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February 22, 2008

MAO - Viewer Mail - Email From an Artist

Happy TGIF!!

Chick_or_egg One of the main motivations for starting the MAO blog was to get attention be in better contact with Galleries and Artists...of course a little bitchiness and humor along the way always helps too.

Granted on this site we've frequently overly obsessed talked about the investment aspects of art, but as a contemporary collector, one of the great joys has been getting to know, help out and support artists and galleries. We've learned nothing so much, and the people we've met, and the art we've collected has enriched our life.  A few unexpected things we're learned along the way..

  1. Just because you like the artist's work.. it doesn't mean you'll like the artist
  2. Most galleries are very small businesses that need to pay the bills, so despite their "enthusiasm", they don't always believe strongly in all of their artists
  3. Artists who produce super hip chic hot work, can be total geeks, nerds and totally down to earth

So we've always enjoyed getting tons of email from both artists and galleries, particularly if it's genuine interest in MAO art discussions, and not just looking to sell sometime or to get a write up on their latest show.

But last week, we got this email.... questioning if the art world revolves around the artist or the gallery??  So we were wondering what the many MAO readers thought.. all comments are welcome.


          My name is Mr. Emale Artists and I read your blog about the art world and I couldn't agree more!!  But I have another side to offer - as an artist, I can say that not only does the art world appear to be 'above itself' but it is also the realm where galleries, many set out, only to exploit the artist.  They 'trick' artists to exhibit in their space, pay exorbitant fees to do so, and then do nothing - when I say nothing, I mean that they don't bring anyone to view the works, instead they leave it to who ever is out strolling on Thursday nights.  In my opinion - the art world revolves around the gallery and not art, as it were.
Of course, not all galleries are like this - but it has become so hard to see the good from the bad!
Anyway, I really just wanted to thank you for what you wrote, and add my two cents.
Mr. Emale Artist