergere... then you should love the photographic work of James Bidgood at ClampArt.

The work is lush, rich, sexy, sugar sweet, over the top, super gay, and at times completely hysterical.. Plus, many a contemporary color photographer owes a debt of gratitude to James Bidgood.. This show consists of elaborate stylized sets and costumes, where James create whimsical (aka.. gay/homo erotic!) staged stories. What's more amazing, these were almost all created in his tiny east village apartment in the 1960's.

To put it mildly, James was a pioneer, only to be copied refined by the likes of Gregory Crewdson, Oliver Boberg, Thomas Demand, just to name drop a few... Also featured in the show is James Bidgood's 1971 underground cult fantasy film Pink Narcissus.

We found this interview with James and Sean Fredric Edgecomb..about the film.. So, If there's one word to describe this show... it's FAAAAABULOUS!! Of Course!

FYI.. the original 1999 Taschen published, Bidgood monograph is becoming hard to come by.. Just try to find one for under $75.. good luck!

December 20, 2006

PPOW Gallery's "Big City Fall" Show

Well.. it's only up till Dec 23, so this weekend is your last chance to catch this great show.

Big City Fall show at the P.P.O.W. Gallery.

It's a reflection on our tragic post 9/11 world, and largely features work from the estate of David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992) dating back the 1980's and it's connection with other gallery artists.

While Wojnarowicz work was a sharp criticism to the way our society ignored reacted to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's, his work seems completely relevant today. 

His large cityscape (Photo #1, Untitled, 1985) 

Wojnarowicz_running_manforeshadowed his mortality and he later wrote, “When I was told that I’d contracted this virus it didn’t take me long to realize that I’d contracted a diseased society as well.”

There are several of David's photo's and sculptures in this show.
Both the running flaming boy (Photo #2, Untitled - Buring boy, 1984) and the entire Sex Series (8) photographs in the back gallery room were great.
The Wojnarowicz work is impressive.. and it's surprising he's not more well known.  But, my guess, most people have not seen enough of it. The last 2 photo's are from a "Christmas Tree" looking Wojnarowicz installation. Nice ornaments!

Wojnarowicz_human_world_scullAlso featured in the show are
Carolee Schneemaan, who's large photograph "Terminal Velocity", 2001 is not to be missed!

and Martin Wong.

Also if you're a Wojnarowicz fan.
There is a new book just published,
by The MIT Press.

I found a copy at the Whitney Book store a few weeks ago.

David Wojnarowicz, A definitive History of five or six years on the lower east side. Interviews by Sylvere Lotringer, Edited by Giancario Ambrosine.

October 26, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk - Last Sat Night

So being super busy last week, Dr. Quiz & I hadn't a chance to spend "Quality" time together. So last Sat night, I dragged her ass to a few dozen art openings in Chelsea.  She hates these things, mostly due to the crowds of pretentious people, and of course, the serving of really bad wine is always unsettling.  Plus Dr. Quiz is never fond of the amazing art work I bring home.. so you can image touring the random sea of crap new art in Chelsea... Yes.. she's such a princess harsh critic.. let's just say, Dr. Quiz had a face like she was going to a funeral.  Surprisingly we did manage to see two shows which past the Dr. Quiz sniff quality test.. so you may like them too...

Stop #1 : Postmasters Gallery - "The War in Iraq" new paintings by Steve Mumford.
Steve_mumford_at_postmasters_1Some of you may already know the work of Steve Mumford.

from either the Greater NY show at PS 1 last year, or his water color book.

Baghdad Journal. I blogged about it last year as an Art Book Pick of the Month.

Most certainly this artist is well trenched in the school of Photorealism, but these paintings take the typical Chuck Close portrait, Charles Bell, pinball machines, Ralph Goings, dinette counter tops, or Richard Estes street scenes a bit further. These hyper-realist works look much like an action packed photo journalistic essay than a photo-realist still life.

It's all very refreshing..possibly even a new direction in painting. Well worth checking out. This was our favorite from the show (Photo #1, Duel, 2005, oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches ). Just to wet your whistle.. Here's an artist quote from the press release..

These paintings are based on experiences and impressions from 11 months in Iraq. I went there four times, from April 2003 to October 2004, spending about half of my time embedded with various US military units throughout Baghdad and the Sunni Triangle. I also got to know many Iraqi artists in Baghdad, who I hung out with on each trip.

I was drawing and painting in watercolor throughout these trips, but looking for compositions for oil painting that might go beyond simply recording daily life and tasks. I wanted to distill something essential about the drama of war, beyond right and wrong.

These aren't anti-war paintings. They aren't political. I'm not trying to address the morality of war, or George Bush's foreign policy agenda. I went to Iraq because I wanted to know what being in a war zone was like, and paint about it from my own subjective experience. The events in the paintings are either things I saw or things that happened nearby.

-Steve Mumford

The show is up till December 2nd.

So, we made several other stops Sat night.. Sikkema Jenkins & Co, Roebling Hall,and Nicole Klagsbrun... Their new shows are all somewhat dull boring sadly unimpressive, not the norm for any of these galleries.. The only other pleasant surprise of the night was :

Stop #2 : The Lehmanm Maupin Gallery - Jennifer Steinkamp, Digital Animation.

After seeing this one.. we both realized.. this is the future of video art.. very impressive, and most certainly cutting edge Digital Video Art. Check out Jennifer's website!
I took this photo in the gallery main room.. .It doesn't do the work justice.
Jennifer_steinkampBut, the picture is of "The wreck of the Dumaru."

It's huge!! With digital water and waves..crashing together.. lots of psychedelic colors.. as you can see.

All I could think.. Dude.. this would be even more amazing if I was stoned very trippy. How did the artist ever think of and make this??

Apparently, this work references her great uncle who became delirious and died at sea during World War I.

There's additional work in the back gallery.. also digital projections.. very creative! The show is up till November 25th.

It's cool and filled with those gee whiz moments, not easy to come by in Chelsea today..So go check it out for yourself. It might have even changed the Dr. Quiz funeral face to a brief smile, and that's no easy feat!

October 13, 2006

Two NYC Art Events Not to Miss This Weekend!

Unfortunately MAO & Dr. Quiz will be very occupied entertaining a house full of people in the Hamptons this weekend.. I know.. It's tough to be me..  but if you're in NYC.. there are two contemporary art happenings not to miss.. and surprise surprise.. NEITHER one is in Manhattan!! OMG!!

A_feininger_underbrooklynbridge_1 1. The 10th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo. Opens Tonight Friday Oct 13th.. and continues all weekend long. Nearly 300 Artists using various mediums will display their work in galleries, lobbies, loading docks, and sidewalks along Dumbo's cobblestone streets. We think about 200 studios will be open to the public. Galleries will be open, and a collector will not be able to swing a dead cat without hitting an "Up and Coming" artist!  The festival's organizer is the D.U.M.B.O. Art Center.  (Photo by Andreas Feininger)Plus, we think, almost all the events are free too!! Except this one.. which looks pretty cool, but has a "Suggested" donation!

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Critic
Moderated by Lilly Wei. Panelists: Stephanie Cash, David Cohen, Alexi Worth and Linda Yablonsky.
Location: d.u.m.b.o. arts center (dac), 30 Washington St., Sunday, Oct. 15, 7:30 pm (suggested contribution: $5)

2. The NYC Art Blog World's Dynamic Duo..have their newest curatorial extravaganza. And Yes...I know extravaganza is a ridiculous word to use for an art show...Anyway..  Together, Bloggy (Barry Hoggard) and James Wagner present "Dangling Between The Real Thing and The Sign In The Window" at the Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg.

     This show consisting of seven emerging artist promises to be well worth the trip across water this weekend. The artists featured include : Jaishri Abichandani, Ina Diane Archer, Peter Corrie, Susan C. Dessel, Nicolas Garait, Joy Garnett, and Jacques Louis Vidal. The show is up till November 13th,  but the opening party is Tonight from 7pm to 9pm.  This is one art event not to be missed.. especially if you are a NYC Artist or Art Dealer and you want to have your gallery work listed  as a Top Pick on the ArtCal website ever again on the contemporary art cutting edge!

Oh, and don't forget to bring cute boys flowers, we're sure it's been a ton of work putting this show together, so Jim and James will probably need deserve them.

October 12, 2006

A Sign of the Times!

About three weeks ago MAO sent this email to the gallery manager of a way too self important prominent NYC Chelsea Gallery regarding an up coming hot artist show opening...

To: Pompous Self Important Gallery Manager
Subject: Big Hot Artist's Work

Hi Pompous Self Important Gallery Manager,
    I got your invite and poorly written & wordy press release to the up coming BIG Hot Artist show.  It sounds like the new work is great. I've been a long time fan of  both, your wonderful gallery, and Big Hot Artist's work ever since the 2004 Whitney Biennial.  I recently attended the panel discussion you held at your gallery between
Big Hot Artist and  More Modest Hot Artist. I thought they both were very impressive.

     I'm a long time contemporary art collector living in  NYC.  And while I've always loved his work, I've never purchased one yet for my collection.  I was wondering if there is a waiting list for Big Hot Artist's work I could get on or if any of
the large beautiful works from the up coming show are available? If any are available, would it be possible to schedule a time to come by the gallery to view them before the opening next week?

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you.


Much to our shock and disgust surprise... two days later this is the foolish mistaken email we received.

Subject: RE: Big Hot Artist's Work


  Here is yet another one. If you have trouble getting back to him I can
send it on to Jr. Gallery Flunky.

It's really crazy!


Pompous Self Important Gallery Manager

So.. we wrote back in a very courteous tone, informed her we were not just some random collector but, an important art blogger and suggested this message was probably meant for someone else in the gallery and not MAO, the fucking prospective client.  She barley apologized, and assured me someone might would get back in touch with me ASAP.

Well, as expected, it's three weeks now, no one ever contacted us. We reluctantly attended the opening, it was a shit show insanely packed. Of course the Sunday NY Times wrote a full page, but somewhat lukewarm, review of the show.  We went back to the gallery again last weekend to try to speak to the Pompous Self Important Gallery Manager about the work.  All we got was the nasty vapid gallerina saying "No one was available to help me," she then rudely handed us the same poorly written & wordy press release and suggested we contact her through email. Grrrrr!!

Actually after being treated like I was just some common person so unprofessionally, and looking at the show a second time.. We kind of hated both this way too self important Chelsea gallery, and now the Big Hot Artist as well.  Plus we thought the new work looked flat, thoughtless, tacky and much less inspired than all his earlier work.   The magic was just gone... probably it's all for the best.

It's a 100% true story..Well.. except  we were only joking about the important art blogger comment! So..... What would you have done?

September 21, 2006

An Arbus opening and book signing

Last night was the book signing and gallery opening party for the daughter of photography legend Diane Arbus and 1980's Village Voice photographer Amy Arbus.

The work seems to be attracting a lot of press, Amy Arbus had a half page story in this Sunday's NYT, "Annals of Self-Invention" by Philip Gefter.

Amyarbus_baldhead86 Well the night as was as expected.. packed full with a very "Arbus" crowd. (my snapshots from the event will be posted tonight) Even the TV star husband of Diane Arbus and father to Amy was in attendance. You may remember Allan Arbus as the actor who played Psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman on the series M.A.S.H.

Amy was super nice, and she was so courteous to talk with each person as she signed your book.

While Amy's work will always be compared to her mothers amazing photographs, the new book, On the Street by Amy Arbus has some great NY city 80's nostalgic images. 

Here's one image from the book and show, "Bald Head", 1986, Gelatin silver printed 1990, 20" x 16" Edition of 75.

The show is up till Oct 14th, at the Cohen Amador Gallery on 57th street.

August 02, 2006

DUMBO Arts Center's new "Point of Purcha$e" Show

If you haven't noticed.. almost every inflated Chelsea Gallery is now closed on weekends. They clearly don't need to care about the everyday working stiff collector who can only see gallery shows on the weekend.
         So, this Saturday night was a welcome change and a summer pleasure to attend the opening party at the DUMBO Art Center... Yes.. I know.. Can you believe it, MAO does Brooklyn!!  This new show is called - "Point of Purcha$e" and all I can say, it's well worth every penny, even a trip across water, to Brooklyn!
         The group show was wonderfully curated by Gretchen Wagner from MOMA. Pulling together the work of no less than 13 young artists, Gretchen has assembled a very cohesive exhibition. All the works have continuity. There were even sum un-expected fun details, like the super colorful retail flyer filled with ads for the artists work. Very cute!
Andrewlynn_whirlmart               While there were may strong works in the show, these were getting the most attention, plus they're the only ones I managed to get clear photos of..damn this tiny camera!!

"Whirl-Mart" by Andrew Lynn - Multimedia/performance. (Photo #1)

"Jordache Sheer, Camp Shirt (lucky Time)" by Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Clothing, photograph and hanger.Keithpavia_buylucky (photo #2)

"Buy Buy Lucky Lucky" by Keith Pavia, acrylic on canvas. (Photo #3)

      The party rocked on from 6 to 9pm, but their wasn't a free bar, shock and awe!.. so Dr. Quiz, and our friends Dutch and Hobbit all wanted to leave immediately to catch a drink little of the completely amazing Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park sunset views. It's a total WOW! (photo #4).

It's well worth the trip, across water, to see this show. It's up until September 24th, I think they are open on Saturdays, and be sure not to miss the views from the Park!

PS - A Dumbo_sunsetspecial thanks go out to, one of the shows artists, Photographer Brian Ulrich, for taking the time to email MAO an invitation to this opening!

Continue reading "DUMBO Arts Center's new "Point of Purcha$e" Show" »

June 29, 2006

Chaim Soutine and Modern Art Show at Cheim & Read

While I'm sure most MAO readers will be uber busy throwing attitude and cocktailing sunning themselves at the Hamptons beaches over the next few weeks.  But, if you have time to kill see anything this summer at galleries in Chelsea.. An absolute MAO must, is the new Chaim Soutine and Modern Art show at the very small collector unfriendly Cheim and Read Gallery. The show just opened, and is on view till Sept 9th.
Chiam3It's officially called : The New Landscape / The New Still Life: Soutine and Modern Art.

Actually, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so much of this Expressionist master's paintings all in one place.


And as you might have guess from the shows title, the show is well focused on Chaim Soutine's Still Life and Landscape work. So while I love them, none of his most well known portraits were included in this show.
Chiam1But if seeing all the Chaim Soutine work was not impressive enough, these curators have done a masterful job of bringing together an incredible collection of other amazing paintings. The curators (Maurice Tuchman and Esti Dunow) have chosen work by of over 20+ modern and contemporary masters whom may have been influenced by Chaim Soutine.
This list consists of paintings by William de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Luciam Freud, Alice Neel, Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorm, and Susan Rothenberg just to name a few.. and believe it or not, there are many more.

It's completely shocking they've brought so much work together for a single show in a high attitude commercial chelsea gallery. The paintings have been loaned from all over, including, The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, The Met, plus many private collectors..now that's a lot of ass kissing curatorial work.

But all you multi-millionaire MAO readers & art buyers will be saddened to know.. only a few of these works are actually for sale! DAMN! But, They have also produced a wonderful 132 page color catalogue which us mere mortals can buy and take home for $65.

These 3 paintings (my really bad photos) included here, are all by Chaim Soutine and are in the show, The last painting is "Brace Of Pheasants," 1926 26 x 20 inches. Sadly, I didn't get the names of the other two...soon to follow..cause I need to go back and see this show again...and again.

June 15, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part III, Jenny Holzer, and George Condo


Jenny Holzer at Crime Cheim & Read
This show runs thru June 17th.
We just Love, LUV, Loved It!

There are some really fun new work in this show..
It's very much worth going to check out this weekend.

I took two pic's, "Looking" is of a huge moving light curtain.. very cool! (Photo #1 and Photo #2)



There was also a new,

George Condo show called "Existential Portraits"
at the Luhring Augustine Gallery

Well, Actually this show closed already on June 3rd..
but don't worry..
you didn't miss anything original...
Here are two totally blurry

photo's I took, (#3 and #4) of some of "the better" paintings from the show.. They actually look better blurry!

For example... In their press release the gallery mentioned the use of faux gold frames (ooooo!!) on these paintings in the gallery show as if they were somehow an interesting addition... well...that's probably enough said on this show!


May 05, 2006

House of CAMPARI and 25 Bold Moves

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  So.. There's a new impressive gallery space in SOHO!!
Compari_galleryIt's sponsored by the global beverage group CAMPARI. And what goes well with CAMPARI... but Emerging Art of course!

Their first new show named "25 Bold Moves - An Exhibition of Contemporary Art" was curated by Simon Watson and Craig Hensala of Scenic. The very interesting show features the promising work of 25 new emerging artists.

Most of which have been (or will soon have) shows in some of NYC most innovative galleries.

Last night's opening party was filled with the "beautiful people" (and us?) of the NYC cutting edge art world....which of course means..lots of bright-eyed Art Bloggers, and Art WebMasters !!!

Simonwhatson_chrisdorlandHere's a photo of Simon Watson being filmed in front of a amazing Chris Dorland Painting, named "Event Horizon, 2005." Chris will have a show at Ed's wonderful Plus Ultra Gallery in the Fall.

My pal Dutch and I enjoyed the show and the a few too many tasty CAMPARI drinks! There were several other standout works..(More to be shown....once I sober up) 

Here's one of my other favorite works featured by Toronto artist Scott Treleaven who recently had a show at John Connelly Presents. Treleaven_bouquetThe work is called "Bouquet of Bones, 2005," it's collage and ink on paper. Totally adorable.

The new CAMPARI gallery space is at 382 West Broadway, and this group show only runs through May 21st... so you've got to see it fast!

This was a good start, and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next for this new CAMPARI gallery space.

March 21, 2006

Tomoko Sawada at Zabriskie Gallery

Last weekTomokosawada_school_daysa I went to see the new show by Japanese Photographer Tomoko Sawada : Schoolgirls.

        This time Tomoko transforms herself through the wonders of technology into 41 different identities to make up an entire class of school girls posing for their annual class picture.  Can you say.. They all rook-a-rike? 

         But all kidding aside, I have to admit, this is one artist I've been constipated undecided on for a few years now. Initially I found her work playful as it explored issues of identity, public image, and social pressure for adolescents girls in Asian society.  Today, I question the works originality and artistic merits. It just seems like a boring one trick pony. The work does a nice job of poking fun at iconic work by Cindy Sherman, as well as Nikki Lee, and Yasumasa Morimura.  Tomoko has perhaps even earned herself the dubious reputation as the Asian Cindy Sherman. But, is this ever a good thing for an artists career?  I don't think so!

    Her first solo show in 2003 (NYT review by Ken Johnson, and Art In America review by Ed Leffingwell) featured her ID400 Series (1989-2001), Costume series, and Omiai series, all self portraits which were fresh and witty.  It was this initial concept of self identity/masquerade in her ID400 series which won Tomoko Sawada the ICP Young Photographer Infinity Award in 2004.   I've even come close several times to buying her work for the MAO photography collection.  In fact, if it were not for her gallery representation's lack of care, effort follow-ups, and already sky high prices, I would probably own a few.  Yes, MAO readers, you'll be happy to know.. Galleries in Chelsea have nothing on 57th Street when it come to bad business practices and poor client service. No surprise!

        Actually, now I'm bitter glad I waited, cause, 8 years later, this artist is still doing exactly the same thing, and it just seems flat, tired, and on a road well traveled.  Seeing the "new" show, totally turned me off this artist.  As further evidence of the works mediocrity.. the re-installation of the contemporary galleries at MOMA, "Take Two : World and Views: Contemporary Art from the Collection" actually included one of her ID400 series.  Need I say more?

The Tomoko Sawada show is open till April 29th.

March 15, 2006

Nan Goldin & 10 Possible Reasons for Posting this Photo???

So while we're speaking about all things Nan Goldin.. Last Friday night, I got to attend her latest show "Nan Goldin: Chasing a Ghost" opening at Matthew Marks Gallery.  As expected it was jammed with Goldin-ites! Today, even Page Six of the NY Post tried to dish NAN!! I didn't see her at the opening.. But I was told she did show up eventually Friday Night!

It features her first major multimedia/movie project. Sisters, Saints & Sibyls.. About a 20 minute projection on 3 screens simultaneously along with music and a narrative by Goldin. Largely focused on the tragic life of Nan's sister Barbara.. it's possibly one of her most powerful works to date.  As all Nan's work, it's deeply personal, and filled with intense emotions of family, love, mental health, sexuality, loss, and mortality. It's really beautiful.  Or in other words.. exactly what we'd come to expect from Nan Goldin.. think tragic and depressing, vivid reality. Would someone please pass another Prozac please!

While pushing making our way through the huge crowd.. I was fortunate to run into a few well known bloggers..while waiting around, I snapped some photos..

So you ask....??? Why on earth would I ever include a photo like this on a blog mostly about art collecting???  Hmm... there's a few possibilities.. please vote on which one you think is the most likely reason !! Thanks....
Picture_00510. This blog was getting way too dull, and I was even starting to bore myself

9. To prove to Dr. Quiz I wasn't out getting wasted again with JG or some other deviant, and I really did see large pink bunnies walking around Chelsea Friday night!

8. This daddy in the photo is just so much more sexy than anything that has ever been in a Nan Goldin Photo.

7. I'm kissing this bloggers ass, cause I'll do almost anything not to be barred from SNAXX like the way it happened to poor sheep-boy.

6. The pictures we took of our Lovable Town Drunk were not pretty enough to post on an Art Blog, plus he's not yet reciprocated with linking here yet!  Grrrr !

5. Cause after moving into their new fancy expensive digs in way the hell far West 27th street, some NADA Dealers will do just about anything to pay their rent or taxes get their pictures on any Web Blog, Newspaper, TV or Magazines.

4. I didn't have a photo of this Art Dealer/Blogger yet since he's never bothered to introduced himself to me.

3. To prove some crazy people think it's perfectly OK to bring their psycho Satan dogs and carry them around upside down during crowded art openings

2. It's the best picture of an art blogger/dealer I could take since most were either too busy : selling overpriced art to the crazy buying masses Armory weekend, or like this dealer, pissing off artinfo.com saying they propagate factual errors and unverified sales hype!

1. Because this attention loving whore dealer actually asked me when I was going to blog about him and his young devil pup Truman at the Nan Goldin opening night!

OK.. so there you have it, 10 choices.. Please cast your votes now!! Which do you think is the best reason I should have posted this picture on the blog today??

March 12, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part II

Simon_mooseSorry for the delay in Chelsea Gallery Walk Part II.. but NYC and the writing staff has been a bit crazed with ArtFairs galore.  Too many to visit in just one weekend.. with WAY too many galleries to see.

Add to that, several art openings that we just must be seen at  attend.. and then there's always that day-job thing !! Oh.. and by the way.. if anyone was wondering.. MAO prediction.. Interest Rates, and Mortgage Rates are going way up..you heard it here first!!

Simon_stagAnyway.. we did make it over to the

Yossi Milo Gallery - To see the new show for Simen Johan, "Until the Kingdom Comes". Many MAO readers may already be familiar with Simen's photography from his past show at Yossi Milo. Or possibly you may know him from his last book "Room To Play" published in 2003 by Twin Palms which consisted mainly of Johan's wonderful magical dream like photographs of young children.

As for the new show.. there's no children this time. It's all animals, animals, animals!

These super large scale digitally manipulated photo's (with equally large price tags $15k) are all of diorama looking animal fantasies.  I took a few photos of the show, (pic #1 - Untitled) there are more on Simen's own website

I was a bit disappointed that there were only about 6 photo's in the show.

But this time Simen has included 2 sculptures.

Picture_007I guess taxidermy is popular this year in the art world.  These 2 sculptures, one free standing white arctic wolf(photo #3), and one wall mounted stag (photo #2) both have long flowing hair extensions.  Can you say.. The Adams Family - Cousin IT scupltures??

Well..they were interesting, but, I have to admit.. I liked the photography much more than these 2 hairy figures. The show is on display till April 1st.

Next stop :

The Charles Cowles Gallery. Their new show is a first solo exhibition for SVA teacher Jil Weinstock tittled Waistline.

Picture_019These very colorful pieces were mostly from the artists grandmother's original vintage dresses cast into rubber. (photo #4)There are both wall and floor pieces and while they all do give the viewer a certain sense of nostalgia, I felt they lacked further depth and thought. There was little additional material or color brought, by the artist, into these flat rubber compositions.

I found myself (and most of the other visitors) taking more time to look at the amazing George Nakashima table, and Edward Burtynsky China Series photos on the gallery office wall! This new show is on view till March 25th.

303 Gallery - Inka Essenhigh, Amazing!!


I've been a fan of Inka's paintings for a long time. Too bad the MAO art acquisitions department can't figure out a way to swing one of these!!  Hey... It's only $80k for each of these new works. Ouch!

I love her fantastic hybrid figures, and wonderful strong colors. Whenever I look at one of her paintings I always think, "How did she come up with these figures and this scene?" What a great drug she must be on imagination at work!

In Inka's new work, "Spring" 2006 (photo #5), her extraterrestrial like creatures truly dance on the canvas.  My photo doesn't do it justice.. go see them for yourself! The show is open till April 8th.

Then.. saving the best for last.. I went to the opening/after party of The Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery..

They have 2 great shows going on at the same time..

Picture_030The recent work of highly celebrated artist Kara Walker.. which presents her second film titled "Eight Possible Beginnings..."

I already went back to see this film a second time. It's both funny and a powerful commentary on race, and sexuality in our society. 

Also.. Opening March 21st at The Metropolitan Museum.. Kara Walker at the Met : After the Deluge. So I'm sure we'll be seeing lot's of press on Kara!

In the main gallery, they have, a fun group show of 6 young, up and coming artists. Curated by Michael Jenkins, "Turn the Beat Around" is a show which features both several paintings and sculptures. I found the witty sculpture work of

Chris_dorlandartist Ryan Johnson (Photo #9), and Todd Knopke (Photo #7) plus the great paintings of Chris Dorland (Photo #8) to be the true highlights.

Todd Knopke ( first solo show, June'03 at I-20 Gallery) has both a sign with the phrase "Everything is Beautiful Here" lit up along with this hysterical furry white tusked elephant.. Which I was most emphatically corrected.. "It's a Mammoth, not an elephant silly!" when I took this photo.

Ryan Johnson's handmade modern shopping cart in the shape of a huge spear was perhaps one of the more amusing works I've seen in a long time.

Ryan_cartI believe this is one of Ryan's first gallery group shows.

I was also impressed with the 3 acid colored paintings by Chris Dorland. I've been a fan of this artist ever since his feature at ~scope Miami this past Dec.  Both Art Papers and art blogger Ed Winkleman have written about Chris Dorland's work.

It's my understanging, as a starting inspiration for his painting, Chris uses 1960's architectural photos which he digitally manipulates to create his own idealized urban settings.  As a photography collecting nut enthusiast, just the concept of a Post-Photographic painter, got me hooked on his brilliantly colored, haunting modern landscapes. Chris Dorland is represented by The Wendy Cooper Gallery in Chicago, and the Plus Ultra Gallery in NYC which I believe will have the next show for Chris in this Fall.

Don't miss this show.. it's genuinely impressive in this "Golden Age of Art Merchandising" (and the Mr. Greedy Art Dealer Awards) to see a major Chelsea gallery showcase all works by emerging artists which they do not represent.  Very refreshing! "Turn the beat around" is on view till March 4th.

March 07, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part I

First off.. For all those who like to plan their Chelsea gallery walks, be sure to check out this great website : www.chelseaArtGalleries.com I never seem to have enough time when walking through the galleries.  But this website helps and it has quickly become my favorite pre-gallery time saving tool. Plus they also have maps, and now links to several of the Best NYC Art Blogs!!

So.. This Sat afternoon I got to do my regular monthly prowl around the Chelsea galleries..

First Stop.. The Aperture Foundation and Gallery on 27th between 10th/11th. They have a pretty Fontcuberta1 big show up of Joan Fontcuberta work from his new Landscape Without Memory book/project (photo #1) published by aperture.  The work is certainly beautiful.  And impressive to know that they are all computer generated using geographic rendering software, and based on input from scanned data from several famous landscape paintings. For me seeing the first one was a bit of a gee-wiz experience.. but as I looked at more of these, they quickly lost their appeal.  I actually was a bit disappointed with this show. While I've always liked Fontcuberta's work for his originality and creativity, this show, and his newest work up on 57th street at Zabrinski Gallery (also computer based images) both seemed to lack that same level of originality his past work. They all seemed a bit tired themes that we've all seen before by other artists. The works also were a bit too structured and formula based. All in all, not too interesting, and I expected more from this artist.

Second Stop - FOLEYgallery to see the first solo show of photographer Caitlin Atkinson before it Caitlin_atkinson closed (March 4th). This show was much better than I had expected. I find Caitlin's staged photo creations of everyone's little nightmare life scenarios totally funny and engaging.  Her work is very fresh and original. Each photo is named based on a date of the event. This one is Chapter 17, June, 2004.. it's that fear and sense of vulnerability everyone has when they take their clothes off at the beach for the first time in summer. In this case taken to an extreme as a nude woman charges into the surf! I look forward to seeing what this artist does next!

Picture_003Third Stop  (actually not my third stop.. but the only show I liked enough to discuss) -  Galerie Lelong to hear political activist artist Alfredo Jaar speak and give an introduction to the premiere of his first movie Muxima.  Film stills are also presented in the front gallery. (See photo # 3 & 4)

I had only known his work though the Aperture Magazine's Winter 2005 issue. Which I had found very powerful. This 36 minute film is created around 6 recordings of the Angolan folk song (Muxima) and divided into 10 cantos. I found these short films to be filled with powerful images which were both beautiful, quietly emotional.  During his brief introduction Alfredo emphasized his goal of making political art that can effect change. I think he succeeds. Seeing his movie really moved me, and made me aware of the hardship of the Angolan people.

Picture_002The haunting music (the only soundtrack) added a great narrative texture to the film. In the grand scheme of The Chelsea Art World, taking 40 minutes out to see this film, was time well spent. I really loved this one. I laughed, I cried. It's actually a heart breaker, but I'm such a sucker for this stuff!

FYI, this show is only showing at Galerie Lelong until March 18th.

Alfredo will be there again this Sat at 4pm to give an introduction.

Sebast_bremer Last Stop (for part one!) was at Roebling Hall. They have a show for Sebastiaan Bremer. This was the first time I had ever seen his work.  It's striking, the best words to describe these drawings would have to be Visual Intensity!

This new exhibition of drawings on large scale color photographs is pretty amazing.(See photo #5 Ilha Das Cobras - revisited)

I believe he's using various personal family photo's splashed with added color.  It's a little hard to make out the original image. When looking at these, I couldn't help but think.. Wow..how obsessive this guy must be much work these are to create.  These are impressive in their sheer size and insane complexity.  Instead of using normal drawn lines, Bremer mostly uses dots! Millions & Millions of tiny Dots!! Can you say obsessive??  Which he's used these dots to fill the photos with drawings of historic references to dutch paintings. This was kind of cool, but alittle forced as there wasn't a strong connection (I could figure out) between the photographic image and the context of the drawings. Still, I liked the work overall..and it's one impressive effort, but totally Obsessive!

hhmmm.. almost like a Modern Art Obsession!

February 09, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part II

Part II.. the Roaming Continues...

4th Stop..
Zach Fauer Gallery (LFL).. AKA.. The NADA God.. The second show by Jin Meyerson called

Jin Meyerson - "High Cholesterol Moment"  First off... My lame photo's don't do this work justice.. these paintings are mesmerizing and confusing.  The work reminded me of last November's Lari Pittman show at The Gladstone Gallery. I found these painting to be complete visual Over-Stimulation!
Picture_028The details have to be seen for yourself. They are very large works, with intense complex images. They are modern landscapes which have both movement, and congestion.

(photo 1, I believe this one is called LandFall.. my notes were blurred from the rain)

These scrambled images feel a bit forced, almost puzzle like at times, but there's also a certain beauty in their balance and precision.

Next Stop.. was Metro Pictures...

They have a group show.. of completely unrelated work. So it's basically 3 different shows in one.

Cindy Sherman's animated film.."Doll Clothes" from 1975. Which is probably the last time she did anything original. Like, Can this narcissistic woman ever take pictures of someone other than herself? Please!!

OK.. I'm Just kidding!! So please .. no militant feminine man-hater emials. Actually, the film is brilliant, go see it, cause you'll probably never get a chance to see it again. It's only up till February 18th.

And talk about fruity tooty..Olaf Breuning's installation, "A Group of Unstable Lemon Pigs" (see photo's 2 and 3)

It's like the California Raisins..come to Chelsea.

It's very funny work, and is stemming from an edition Olaf did for Parkett Editions in 2004. These smiling pigs (aka Lemmings) march up the stairs and walk off the blank, smashing onto the floor. Very subtle!!

Their 3rd artist show.. I hated.. so not worth writing about!

    Next Stop..

Stux Gallery..  to see the Ruud Van Empel Show..Perfection/Imperfection: New Photographs
on view till February 18th. All I can say.. is this artist is Hot, Hot, Hot, See previous MAO posting on Photo LA..

Ruudvanempel_world2 Well, It is very interesting work.. it's like Loretta Lux but on Digital Steroids.. Or is it a photographic/Digital Henri Rousseau?  I'm not sure.. But, talk about tweaking the hell out of an image up! These photo's are amazing to see. But is it art?? These Hyper Color's that are so glossy, and slick, but the images are still tender with a storybook ideal.

So, with any Hot Artist.. as expected, so to are the equally shocking hot prices.. This one was already up to $24k (edition of 9) OUCH! That's insane a lot for a new artist's digital prints. Has any of this work even been in a museum show once yet?? Well.. YES, I guess (Thanks to ArtInfo Weekly today) we're about to see some at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art just outside Kansas City... See story.  Also, the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY will have a show featuring the work.

Last and Final Stop for the day..
Daniel Cooney Fine Art.
"Sarah Pickering Explosions"..on view till February 25th.
Pickering Don't mess with this chick.. her photo's are packing quite a punch!
The show has had great rewviews.. Soo Artforum Critic's Picks, Washington Post and Gallery Hopper. They have already  blogged a bit about how cool this show is.. I agree.

These large images are much better in person than anything you'll see online.

While I was there gossiping talking with Gallery Owner Dan (way too nice to be an art dealer).... phenomenal Photo Artist, Bill Jacobson stopped by.. and what's funny,

He said "These Sarah Pickering work remind me of the Wizard Of Oz.." Maybe that's why one dealer once told me Bill was a Friend of Dorothy's... Hmmm...

February 08, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk - Part I

Picture_009Alexander and Bonin Gallery

Anyone Loose a pump?? Will you might ask Artist Willie Cole.. Cause he's collected just a few!

His new Show.. Willie Cole : Sole to Soul

On view till February 18th.  I just loved this show.. very fun. (Photo #1, of "The Difference Between Black and White, 2005-06, Made of Shoes, wood, metal, screws,and staples, 85" in Diameter) It's meant to look like a Lotus Blossom, and the work has some "loose" Buddhism references. But I find them a more interesting commentary on our consumer throw-away society. His work will be the subject of a 40 work retrospective show, named "Anxious Objects: Willie Cole's Favorite Brands", organized by Payless Shoes The Montclair Art Museum, which will tour the county starting in March'06, with an illustrated catalog.

Next stop.. Alec Soth at Gagosian...  His new show "Alec Soth : NIAGARA"

I like the work.. makes me think of what a 2006 Walker Evans might look like.. except it's big, and in color!  But I didn't like this show as much as his first major project "Sleeping by the Mississippi." 

FYI.. don't even try to ask for help at Gagosian..I did.. got the hand nothing, you won't get anything but attitude here....but, that's as expected.
So, if you know anyone interested in these works..My suggestion, call Weinstein Gallery in Minn MN. They are super nice, and actually very helpful!

Also, there will be a 144 page, 50 color photo monograph book published by Steidl of this NIAGARA series. Pre-Sale signed copies at Dashwood Books.
      Photo prices run from $5,000 for the 24x30" Edition of 10, with 3 A.P., and $12,000 for the larger 40x50" Edition of 7, with 3 A.P. A bit high for a relatively new photographer.. But you've got to factor in the Gagosian Premium!

Some of these photo's are pretty magical (Photo #2). But looking at all this running water.. made me want to pee!

Stop # 3..  Across from Gagosian... and above an auto-repair shop to DCKT Contemporary.  Someone send these guys some fresh air.. Those gas fumes were killing me!! and I think it's affecting them too.. cause that girls boy's blog is just so crazy!!!

Exene Cervenka : America the Beautiful

This show had previously been at the Project Room of the Santa Monica Museum of Art. (Photo # 3, Mixed Media Collage, 14.75" x 11.75")

In the press release.. it says.. This girl is one of the founding members of the "seminal" LA Punk Group X..   OK.. like who?  But she has her own website. So she's probably way too cool for an art/finance geek like me!

I guess she was an ICON of the 70's LA punk scene. OK.. Well, That was a bit before my time.. but these Collage's were all pretty interesting.  Some were very funny and punk nostalgic, if you like that sort of thing.

OK.. So stay tuned for more of the MAO Chelsea Gallery Roam tomorrow..

Anyone going to the Sothebys Metropolitan Museum/Gilman Collection - Photography Preview Sale tonight?

Or the AIPAD Collectors preview or Benefit tomorrow? This is the big International Photography Dealers FAIR, which is going to be at the 7th Regiment Armory (Park & 67th) Feb 10th-Feb 12th??

February 06, 2006

Alexander Calder's Large-Scale Sculpture

"Alexander Calder : From Model to Monument", PaceWildenstein (534 W 25th Street).
This weekend I got to spend some time roaming the Chelsea galleries alone in the rain, yes all my "friends" did abandoned me! 

So in keeping with my theme of outside free art is the best art, and considering how much everyone almost unanimously hated my first large public sculpture pic (MAO Quiz #2) of Damien Hirst "The Virgin Mother," I thought maybe something a bit more simple, pretty abstract might please the picky discerning MOA readers.  So, the most impressive show in Chelsea this weekend was by far at PaceWildenstein. It opened on Feb 3rd, and runs through till March 4th.
Picture_015     They have over 30 Caler stabiles made from 1956 to 1976. Most of these rarely exhibited works were the unpainted maquettes which the artist used to develop the large scale works.

For all those clueless like me, who had almost no idea what the hell a MAQUETTE is.. I looked it up.. thank GOD Gates for wikipedia!

A maquette is a small scale model for a finished sculpture. It is used to visualize and test shapes and ideas without incurring the cost and effort of producing a full scale sculpture. It is the analogue of the painter cartoon or sketch.
For commissioned sculptures, especially monumental public sculptures, a maquette may be used to show the client how the finished work will fit in the proposed site.
A maquette may also refer to a prototype for a video game or any other type of prototype.

Additionally they have 3 mid-size maquettes.

The first mid-size work, (Photo #1 above, presented in Black) Gwenfritz 1968, an Object in Five Planes, is shown along side it's small model.  This work was commissioned for the Smithsonian Institution Museum of History and Technology. Gwenfritz, like the other 2 intermediate works are all in a 1:5 scale.

Picture_012The second intermediate maquette is Trois Pics from 1967. (Photo #2, presented in Black) This work was commissioned for the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

Here's a photo of the full sized Trois Pic's Monument in FranceTroispics I found on a travel website (photo # 3 to the right)

They also have a third  mid-sized work, Monsieur Loyal  1967. (Not pictured in the gallery...sorry.. I'll check  the Internet for an image of this one) A Monsieur Loyal is a main performer in a Circus, as a clown.  This work is also in Grenoble France, and was commissioned for Lycee Jean Bart. Monsieurloyal The Monument is 8 meters high. Here's a tourist photo of it I was able to find.  (Photo #4 to the right)

Lastly the Calder Family has loaned a huge (but yet only 1:3 size) model of Jerusalem Stabile 1976.

Picture_011  This was one of Alexander Calder's last works. (Photo # 5, shown in RED) It is a 24 foot sculpture, but seeing this work inside, just makes it feel that much bigger.  This work is also used for the cover of this new shows catalog.  Where an essay by Marc Glimcher is featured, and the artwork renderings are by Motohiko Tukuta.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to see such a broad collection of large size Calder Stabiles, they are really quite whimsical. Not too many Museums/Galleries have this type of grand exhibition space to display these work inside, which makes for a nice escape from the NYC winter!

For more info check out the Calder Foundation website

January 31, 2006

Friday Night.. Chelsea Art Opening Crawl...

Busy Work Week.. Had to say bye bye to Alan Greenspan today, we miss you already!

But I had some time to hang with JG, one of my only friends who actually goes to art openings for something other than the free beer!  It had been a hard week, so we decided to drink crawl our way through some parties galleries this Friday night in Chelsea.

1st Stop.. A visit with the fun people (Michael, Meg, and Teka) at Sikkema Jenkins & Co..

Their new, Jeff Gauntt, and David Humphrey Exhibition had a big crowd as expected.. the show has some fun new works. Another wise art blogger..summed it up already, and he posted one of the David Humphrey works.. here are 2 others by Jeff.

Jeff_gauntt_bird And, no.. you can't just buy the bird... I already asked.. and was told. most emphatically NO!

Jeff_gauntt_house_1 Also The ever insightful, Ed Winkleman had a nice feature on David Humphrey as his artist of the week back on Jan 9th.  Ed also posted several photo's of David's early paintings and sculptures.

Burtbarr_video Sikkema Jenkins & Co, also have up 2 recent video's by Burt Barr.

I took one photo of "The Heater video"

(pictured here),

and there's a really cool Flock of Migrating Birds.. projected on 2 angled walls

in the back-back gallery.

2nd Stop.. We went to the new location and grand opening of

The Casey Kaplan Gallery on West 21st street.

It is a really expensive large amazing space to see Wohnsiefer_moonlamptheir new show by Johnnes Wohnseifer: "New Alphabet".

There were several totally dull boring "interesting" graphic works presented, but the beers were cold...so we hung out and took a second drink look at the art.

But by far my favorite was the Untitled (13 Moon Lamp) hanging in the rear gallery.

It's made of Wire,

13 airbags,

13 energy saving lamps.  It's a unique piece.

3rd Stop.. We staggered walked up to 26th street, to the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery.

A solo video exhibition by Mika Rottenberg... DOUGH.

I had remembered her colorful work from this summer's PS1 Greater NY show.

Dough But this time.. it was a new very haunting video..amazing!

I couldn't snap a picture cause I was too drunk to focus the crowd was too deep..

But let's just say.. it's quite the Human Rube Goldberg. Very original. Even JG managed to smile!

I picked this image off their gallery website.. cause mine were all blurry I just had to include at least one photo.

It's a WOW!!!

I highly recommend not missing this show..

I think I'm still having nightmares dreams about this one!

OK.. So be sure to check back here tomorrow.. Cause it's the first of the month.. which means time for the next MAO Art Quiz!! And this one, I think will be easy!!

January 14, 2006

More Gallery Opening Pics..

As promised.. It was quite a mob scene Thurs Night. First went to the ClampArt Opening of "Bared & Bended:Photographs by Frank Yamrus".. nice show.. Refreshing to see a photographer not printing in GIGANTIC Sizes and with reasonable prices for some interesting work (all photo's of P-TOWN).  Also met well known Photographer.. Nancy Burson at the party.. she was super nice and modest, surprising for a well established artist!

Next stop.. the Openings of the Far West 27th Street (west of 11th..?? yes.. there's roads west of 11th ave! wow.. that was news to me to!!) Like 10 openings..all together.. it's a new elite NYC gallerist club over there.. mostly NADA Art Galleries.. see this weeks TimeOut - Block Party.. and Jan Art & Auction for stories. I had my camera.. so took some quick shots.

Img_0675John Connelly.. looking a bit nervous... guarding.. in front of a new totally FAB AVAF installation (I think we need to get one of these AVAF wallpaper pieces soon for the MAO collection...)


Loved this work at Wallspace..  by Kirsten Sloltmann.. Sadly.. One of the first times I've seen a decent bottle of red wine at a gallery opening!

Img_0679There was a primo scene both inside and out at the Uber sexy popular Oliver Kamm Gallery!

Also..briefly spotted Edward W.. looking around..probably looking a bit more at the new construction than the art..

Ran into the ever stylish  Gen-Ex Blog Master Tony R..drooling over some of the boys work's of art  in the gallery.

January 13, 2006

Too Many Art Openings to see!!

Last night.. Too Many Art Openings..Too Many People..Too Much Air Kissing.. Too Many Plastic cups of bad wine.. Too Many queens people with little dogs.. Some fun art, Too little time to see them all.. Way Too Little Sleep...

Here's a few pic's... Some Witty comments, and more pic's to follow once I sober wake catch up...

One picture.. Kind of says it all???


Super crowded opening last night at Crime Cheim & Read, McDermott & McGough "A true Story Based on Lies"

I actually Liked this work.. will go back to see again..


Either McDermott or McGough.. Not sure.. but he was signing their new books.. couldn't even get close to him!

Schnable_011206_002 Julien Schnabel...SOME...