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November 19, 2014

Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy sharing a public kiss, naked.. Is this Art or just bad Taste?

Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy sharing, an oh too public kiss, naked..on a Billboard size image?   Is this Art or just bad taste? Really for a straight Gagosian Artist, this is the best you can do, "Sweet Liberty"?

Well.. Maybe MAO is just a total prude being honest. But, am I the only person who thinks, some artists, should probably learn to paint better keep their clothes on if they want attention by the art world ?

There's almost nothing original about doing this,  it's been done more tastefully so many times before. Like here, here and here, just to name a few.

In this Post-Gay world.. does anyone even care? If a Gay Tree Falls in the disco, no one even hears it. As an art gay mao-self, I'm a bit sadened by this PDA,  aka.. Public Display for Attention!

 And... Please... Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy try going to a gym puting some clothes on for your next exhibition!

Well, anyway,  just click here to see the story and the pathetic photos. 

Dan-Colen-Kalup-Linzy-kissTwo Artists Kiss in the Buff on London Bridge



Artists Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy shake up the narrative of romance

November 5 is a national holiday in the UK, commemorating Guy Fawks' failed attack on the Parliament House, in London. But today, the British capital became the stage of a different kind of celebration.

Displayed as a billboard-size image, the picture of Brooklyn-based artists Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy sharing a kiss, naked, in front of the Statue of Liberty, was unveiled on the city's London Bridge. "We feel it is our birthright to love without oppression or racism, things that have historically separated us," commented the two artists. "I think Kalup and I had a synchronised, inspired moment," Colen added. 

The work, entitled "Sweet Liberty", hopes to disrupt familiar issues of identity politics and instead represent romance in its rawest, most rudimentary form.

May 23, 2008

Summer is here!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So We At MAO officially hate this new clusterfuck version of Typepad. Lost an entire post today...

But here are three fun summer photos by some great young photographers you should know...

Melanie Schiff (Underwater photographer),

John Arsenault (Pool Guy), and

Carlo Van de Roer (Untitled, Bondi Beach).

More details after we cool down..and have at least one margarita poolside! See you all at Low Tea!


John Arsenault_pool_guy

Carlo Van de Roer_Bondi_baths

July 17, 2007

Storm King - Outdoor Art at it's best...

Since most attitude filled Chelsea galleries are now closed on the weekends, yes times in the Art world are just THAT Good.. and since the NYC museums are completely overrun with tourists... It's time for a fun art road trip.

Disuvero_field_storm_kingWe took the editorial staff of MAO this Saturtday up to Mountainville, New York..
aka.. the Art World Hinterlands.. about a 90 minute drive from Midtown.

Where we spent an entire day at The Storm King Arts Center.

It is possibly the most impressive collection of outdoor art in the NYC area..
There is over 100 sculptures all situated on 500 meticulously landscaped acres.

Absolutely a slice of Abstract Expressionist heaven.

Here's just one of the amazing vistas...

The Mark di Suvero Field.
(Photo #2 Mark Di Suvero  sculptures.. Mahatma, 1978-79, in foreground, and Pyramidian, 1987/1998)

Additionally to their existing impressive collection, there's a temporary Louise Bourgeois retrospective.
Here's  our 2 favorite Louise Bourgeois works


We didn't catch the exact name or details of the huge Spider...  but here's a brief snip-it we found about her spiders..

In the XXIII Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, Louise Bourgeois showed a series of works in which she debates femininity. Unlike her father's business of mending tapestries, a spider weaves its web. The huge Spider signifies labor, giving, protection and foresight. The potency of the web is in either welcoming or entangling us as if we were prey.

All we can say.. it's big.. it's scary and
actually quite a bit mysterious. (Photo #2, Louise Bourgeois, Spider 1996, Bronze)

Also.. we loved these :
2 sets of huge Black Zimbabwe Granite Eye Benches (yes you can sit on them). But these eyes just seemed to follow you while you walk around...(Photo #3 Louise Bourgeois, Eye Benches II, 1996-1997, Black Zimbabwe Granite.. with a Calder Stabile in the back being restored)Eyebenches_louisebourgeois

Anyway.. it was an great day..
The park is filled with work from Alexander Calder,  Andy Goldsworthy, Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson, George Rickey, Richard Serra,  and a super impressive collection of David Smith sculptures..

One more amazing then the next..

So don't worry.. there will be more Storm King day trip to follow!!

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