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July 05, 2008

July 4th... is such a drag!!!

Pines Invasion Full Bloom OK... Happy Holiday everyone!

The 4th of July means.. time for the Fire Island Pines Harbor Invasion Party.

Since our last post provoked such an avalanche of nasty comments..

We thought it best to keep it absolutely fabulous tragic lite today.

Here's  just a few photo's by my girl friend

Python from this years 2008 Fire Island Pines Invasion!

Boyz who would be Boyz BigGIRLS.. So LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Photo #1 - Miss Full Bloom....

Last year we missed her coming out.. but in 2006 he she was Miss Poison Ivy..

You say clematis..

MAO says clitoris captivating!

Just don't let her anywhere near your garden!

Pines Invasion Betsy Ross Photo #2 - In honor of the death of Jesse Helms..

MAO presents.. Miss Betsy Ross in all her glory..


If nothing else..she's got patriotic spirit.. !!

Pines Invasion Dorothy Photo #3 - There's no place like home..!!

We present Dorthy and Big Gay Al...

The All Seeing, all knowing MAO says....  This boy girl..

has been somewhere over the rainbow and back again...or more like her face has seen 100 miles of bad yellow brick road!!

Well..at least...

It's nice to see children getting exposed enlightened to the wonders of drag at an early age.

Pines Invasion Sunshines Photo #4 - The Sunshine Girls!

This was their finest hour ! One might say they gave new meaning to the term Old-Yella!

Art photography at it's worst best...

well..not exactly their golden hour..

Never before in the course of human events..has so much been owed by so many to so few ! Yikes!

Pines Invasion Dr Quiz Photo # 5 -  Tragic... Just Tragic!

Her mother must be so proud.

Happy July 4th.